News roundup: Simpson questions Heritage’s basic premise in refugee program “reform” plan

As I said yesterday, postings could be light over the next two weeks.

Today, unless something huge happens, here are some news items you should see:

~Jim Simpson writing at the Daily Caller goes in to great detail about the Heritage Foundation ‘Blueprint for reform’ proposal (see what we said here) that was more foreign policy first than American citizen first in its conclusions.

Chinese Montana deal 2

Cattlemen making a deal in Beijing! Selling out Montana? China to build a $100 million meatpacking plant in the Big Sky state. Will, without a doubt, attract immigrant/refugee labor to whichever town is chosen.  Citizens of Montana should make field trips to changed communities throughout the West and Midwest. Start in Ft. Morgan, CO to see what is in store for you! I’ve seen it firsthand.

~Libertarian ‘thinkers’ are not our friends on issue of mass migration/Muslim refugees, see here.  Do they believe in Open Borders? More Muslim migration?

~Breitbart: Muslim migrants in Germany must learn about Holocaust in effort by government to stem antisemitism there.  They can demand all they want, but will Islamists do what they are told?  What do you think?

~Minnesota has a traveling propaganda show—get to know your neighbors—focused on St. Cloud. Will tell “stories” about wonderful immigrants in the state. It makes me laugh because we can play the “story” game too! Imagine if we had a traveling show of dangerous and otherwise undesirable refugees/immigrants, like these I wrote about last year. Can you hear the mainstream media shrieking? (I can dream!).

~Meanwhile, mentioned in the propaganda show article, a new citizens ‘watchdog’ group has formed in St. Cloud.  Learn about it here.

~I was delighted to see that they aren’t taking it lying down in Ireland. Citizens there protest arrival of asylum center and say take care of our own poor people first (what a novel idea!).

~Maybe there is hope for saving Austria! From Gatestone Institute:

A coalition between the anti-immigration Austrian People’s Party and the anti-establishment Austrian Freedom Party, which will be sworn into office on December 18, is poised to catapult Austria to the vanguard of Western Europe’s resistance to mass migration from the Muslim world.

~You know that Australia deal we’ve been talking about. Well this is what we get out of the deal—30 Central American fake refugees, not even in the US, go to Australia! They were not our problem in the first place!  By the way, my recent post on the dumb and dangerous deal is now over 30,000 people reached at Facebook in under 24 hours.

~And, since that dumb deal isn’t moving fast enough for the Australian Left, they blockaded the port at Melbourne in protest, here.

~In case you missed it, Speaker Paul Ryan says “have more babies” to solve many problems with aging population. Does that mean that he believes immigration is not the best way to add workers to America?  The Left must be going nuts. This is what they said about me when I made the same suggestion.

~It is going ahead, Chinese company will build massive feedlot and packing plant in Montana. There is no doubt this will bring large numbers of immigrant/refugee workers (or will the Chinese bring their own people?) and change forever (culturally and environmentally) whatever town (not chosen yet) is nearby. Sad.

Chinese investors will place additional $100 million in Montana feedlots and a packing plant.

More news could be added here during the day, so come back and have a look later.

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