See Leo Hohmann’s new website!

Here is what longtime investigative reporter and author of the only full length book on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program says on the site he launched last week. Check it out and tell your friends!

This is the new website of investigative reporter Leo Hohmann. Bear with us as we get the site populated with archives of his best work and updated with daily news and commentary. Hohmann, author of the acclaimed book “Stealth Invasion,” tracks global migration of Islam into the West and the impact of that migration in both the short and long terms. He also keeps an eye on the latest globalist mischief being worked to advance the road to global governance through the U.N. and other international bodies. The goal of this website will be to shine a light on the news that affects your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I’ve just added to my blog roll in the Left hand side bar here at RRW.  I’ve also finally cleaned out sites that are not being maintained (a few I did keep because their material is still a useful resource).

Tell me who I am missing since I haven’t kept it up for years.  State and local websites welcome as long as they are actively maintained!

Send me name of the website and link!

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