(Satire) Why Men Are Better Than Women

Here is why men are better than women:

Men have masculinity. Women have femininity. Masculinity is the quality of strength. Femininity is the quality of prettiness. Strength gets things done. Prettiness gets nothing done. In a nutshell:

The accomplishments of the strength of the masculinity
of men is better than the nonaccomplishments
of the prettiness of the femininity of women.

Trump Wins Popular Vote!

Supercomputer Collosus declares President-Elect Trump winner of popular vote by 10,000,000 (10 million) votes.

Now, you might ask how this can be.  Well, there are several factors at play.  These include but are not limited to (1) illegal immigrant votes and (2) dead people votes.  Here are the vote counts for just these two groups:

Group Vote Count
Illegal Immigrant Votes 6,333,221
Dead People Votes 2,199,432

Those two groups alone give us a total of 8,532,653 votes.  However, there were other groups as well, totalling over 5,000,000 additional illegal votes.  The final total of all of the above numbers gives us 10,000,000 more votes for President-Elect Trump than for Clinton.  See our 500-page Collosus 2016 Election Statistical Analysis (link to be posted) for detailed information.