Fake Korans

In America and all English-speaking countries around the world, the Muslims have been distributing fake Korans for the past ten years. These fake Korans have the hatred and violence removed, while the Muslims in their mosques and in their homes continue to use the real Koran, which is filled with hatred, violence, murder, and death.

Why are the Muslims giving out these fake Korans? Simply, to make Americans and other English-speaking peoples think that Islam is a gentle and peaceful religion. Well, the 40 million people they murdered last year disproves that.

You can download a copy of a fake Koran here. This particular fake Koran is quite ingenious (clever). They have retained some of the hatred, violence, murder, and death so that it is not obvious what they are trying to do.

The fake Korans include a (fictional) chapter about Mary, the mother of Jesus, in order to deceive and win over Christians. You may download a fake Koran here. The fake chapter about Mary is chapter 19 – “SURA 19. MARYAM (MARY).”