{FD} South Africa’s famed ANC risks split in choosing new leader

The stakes for Africa’s oldest liberation movement have rarely been higher.

{FD} South Africa’s ruling ANC limps toward choosing new leader

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress is fending off fresh crises as the bitter fight for control of the former liberation party grows before President Jacob Zuma steps down as party leader in December.

South Africa case is opening doors to grim apartheid deaths

Room 1026 of Johannesburg’s Central Police Station looks like any mid-century office in need of a fresh coat of paint: Dusty vertical blinds hang in the window, opening onto an unremarkable view of a chip shop, a lunchtime favorite for police officers.

Zimbabwe leader in South Africa as wife accused of assault

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has arrived in South Africa as his wife is accused of assaulting a young model.

5 years after 34 South African miners shot dead, no arrests

Five years after South African police shot dead 34 striking mine workers, recalling police brutality under apartheid, rights groups say no one has been prosecuted and miners’ living conditions are as “squalid” as ever.

{FD} Zimbabwe’s first lady accused of assault in South Africa

The wife of Zimbabwe’s president handed herself over to police in South Africa on Tuesday after being accused of assaulting a young woman Sunday night at an upscale Johannesburg hotel, South Africa’s police minister said.

{FD} South Africa’s storied ANC weakens as president stays on

Minutes after South African President Jacob Zuma narrowly escaped a no-confidence vote this week, he was singing and dancing outside parliament with a throng of supporters from his African National Congress party.

{FD} South Africa’s opposition moves to dissolve parliament

South Africa’s main opposition party submitted a motion to dissolve the nation’s parliament on Thursday, which, if passed, would require fresh national elections.

{FD} South African assembly to vote on president by secret ballot

South Africa’s parliament will vote by secret ballot on a motion of no confidence on South African President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday, the legislative body’s speaker announced Monday.

{FD} Trump administration letting Africa’s crises drift: Experts

When President Donald Trump left his chair at this month’s G20 summit while Africa was discussed and had daughter Ivanka sit in for him, critics blasted it as a breach of diplomatic protocol.