Invasion of Europe news: Spain orders deportations of African migrants


That was fast!  It only took a few months for a WELCOMING Socialist government to learn that you simply can’t have open borders.

It was only in June that we reported Spain’s foolish (virtue-signalling) move to invite the Aquarius migrant transport ship to drop off 600 MORE illegal aliens.

My, my, times have changed….

This news is at Voice of America, generally a pretty squishy media outlet when it comes to the issue of immigration, but this story is pretty hard-hitting.


spanish territory border jumpers

Here we come! The New Europeans!

Spain Orders Mass Deportation of African Migrants


Spain, known for having one of the most tolerant immigration policies in Europe and accepting boatloads of migrants when no other EU nation would, was expected to open its doors even wider under its new socialist government. But that policy now appears to be going in reverse.

In a country that has shunned anti-immigration currents prevalent in much of Europe, the mass expulsion of 166 Sub-Saharan Africans who forced their way through barbed wire fences last month and attacked guards along the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta’s border with Morocco, has become an embarrassment for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, officials and analysts say.


New (naive) SOCIALIST Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez: what could possibly have gone wrong?

“Humanitarianism is not permissiveness” said Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska before a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday .”Orderly, secure and legal immigration is possible, but not violent migration that threatens our country and its security forces.”

They hurled acid and feces and used flame throwers to break in to Spain last month….

Voice of America continues:

More than 600 migrants stormed across six-meter-high fences onto Spanish territory on July 26, hurling acid and feces, and firing home made flame throwers at border guards.Several members of Spain’s Civil Guard police force were seriously injured in the struggle, triggering calls from their top commanders for an immediate crackdown.

Spain has generally enforced a policy granting asylum to migrants who reach Spanish soil by sea or through land borders around Ceuta and Melilla, enclaves that are surrounded by Morocco.

spanish border jumpers

Asylum seekers?  More on the July attack on Spanish territory here:   //

The asylum seekers are generally housed at temporary shelters while NGOs process their applications for EU free circulation passes.

Many come with plans to continue on to northern Europe where wages and benefits are better, causing other EU governments to complain about Spain’s relatively open border policies. French President Emmanuel Macron recently ordered the deportation of large numbers of African migrants who crossed into his country from Spain. [Such a hypocrite as he just this week attacked the Orban/Salvini alliance.—ed]


Grande-Marlaska [ Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska] said the group that broke through the fence displayed a high degree of organization. The interior minister said they used cutting tools, improvised weapons and coordinated tactics by which shock units held back police to open holes through which hundreds of others slipped through the fence.

More here.

Spain, France, Germany get real! Europe will be Africa in this century if ‘leaders’ like Sanchez don’t soon grow a pair!

This has been going on for awhile! See my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive that extends back almost ten years.

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Another Uzbek refugee sentenced to prison on terrorism charges

We have reported on the case of Jamshid Muhtorov for several years, click here for background.  The other Uzbek jihadist making the news lately is Fazliddin Kurbanov.

jamshid nbc

A Muslim refugee who was frustrated and angry about life in the U.S.

Yesterday a judge in Colorado sentenced Muhtorov to 11 years for conspiring to aid a terrorist group in Uzbekistan.  The AP story is entitled:

Uzbek refugee given 11 years for supporting terror group

What is so noteworthy about that headline?

The fact that the word refugee is used. Back in the day (LOL! when I first started writing this blog!), the headline would have read “Colorado man given 11 years for supporting terror group.”

The article would have then given only his name leaving you wondering where he came from and how he got here!

Little by little the times are changing and refugees who commit crimes are being identified.

Here is a bit of the AP story. Emphasis is mine.

Remember that the government of Uzbekistan (described here as “totalitarian”) is a Muslim government and not radical enough for Muhtorov and his pals.

DENVER (AP) — A refugee from Uzbekistan convicted of conspiring to support a terrorist group and making plans to join the organization himself in 2012 was given an 11-year prison sentence Thursday but will receive credit for the more than six years he has been jailed in Colorado.

A jury in June found Jamshid Muhtorov guilty of three charges: Conspiring to provide $300 to the Islamic Jihad Union, providing or attempting to provide the $300 and providing or attempting to provide himself as support. The organization is an extremist splinter group that opposes the government of Uzbekistan and has been blamed for attacks there and in Afghanistan.

Uzbekistan map

Note that Uzbekistan shares a border with Afghanistan. The Bush Administration was somehow mucking around with Uzbek politics at the time of Muhtorov’s arrival as a ‘refugee.’  Did taking a bunch of Uzbek troublemakers to America as refugees benefit the US State Department somehow?

Judge John Kane in his sentence wrote that Muhtorov’s “offenses are serious and his rhetoric is frightening” but did not include committing or planning violent acts in the United States.

Muhtorov’s offenses did not warrant the 30-year sentence required by prosecutors but demanded punishment beyond the six years and seven months he has been jailed since federal authorities arrested him at a Chicago airport, Kane said.

“Muhtorov attempted to travel to join and to provide financial support to a terrorist organization,” Kane wrote. “Regardless of whether his contribution aided orphans or whether he was limited to engaging in propaganda and recruiting, he would have furthered the illicit causes of a violent organization.”


Muhtorov and his family arrived in Denver in 2007 through a refugee resettlement program. [Can’t blame this one on Obama, he was a Bush refugee.—ed] The family fled their home country of Uzbekistan, where Muhtorov had been beaten twice for his human rights work. [Or was he beaten because he was working against the more moderate Islamic government there?—ed]

But, aren’t we told that they are all here for a better life?

Prosecutors argued that he soon became frustrated and angry about life in the U.S. and emailed with the terror group, used codes to discuss the group with a co-defendant and intended to join them when he booked a one-way ticket to Turkey in 2012. Muhtorov’s defense attorneys, though, said he never intended to take any action — either sending money or joining the group himself.

Prosecutors asked Kane to sentence the 42-year-old to 30 years in prison because he acted as a conduit between the group and other people, actively helping the organization.

Prosecutor Gregory Holloway suggested that a lighter sentence would fail to deter others from communicating with terror groups, including those that try to persuade people already living in the U.S. to plan and carry out attacks on Americans.

Fraud alert!

Now get this! If Muhtorov was a legitimate refugee fearing persecution if returned home, why was he going there anyway?  And, more importantly I sure hope the prosecutors set the court’s mind right on how refugees are chosen for America….

Someone here as a legitimate refugee does not go home to help someone else get here!

AP continues:

He [Muhtorov’s attorney] said Muhtorov booked the plane ticket intending to help his brother apply for refugee status, not to join the group himself.

What no deportation! A Muslim who is “angry about life in the US” could be out of prison in about five more years?

Once Muhtorov is released, he will be transferred to immigration authorities, who requested a hold based on the Colorado conviction.

Muhtorov fears he will be jailed or killed if he is deported to Uzbekistan and U.S. proceedings to address those issues could last years, his attorneys said. [Costing the taxpayers a bundle!—ed]

What the heck, he was willingly headed ‘home’ a few years ago! But, will be fighting to stay here in only a few short years!

More here.

Go here for my growing Uzbek file.

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Jerusalem: Why Palestinian Leaders Say Don’t Vote

Palestinian leaders do not want to see any improvement in the lives of the Arabs in Jerusalem so that they can continue to incite against Israel and accuse it of discriminating against its Arab population. Palestinian leaders and their religious clerics

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

West Bank Power Struggle Could Be Opportunity for Hamas

As Fatah party contenders who hope to succeed Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly arm themselves ahead of a looming power struggle, Fatah’s arch rival, Hamas, is making its own preparations to dominate the West Bank. The

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

PLO official accuses Israel of deliberately flooding the Palestinian street with drugs

Headline: “The [PLO] Commissioner of Public Activities called for a national campaign for the war against drugs”
     “Commissioner of Public Activities in the [PLO] Political and National Guidance Authority Nasser Nimr Ayyad called for a comprehensive and continuous national campaign for the war against the plague of drugs and the frantic attempts to turn Palestine into a producer of this destructive plague by turning agricultural lands into nurseries of death for the production of drugs. He also said that the war against this destructive plague is a national, religious, and moral obligation. During his meeting with Head of the General Directorate for the War Against Drugs in the police forces Abdallah Aliwi yesterday [Aug. 30, 2018], Ayyad added… the frantic activity to which we are witness recently of criminals that are planting drugs in most of the districts, in addition to the efforts of the occupation and criminal drug dealers to flood the Palestinian street with all types of drugs and to make it easier to obtain them through low prices, constitute a dangerous sign that necessitates the enlistment of all of the government and civil sectors, and also of the factions and clergy, in order to come out against the destructive war that has been declared against the Palestinian people.”

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

PA forbids Palestinians to seek election or vote in the Jerusalem municipal elections in October

The PA’s top religious body has forbidden voting in the Jerusalem municipal elections for religious reasons. (Aug. 31, 2018)

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13 more of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers are headed to Yourtown, USA

And, many have mental challenges after five years of all-male detention on Manus Island says refugee activist. Oh joy!

Manus Island refugees

Some of these single men who have been in detention for five years will soon be free in your American neighborhood!

Of course we are not told where the 13 (probably all Muslims) are going to be placed in America.

Just when I had been thinking that maybe the Trump Administration was quietly forgetting about the Obama “dumb deal” with Australia, here comes the news from Radio New Zealand:


13 Manus refugees flown to the US for resettlement


Thirteen Manus Island refugees flew out of the Papua New Guinea capital of Port Moresby yesterday to be resettled in the United States.

Two members of the group are Pakistanis, two are Tamils, five are Afghans and four come from Myanmar. [The last are probably Rohingya—ed]

The refugee advocate Ian Rintoul said some of them had been waiting in Port Moresby since December.


Chief Australian refugee activist Ian Rintoul

Mr Rintoul said more than forty refugees are still in Port Moresby waiting for resettlement.

He said 22 Manus Island refugees received notifications from the US resettlement agency last week but 16 were rejected, including all Iranians, Somalis and Sudanese.

Meanwhile, levels of mental distress are increasing on Manus Island.

An Iraqi refugee recently doused himself with petrol in the East Lorengau Transit centre but was preventing from setting himself alight by other refugees

“For this refugee, there is a very immediate need to get him off Manus, so he can get the help he needs to recover from five years of hopelessness,” Mr Rintoul said.

Continue reading here.

For the whole history of Obama’s extraordinarily “dumb deal” that was honored by incoming President Donald Trump, click here.

The US has no responsibility to resettle as refugees illegal aliens seeking asylum in a perfectly safe country—this was Australia’s problem, not ours!

Are we going to be taking some of Italy’s, or Germany’s or Spain’s illegal migrants next?

Oh wait, we are already taking Malta’s problems and have been for at least ten years!  Why?

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

750 “faith” groups and “faith” leaders tell the President that they want 75,000 additional third worlders admitted to US beginning October first

They cite their “collective scriptural mandate” as the reason for their demands that you, the American taxpayer, pay for their ‘religious’ charity.

Honestly, this is probably one of the most maddening aspects of this subject—-why on earth do they think the Bible says that government must take care of the poor?

Why can’t these “faith” leaders find ways to take care of the impoverished in the world (starting in their own towns!) using their own money!

(Or they can volunteer to help the third world in the third world!)


greek refugees

Your new neighbors? I had to laugh about the photo the Christian Post uses to illustrate this news.  Do these ‘refugees’ in Greece make you want to invite them home?  Where is the photo of  mothers and babies? And, why is one guy laughing?  Maybe because they fooled these Europeans!


Is your church lobbying the President? See below….

This latest lobbying pitch was apparently put together by Church World Service (73.6% funded with taxpayer dollars).  You will see their logo at the top of the letter here.

cws logo

Here is the Christian Post:

Over 750 Faith Groups, Leaders Say Trump Must Allow More Refugees in the US

An interfaith coalition of more than 750 religious groups and leaders have demanded that the Trump administration allow for more refugees to settle in the United States.

The Trump administration has garnered controversy for its reduction in the number of refugees being allowed to resettle in the United States.

In a letter addressed to President Donald Trump and officially dated Aug. 21, the religious groups declared that “people of faith will not stand by idly as the United States turns its back on these individuals.”

“Refugee resettlement is a critical tool our nation can use to relieve human suffering, and we urge the administration to fully utilize it,” stated the letter.


Citing their “collective scriptural mandate” and “our nation’s history,” the groups urged the president to “commit to resettling at least 75,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2019.”

More here.

So who are the “faith” leaders?

Check out the list and see if your pastor, priest, minister, rabbi, or whatever has signed the letter .

I see four of the usual suspects—four (of nine) refugee resettlement contractors:  Church World Service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and World Relief. Several Catholic groups, but no sign of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (hmmm!).

Screenshot (1253)

What your tax dollars pay for!

Faith-based organizations:

Adorers of the Blood of Christ
African American Ministers In Action
Alliance of Baptists
American Baptist Churches
American Conference of Cantors
Anti-Defamation League
Asian Pacific Islander Christians for Social Justice
Bautistas Por La Paz
Beth Meyer Synagogue
Bethany Christian Services
BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz
Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston
Christ Presbyterian Church
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Greater Kansas City
Christian Community Development Association
Christian Reformed Church
Christian Reformed Church in North America
Church of the Brethren Office of Peacebuilding and Policy
Church Women United
Church World Service
Community of St. Francis
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families
Diocese of Atlanta
Diocese of Chicago
Disciples Home Missions
Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries
Dominican Sisters
Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren
Emgage Action
Episcopal Public Policy Network
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Faith in Public Life
Faith Voices Arkansas
Farm Worker Ministry Northwest
First Christian Church
Franciscan Action Network
Franciscan Peace Center
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
Franciscan Spiritual Center
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Grace Ministries, ELCA
Grace United Methodist Church
Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters
Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice
Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform
Interfaith Partnership for Refugee Resettlement
Interfaith Worker Justice
InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Colombia
Islamic Relief USA
Jesuit Refugee Service
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA
Jewish Social Services of Madison
Justice For Our Neighbors
Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Commission
Larchmont Avenue Presbyterian Church
Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Los Amigos Episcopales
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
Minnesota Council of Churches
Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
National Council of Jewish Women
National Justice for Our Neighbors
National Religious Campaign Against Torture
NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice
New Hampshire Conference United Church of Christ
New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light
North Georgia Immigrant Justice
Pax Christi
Pennsylvania Council of Churches
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Purchase Friends Meeting
Religious Sisters of Charity
Ridgewood Baptist Church
School Sisters of Notre Dame
School Sisters of Notre Dame – Central Pacific Province
Shadow Rock UCC
Sisters of Charity of New York
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill
Sisters of St. Francis
Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa
Sisters of St. Joseph
Southwestern Washington Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
St. James Episcopal church
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America (IFCLA)
St. Mary’s House
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
Tacoma Community House
The Academy for Spiritual Formation
The Episcopal Church
The Newman Center at Buffalo State
The United Methodist Church
Thrive International Programs, Inc.
Trinity Episcopal Church
Union for Reform Judaism
Unitarian Universalist Refugee & Immigrant Services & Education
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ)
United Church of Christ
Wesley United Methodist Church
Westchester Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence
Wholly Present
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice
Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)
World Relief
Yakama Christian Missio

Faith Leaders



Rev. McCullough of Church World Service being arrested at the White House. Annual salary and other compensation: $345,366

Rabbi Burton Visotzky , Jewish Theological Seminary
Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie, Pacific University Center for Peace and Spirituality
Rev Dr John Jillions, Orthodox Church in America
Mr. Johnny Sears, The Academy for Spiritual Formation
Dr. Michael Adee, Global Faith & Justice Project
Rev. Dr. Mark Douglas, Columbia Theological Seminary
Rev. Bill Remmel, SDS, Society of the Divine Savior
Sister Maureen Erdlen, Sisters of St. Joseph, Philadelphia
Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble, Presbytery of the Pacific
Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II, Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Mr. Jason Miller, Franciscan Action Network
Rev. John L. McCullough, Church World Service
Sr. Carmella Campione, Congregation of Saint Joseph
Rev Margaret Rose, The Episcopal Church
Rev LeDayne Polaski, BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz
Rev. Dr. Karl Travis, First Presbyterian Church
Mr John Lydon, Advent Episcopal
Rev. Dr. Mary Schaller Blaufuss, United Church of Christ Humanitarian & Development Ministries

Rev. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ


Rev. John Mobley, Grace Christian Church


World Vision Child Ambassador Carmen Brooks, Friends Church


Rev. Sandra Curtis, Diocese of Arkansas


Pastor Kega Nasios, Glendale Mission and Ministry Center
Sister Eileen Mahony, Sisters of St. Agnes
Pastor Don Benton, Desert Foothills UMC
Outreach Team Leader Jean Rivers, individual representative
Dr. Siraj Mufti, Muslim Community Center of Tucson
Rev Derwent Suthers, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Bishop Elias Galvan, United Methodist
Sr. Patricia Ferrick, School Sisters of Notre Dame
Cantor Ross Wolman, Temple Chai
Rev. Joseph Keesecker, Guadalupe Presbyterian Church
Rev. Teresa Cowan Jones, Sacred Space
Pastor Don Benton

The Rev. Bart Smith, St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Tucson

Rev. Randy Mayer, Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, Sahaurita

Rev Ken Heintzelman, Shadow Rock United Church of Christ, Phoenix

Rev. Dr. Eric O. Ledermann, University Presbyterian Church, Tempe

Rev. Alison Harrington, Southside Presbyterian Church, Tucson

Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata, Desert Southwest Conference, United Methodist Church


Rev. Mary Kay Will, United Methodist Church
Rev. Wendy Watson, Grace Church
Rev Deacon Catherine Wagar, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
Rev Alan Strout, First United Methodist Church
Rabbi Suzanne Singer, Temple Beth El
Rev Martha Sexton, Faith Presbyterian Church
Rev. Sandie Richards, First United Methodist Church of San Fernando
Rev. Robin Poppoff, St Stephen’s in-the-Field
Rev. Will McGarvey, Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
Rev. Will McGarvey, Community Presbyterian Church
Cantor Leigh Korn, Temple Isaiah
Rev Sandi John, Chico First Baptist Church
Rev Lucretia Jevne, St. Brigid of Kildare Episcopal Church, Rio Vista
Rev. Anne Jensen, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton
Cantor Kay Greenwald, Congregation Beth Am
Cantor Devorah Felder-Llevy, Congregation Shir Hadash
Rev Zuiko Enji, Floating Zendo
Ms. Lenore Dowling, IHM, Immaculate Heart Community
Rev Susan Champion, Christ the Lord Episcopal Church
Rev. Heather Branton, Community Church of Atascadero, UCC
Rev. Dn. Davidson Bidwell-Waite, Episcopal Diocese of California
Rev. Jason Bense, Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
Elder JL Angell, Church
Rev. Martha Sexton, St. Mark Presbyterian
Rev. Diane Mettam, United Methodist Church
Rev Alan Strout, First United Methodist of Santa Barbara
Rev. Lindsay Fulmer, Ladera Community Church, UCC
Rev. Donald Smith, Pasadena Presbyterian Church
Elder Merilie Robertson, Woodland Hills Presbyterian Church
Dr. John Wallace, Carmichael Presbyterian
Rev. Will McGarvey, Community Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg, CA
Dr. Douglas Daetz, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Social Ministry Chairperson
Rabbi Barbara Zacky, Board member of IKAR
Rabbi Paula Marcus, Temple Beth El
Bro. Mark Schroeder, O.F.M., Franciscans for Justice
Rev. Alice Dawn King, United Methodist Church
Ms. Maureen Shannon-Chapple, Insight LA
Rabbi Keilah Lebell, IKAR
Rabbi Diane Elliot
Rabbi Mel Gottlieb, Ikar
Director of Youth Ministry Allison Kunz, Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church
Rev. Susan Wallace Hermann, La Canada Presbyterian Church
Rev. Mark Shetler, River City Christian
Rev. Kathryn Schreiber, First Congregational Church of Martinez, UCC
Rev. Dr. Allison Tanner, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church
Rev Elizabeth Starbuck, Trinity Episcopal Church
Rev. Dr. Scott Sinclair, Dr.
Rev Sarah Nichols, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
Rev. Fred Morris, North Hills UMC Hispanic Mission
Rev Betsey Monnot, Episcopal Diocese of Northern California
Rev Dr. Ruth Meyers, All Souls Episcopal Parish
Rev Diane Mettam
Rev Colin Mathewson, St Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rev Dr. Jerry Drino, Holy Family Episcopal Church
Cantor Lizzie Weiss , Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
Rev Deacon Patricia W. Pearson , Holy Cross Episcopal Church


Rabbi Kim Harris, Congregation B’nai Chaim
Mr. Jackson Dreiling, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church
Rev Benjamin Brooks, Westside Oaks
Rabbi Deborah Ruth Bronstein, Rabbi Emerita Congregation Har HaShem
Ms. Anita Sanborn, Iliff School of Theology
Rev Sally Megeath, St. Barnabas
Rev. Anita Amstutz, Anabaptist Fellowship of Alamosa


Rev. Matthew Emery, Storrs Congregational Church UCC
Rev. Dr. Paul Hayes, Noank Baptist Church
Rev. Deacon Thomas Mariconda, Regional Deacon Episcopal Church
The Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Episcopal Church in Connecticut
Rev Virginia Army, St. John’s Episcopal Church
Rabbi/Cantor Dan Sklar, Temple Israel
Rev Dana Campbell, Church of the Holy Trinity
Sr. Elaine Betoncourt, Sisters of St. Joseph, Chambery/West Hartford


Rev Robert Stoddard, New Castle Presbytery
Rev. Robert Hall, Salem United Methodist Church


Rev Richard Proctor, Christ the King Episcopal Church
Rev. Wilifred Allen-Faiella, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo, PCUSA
Cantor Jacqueline Rawiszer, Congregation of Reform Judaism
Mrs. Astrida Miller, St Christopher’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Patricia Ashley


Archdeacon Carole Maddux, Diocese of Atlanta
Dr. Sandra McQueen, Rock Spring Presbyterian Church
Rev Linda Jones, Barnesville First United Methodist
Rev. Deanna Womack, Presbyterian Church, USA
Rev. Elisabeth (Lisa) Garvin, Mississippi United Methodist Church


Rev. Sara LaWall, Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Rev. Marcus Schlegel-Preheim, Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship
Rev. Dr. Andrew Kukla, First Presbyterian Church
Rev. Karen Hernandez, The United Methodist Church
Rev Marci Glass, Southminster Presbyterian Church

Rev. David W. Manson, Jr. Executive Director, Regional Council for Christian Ministry / Community Food Basket, Idaho Falls


Rev Kara Wagner Sherer, St. John’s Episcopal Church
ELCA Metro Chicago Synod Mission Interpreter Coordinator Ken Olson, Lord of Life Lutheran
Sr. Rose Therese Nolta, Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, USA-JPIC
Rev. Roger Allen Nelson Roger Nelson, Hope CRC
Cantor Faryn Kates Rudnick, Temple Beth-El
Rev. Dr. Garnett Foster, Chicago Presbytery
Sister Marie Louise Jilk, Holy Spirit Missionary
Elder/Mission and Outreach Committee Chair, Karen Wilson, LoveJoy United Presbyterian Church
Ruling Elder Laura Crawford, First Presbyterian Church
Elder Donna Crider, First Presbyterian Church
Mr. Tom Cordaro, Pax Christi
Reverend Kristin Jackson, Living Water Community Church
Rev. Drew Nagle, Gloria Dei Presbyterian Church
Dr. Kenneth Olson, Metro Chicago ELCA Mission Interpreters
Rev. Stacie Fidlar, St. John’s Lutheran Church
Rev. Carol McVetty, American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago
Pastor Stephen Lamb, Living Water Community Church
Mrs. Krista Jacques, Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church
Sister Marcelline Koch, Dominican Sisters
Rev. David Geenen, First Congregational Church
Rev. Thomas Aubrey, First Evangelical Free Church
Rev Jacqueline Lynn, Christ Church
Rabbi Sidney Helbraun, Temple Beth-El
Rev. Lee Gaede, St. Andrew’s Pentecost Episcopal Church
Rev. Kristofer Avise-Rouse, St. Paul United Church of Christ
Rev. Janice West


Rev. Mollie Williams, Trinity Episcopal Church
Rev. Jennifer Riggs, Central Christian Church
Rev. George Hoy,   Pastor
Rev. Dr. Lanny Lawler, Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Rev. Doctor Patricia Donahoo, Disciples Women


The Right Rev. Alan Scarfe, Episcopal Diocese of Iowa
Rev. Marion Pruitt-Jefferson, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Rev Dan Hanson, St. Paul Lutheran
Rev. Suzanne Hall Stotu, First Christian Church
Rev. Jim (and Barbara) Dale, First United Methodist Church
Rev. Brian Carter, Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Rev. Travis Fisher-King, ELCA
The Rev Dr. Elaine Caldbeck, St Peter’s Episcopal
Rev. Sara Olson-Smith, St Paul Lutheran Church
Rev. and Ms. Jim and Barbara Dale, First United Methodist Church, Decorah IA
Rev. Rich Hendricks, Metropolitan Community Church Quad Cities
Rev. Sophie Mathonnet-VanderWell, Second Reformed Church
Dr. Ronald Zoutendam, Bethel Reformed church
Rev- Deacon Chuck Lane
The Right Rev. Christopher Epting, New Song Episcopal Church


Sister Dorothy LeBlanc, Congregation of St. Joseph
Rev Rachel Ringenberg Miller, Shalom Mennonite Church
Dr. James Wood, Olathe Wesleyan Church
Rev. Lois Harder, Lorraine Avenue Mennonite
Elder Ken Grenz, Great Plains Conference


The Rev Canon Elise Johnstone, Episcopal Diocese of Lexington
The Rev. Robert Williams-Neal, Honorably   Member of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery
Rev. Rebecca Barnes, Presbyterian Hunger Program, PC(USA)
Rev Anne Vouga, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Kent Gilbert, Union Church
Minister Provincial Janet Fedders, Third Order, Society of St. Francis, Province of the Americas
Rev Gary Cook, Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
Rev. Rick Axtell, Chaplain, Centre College
Rev Merry P. Jones Merry Jones, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Sr. Nancy Surma, Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio
Rev. Rachel Small Stokes, Immanuel United Church of Christ
The Ven. Bryant Kibler, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Amber Inscore Essick, Port Royal Baptist Church
Rev. Jose Luis Casal, Presbyterian Church USA


Rev. Dr. Sarah Foulger, The Congregational Church of Boothbay Harbor
Rev Robert W. Tobin
Rev Lawrence Estey
Rev. Jane White-Hassler, St. James Episcopal Church, Old Town, ME
Fr. Jonathan Appleyard, Diocese of Maine


Rev. Andrew Foster Connors, Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dr. Eric Winnette, Rockville United Church
Mr. David Callahan, Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church
Rev. Patricia Hollinger, Church of the Brethren/Quaker
Sr. Mary Skopal, Sister of St. Joseph
Sister Helen Wiegmann, Sisters of St Joseph
Sister Jeanne Barnard, SSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph
Rev. Julie Wilson, Calvary UMC
Sr. Linda Stilling, SSND
Mrs. Toni Moore- Duggan, Racial Justice Circle and St. Ignatius Catholic Community
Sr. Marie Lucey, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
Sr. Patricia Kirk, OSB, Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore
Sr. Mary Beth Hamm, SSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sr. Cecilia Cyford, Sister of Saint Joseph
The Rt. Rev. Michael Creighton, St. Anne’s
Lay Leader Ernestine Aberle, Bel Air Methodist Church
Rev. Leslie Watson Malachi, Nephesh Ministries


Rev. Dr. Janet Zimmerman, Grace Episcopal Church in the Southern Berkshires
Rev Ashlee Wiest-Laird, First Baptist Church Jamaica Plain
Rabbi Liza Stern, Congregation Eitz Chayim
Warden Margot Sanger, St. John’s Episcopal Church
Rev Canon William Parnell, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
Rev. Eliot Moss, Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Rev. Rob Mark, Church of the Covenant
Rabbi Yaakov Komisar, Gann Academy
Rev Victoria Ix, Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Rev. Deacon Terry Hurlbut Terry Hurlbut, All Saints Episcopal Church
Rev William Graham, St. Peter’s, Beverly, MA
Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes, St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church
Bishop Douglas Fisher, Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Rev Jacqueline Clark, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church
Sr. Betty Cawley, Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston
Rev. Matt Carriker, Agape Spiritual Community
Rev Jane Beebe, Grace Episcopal Chuch
Canon Steve Abdow, Episcopal Diocese of Western MA
Rev. Raymond Dlugos, Order of St. Augustine
The Rev. Linda Taupier, Christ Church Cathedral


Rev. Kris Van Engen, New Community Fourth Reformed Church
Rev. Matthew Stob, Maranatha Christian Reformed Church
Pastor Amy Schenkel, inSpirit Church
Rev. Kate Kooyman, Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice
Pastor Randy Buursma, First Christian Reformed Church
Rev Dr. Lois Aroian, First Presbyterian Church
Rev. Bryan Berghoef, Holland UCC
Rev. Paul Perez, The Michigan Conference of The United Methodist Church
Rev. Mark Thompson, Lansing Central United Methodist
Elder Diane Brasie, Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian
Rev. Amee Paparell, United Methodist Church
Program Coordinator Aram Derbandi, Samaritas
Rev. Elizabeth Vander Haagen, Boston Square Christian Reformed Church
Rev. Dr. Tanner Smith, Harbor Life Church
Rev. Wayne Shearier, Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rev. Susan Rich, Trinity Episcopal Church
Rev Brian Chace, Trinity Episcopal Church
Rev. Benjamin Bruins, Trinity Reformed Church
Rev. Sarah Van Zetten Bruins, Trinity Reformed Church

Rev. Robert Munneke, First Lutheran
Rev. Lindsay Louise Biddle, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Rev. Doug Mitchell, Westminster Presbyterian, Emeritus
Reverend Corrine Haulotte, Lutheran Campus Ministry of Winona, Inc.
Rev. Dr. W. Lee Domenick, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Andrew Yackel, Urland Lutheran Church
Sr. Sharon White, Sr. of St. Francis
Mr. Louis Schoen, Gethsemane Episcopal Church
Sr. Frances Reichenberger, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio
Rev. Donen Ted O’Toole, Minnesota Zen Meditation Center
The Rev Dr. Paula Nordhem, United church of Christ NS
Rev. Dr. Theresa Mason, United Methodist Church ( )
Ms. Mary Kozmik, St Paul’s Monastery
Rev. Emily Goldthwaite Fries, Mayflower United Church of Christ
Rev. Dr. Neil Elliott, St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church
Rev. Jennifer Amy-Dressler, The Duluth Congregational Church


Reverend Carleton Stock, Second Presbyterian Church of St. Louis
Mrs. Diane Waddell, First Presbyterian
Rev. Dr. Ginny Brown Daniel, Missouri Mid-South Conference, United Church of Christ
Rev. Robert J. Eaddy, St. Paul Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
Ordained Deacon Sharon Kosek, Pine Ridge Presbyterian
Reverend Ellen Gurnon, First Presbyterian Church
Sister Carol Boschert, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon, MO
Rev Frank Sierra, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
Sr. Anna Marie Reha, School Sr. of Notre Dame
Rev. Jan O’Neil Janet O’Neil, St. Timothy’s Episcopal
Rev. Dr. Kathryn Nix, Trinity UMC
Most Rev. Francis Krebs, Ecumenical Catholic Communion


Rev. Michael Mulberry, Billings First Congregational Church


Peace with Justice Coordinator Andrea Paret, Great Plains Conference of The United Methodist Church
Rev. Megan Morrow, Nebraska Synod, ELCA
Rev. Jamie Norwich McLennan, The United Methodist Church


Ms. Sheila Freed, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
Rev Jon Davidson, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church

New Hampshire

Rev. Woodward, Nashua Presbyterian Church
The Rev. Deacon Johanna Young, St. John’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Dr. Robert Stiefel, The Chapel at Maple Suites Retirement Community; St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Dover, NH.
Rev Grace Burson, Episcopal Church of New Hampshire

 New Jersey

Rev. Sara Lilja, Lutheran Episcopal Advocacy Ministry NJ
Rev. Paul Rack, Hope Presbyterian Church
Sr. Regina Chassar, Sister of St. Joseph
Sister Kathleen Burton, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Donna Minster, Sisters of St Joseph
Sister Jeanne Morgan, St. Joseph
Sr. Kay Coll, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia
Elder Earl James, Six Mile Run Reformed Church
Sister Bonnie McMenamin, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Kathleen Boyle, Sisters of St. Joseph
Rabbi Hannah Orden, Congregation Beth Hatikvah
Rev Seth-Kaper Dale The Reformed Church of Highland Park
Rev. David Jahnke, Fanwood Presbyterian
Rev. Dr. Debra Brewin-Wilson, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Rev Helen Orlando, Deacon, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Drew Harrison, First Presbyterian Church
Rabbi Ira Dounn
Vestry Member Craig Clark, The Curch of the Good Shepherd

 New Mexico 

Rev. Glen Thamert, Jemez Springs Community Presbyterian Church
Rev. William Koch, Covenant Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dr. Antonio Aja, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Rev. Erica Lea-Simka, Albuquerque Mennonite Church
Rev. Sue Joiner, First Congregational United Church of Christ

 New York

Sister Carol DeAngelo, Sisters of Charity of New York
Rev Dr. Jessica Anschutz, UMC
Rev, Dr John Long, First Presbyterian Church
Rev Heather Ramsey Mabrouk, United Church of Christ
Rev. Laura Jervis, Rutgers Presbyterian Church New York City
Rev. Dr. Andrew Stehlik, Rutgers Presbyterian Church
Rev. Yolanda Mapes, Mighty Companions Ministries
Rabbi Drorah Setel, Temple Emanu-El
Rev. Monica Styron, First Presbyterian Church of Baldwinsville NY
Sister Susanne Lachapelle, Little Sisters of the Assumption
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Quick, Gouverneur First United Methodist Church
Reverend Alonzo Jordan, Lighthouse Community Services
Rev. Taryn Mattice, Protestant Cooperative Ministry at Cornell University
Rev. Gail R. Wolling, Upstate NY Synod ELCA
The Rev. Julie Calhoun-Bryant, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Ned Wight, UU Congregation at Shelter Rock
Rev. Bruce Tischler, Hudson River Presbytery
Rev Elizabeth Maxwell, Church of the Ascension
Dr. Georgette F. Bennett, Founder, Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees
Rev Susan Anderson-Smith, St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery
Mr. Jerry Rivers, Church of Christ
Rabbinical Student Salem Pearce, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
Rev. Dr. Langdon Hubbard, First Presbyterian Church
Rabbi Michael Feinberg, Greater New York Labor Religion Volition
Fr. John P. Duffell, The Church of the Blessed Sacrament
Rev. Kathy Donley, Emmanuel Baptist Church
Fr. William Cooper, St. Thomas Church.
Rev Dr. Chloe Breyer
Cantor Joshua Breitzer, Congregation Beth Elohim

North Carolina

The Rev Christine Payden-Travers, Episcopal Priest
Rev. Curt Lowndes, The Gathering Church
Rev. Dr. Kate Davelaar Guthrie, New Creation Community
Rev. Martha Brimm, Chapel of the Cross
The Rev Deb Blackwood, PhD Deb Blackwood, Liaison for Refugee Ministries Episcopal Diocese on NC
Rabbi Larry Bach, Judea Reform Congregation
Rev. LeDayne Polaski, BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz
Rev. Diane Faires, St. Paul’s Christian Church
Rev. Dr. Douglas Wingeier, Central UMC
William B. Stanley, M.S.W. Trinity United Church of Christ, Concord, NC
Rev. Carla Gregg-Kearns, Good Shepherd United Church of Christ
Rev. Dana Cassell, Peace Covenant Church of the Brethren
Mrs. Emily McCoy, Watts Street Baptist Church
Rev. Jaye White, North Carolina Conference UMC


Sr. Sheila Marie Tobbe, Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland
Rev Anne Reed, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Sr. Patricia Gardner, Sisters of St. Francis
Dr. Norman Ekberg, St Anne Episcopal Church
Rev. Horace Huse, Lakewood Church of the Brethren
Bishop Judith Craig, Broad Streeet
Rev. Lynn Bozich Shetzer, Reedurban Presbyterian Church
Elder Laura VanDale, Lakewood Presbyterian
Rev. CC Coltrain, Center for Spiritual Living Greater Dayton
Rev. Jennell Rue, St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rev. Stephen Hammond, Peace Community Church of Oberlin, Ohio
Sr. Judith Zielinski, Sisters of St Francis
Sr. Margretta Wojcik, Sisters of St. Francis
Sr. Barbara Vano, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania
Rev. Rebecca Tollefson, Grace Community Fellowship
Sr. Maria Spino, Sisters of St. Francis
Rev. Kate Shaner, First Community Church
Dr. Shannon Schrein, Sisters of St. Francis
Sr. Fidelis Rubbo, Sisters of St. Francis
Sr. Marguerite Polcyn, Sisters of St. Francis
Sr. Geraldine Paulszak
Sr. Geraldine Nowak, OSF, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, OH
Rev. Dr. James Moos, Wider Church Ministries, United Church of Christ
Sr. Brigid O’Shea Merriman, OSF, PhD Sr. Brigid O’Shea Merriman, Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio
Sr. Joan Lang, Congregation of St. Joseph
Sr. Rebecca La Point, Sisters of St. Francis
Sr. Joan Jurski, OSF, Sisters of St.Francis, Sylvania
Sr. Karen J Hartman, SFP, Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, US Area
Sr. Valerie Grondin, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania
Sr. Carolyn Giera, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania Ohio
Rev. Jane Gerdsen, Diocese of Southern Ohio
Rev Thomas Fehr, Community of the Transfiguration
Sr. Patricia Corbett, Congregation of St. Joseph
Rev Mary Carson, St. James Episcopal Church
Rev. Dr. Suzanne Allen, United Methodist


Rev. Sally Houck, Salem Lutheran Church
Rev. Tim Blodgett, Southminster Presbyterian Church
Rev. John Bain, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


Roshi Mushin Terris, Sangha Jewel Zen Center
Rev John Scannell, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church
Rev Dennis James Sagun Parker+, St. David of Wales
Rev. Dave Bean, Pioneer United Methodist Church
Pastor Jennifer L Seaich, Beavercreek United Church of Christ
Parishioner Ann Hawkins, United Church of Christ, Corvallis, Oregon
President Jan Elfers, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Spiritual Director Mark Lesniewski, Franciscan Spiritual Center
Rev. Suzan Ireland
Lay Leader Jan Nelson, Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, United Methodist Church
Elder Barbara Clark, First Presbyterian Church, Pendleton, OR
Dr. Howard N. Kenyon, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Rev. Charlotte Wells, the Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal
Rev. Karen Hill, First Presbyterian Church
Rev Deacon Linda Goertz, Christ Church Episcopal Parish
Rev Dr. James Boston, St. George Episcopal Church
Dr Nathan Jeanne Stringer


Rev. Edward Gehres, Presbytery of Philadelphia
Sister Mary Beth Hamm, SSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia
Rev Sharon Williams, Nueva Vida Norristown New Life
Rev John Ward-Diorio, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
Rev. Linda S Trout, Zion Lutheran Church
Rev Canon Maria Tjeltveit, Episcopal Church of the Mediator
Rev. Sandra Strauss, Market Square Presbyterian Church
Sr. Anna Louise Schuck, Sr.s of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill.
Rev. Randy Orso, Interfaith LGBTI Clergy Association
Sr. Patricia Lowery, Medical Mission Sr.s
Rev. Barbara Kelley, St. James Episcopal Church
Rev. Clifford Johnston, Chapel of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal)
Sr. Ruth Harkins, Sr.s, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Rev. Paul Hagedorn, ELCA
Pastor Bruce Gillette, Overbrook Presbyterian Church
Rev. Greg Davidson Laszakovits, Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren
Rev. Carol Dague, Lititz Moravian Congregation
Ms. Maria Ceci, Catholic
Sr. Kathleen Burns, Congregation of Sr.s, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Rev’d Rebecca Barnes, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Sr. Mary Ann Adams, IHM
Rev. Allan Wysocki, St. Paul Lutheran, ELCA
Rev. Ashley Rossi, Carmel Presbyterian Church
Rev. Allan Wysocki, St. Paul Lutheran
Ms. Alexina Stine-Sevey, Stroudsburg First Presbyterian
Elder David Baylor, Presbyterian
Elder Debra Burk, Pine Grove Presbyterian Church
Rev. Sandra Mackie
Rev. Francois Lacroix, Wallingford Presbyterian Church
Sister Colleen Dauerbach SSJ, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia PA
Sister Karen Doyle, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Mary Kelly, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sister Pat Madden, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sister Anna Herron, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Margaret Anne Birtwistle, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sister Mary Esther Lee, Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia
Sister Roberta Archibald, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Rev Dr. Carol Lytch, Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church
Sister Cathy McGowan, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Cecelia Cavanaugh, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Yes Jeanne McGowan, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sister Mary Clifford, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Anne Wood, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Elaine Cullen, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Merilyn Ryan, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sister Joan Dugan, Sisters of St Joseph
Sister Patricia O’Donnell SSJ, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia
Sister Barbara Ferraiolo, Sisters of St Joseph
Sister Rosemarie Lorenz, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Ellen Poist SSJ
Sister Patricia Loughrey, Sisters of St. Joseph, Philadelphia
Sister Christine Konopelski, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Joan Suberati, SSJ
Sister Pauline Plefka, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sr. Mary Catherine Manley, SSJ, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia
Sister Elizabeth Meizinger, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sisters of St. Joseph Chesnut Hill Philadelphia Sheila Falls
Sister Maryanne Zakreski, Sisters of St. Joseph
Sister Kathleen Mackerer, Sisters of St.Joseph
Sister Regina Kropp, Sisters of Saint Joseph
Sister Theresa Hayburn, SSJ
Rev Mrs. Charlotte Whiting, Salem United Church of Christ of Rohrerstown
Sr. Minnette Weldinh, I.H.M.
Rev. Anne Thatcher, Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Sr. Kate O’Donnell Kate O’Donnell, JPIC Committee of the Sr.s of St. Francis
Sr. Eleanor Marconi, Congregation of the Sr.s, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sister Beverly Hmel, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Rev Dr. Mary Lynnette Delbridge Lynnette Delbridge, Central Moravian Church

Rhode Island

Rev. Dr. David Ames, St, Martin’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Marilyn B. Kendrix, The Rhode Island Conference of United Church of Christ
Rev. Shavon Starling Louis , Providence Presbyterian Church
Rev. Kurt Walker, Chapel Street UCC
Rev Michael Coburn, Church of the Ascension

 South Carolina

Right Rev. Gregory Godsey, Saint Francis Old Catholic Church
Ms. Sue Hope, Dorchester Presbyterian Church
Rev. Robin White, North Anderson Community Church PCUSA
Rev. David Blanton, Fairforest Baptist Church
Rev Jim Geyer, Summit Church – Upstate


Rev. Charles White, Gordon Memorial UMC
Dr. Justin Wainscott, First Baptist Church
Rev Clay Calhoun, Church of the Holy Apostles, Episcopal
Rev. Chris Buice, Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
Rev. Anne Apple, Associate Pastor for Evangelism and Pastoral Care Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Rev Meghan Holland, Trinity Episcopal Church
Pastors Larry & Carolyn Dipboye, Grace Covenant Church
Rev. Rebekah Abel Lamar, Idlewild Presbyterian Church


Rabbi Amy Cohen, Temple Beth Shalom
Outreach Chair Jan Flavin, Azle Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Mrs. Cindy Wu, Access ECC
Sister Rose Quilter, Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Rev. Dr. Paul Ziese, MacArthur Park Lutheran
Rev. Carol Tompkins, Member At-Large, Presbytery of New Covenant
Joy Durrant, Covenant Presbyterian Church
Ruling Elder, PCUSA Gail Fekel, First Presbyterian Church of Grapevine
Elder Judy Bochner, Covenant Presbyterian Church
Rev. Charles Walden Charles Walden, Jackson Woods Presbyterian Church
Rev. Charles Fredrickson, Hope Lutheran Church
Mr. David Leslie, Rothko Chapel
Rev. Sherry Williams, St Michael’s
Mr. Ronald Johns, Oak Ridge Church of Christ
Rev. Trevor Jamieson, Cliff Temple Baptist Church
Sister Loretta Armand, Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate
Rev Linda Shelton, Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church
Sr. Ceil Roeger, Dominican Sisters of Houston
Chaplain Mary Kathleen Mahowald
Rev. Charles H. Hubbard, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Mr. Fred Ellis, The Episcopal Church of St. Thomas the Apostle
Rev. Dr. John Elford, University United Methodist Church
Sr. JT Dwyer, Roman Catholic
Rev. Sylvia Vásquez, San Antonio
Dr. Karen Packard, Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Rev G. Thomas Luck, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Rev. Vickey Gibbs, Resurrection MCC
Rev. Dr. Kurt Friederich, Ascension Lutheran
The Rev Canon Dr Robert Brooks, St. Alban’s Church Austin, TX
Sr. Sharon Altendorf, Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rev. Jonathan Page, First Congregational Church of Houston

Bishop Erik K. J. Gronberg, Northern-Texas Northern Louisiana Synod/Mission Area, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Rev. Abigail Parker Herrera, Servant Church United Methodist, Austin

Marty Troyer, Pastor, Houston Mennonite Church, Houston

Rabbi Brian Zimmerman Beth El congregation, Fort Worth, T

Rev. Hannah Terry, Westbury United Methodist Church + FAM, Houston

Rev Steve Quill, Retired ELCA pastor from Missouri City

Rev. Megan Danner, Chaplain and Director of Spiritual and Religious Life, Southwestern University

Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, Founder and co-pastor of Bread Fellowship, Fort Worth

Rev. Beth Dana, First Unitarian Church of Dallas

Aaron Dawson, Missional Life Minister, Monterey Church of Christ,Lubbock

The Rev. Dr. Matthew T. Seddon, Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Austin

Arthur Murphy, Pastor and Mission Redeveloper, St. James Lutheran Church, Houston

Ralph Mecklenburger, Rabbi Emeritus,  Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth, TX

Rev. Kevin L. Mitchell, Highland Park Baptist Church, Austin, Texas

Rev. Ronald E. Crooks, Katy, TX

Taylor Fuerst, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Austin

Rev. Ann Barton, United Methodist, Dallas, TX

San Williams, Interim Chaplain, Trinity University San Antonio, TX

Rev Dr Jimmy G Cobb, Disciples of Christ, Austin

Rev. Mary Wilson, Church of the Savior, Cedar Park

The Rev. Thomas C. Gibbons, Vice President, Compassionate Dallas-Fort Worth

Rev. Christina Hockman, Unitarian Universalist Church of Corpus Christi

Rev Kim Smith-Stanley, Round Rock, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Cantor Vicky Glikin, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas


Rev. Dr. Robert Colman, Retired
The Venerable Catherine Cooke, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Ruling Elder Dottye Ricks, Graniteville Presbyterian Church
Rev Heidi Edson, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Rev. Deacon Lucy Pellegrini, Diocese of Vermont


Sr. Anne Mack, Bon Secours
Rev Alexis Kassim, Little River UCC
Rev. Dr. John Copenhaver, Virginia United Methodist Church
Rev. David S. Benedict David Benedict
Rev. Frank Drake, First Presbyterian Church
Rev. Teresa Summers-Minette, Cooks Creek Presbyterian Church
Ms Margaret Shaw, Lebanon Presbyterian Church
Elder – PC-USA Lucretia McCulley, Second Presbyterian
The Reverend Jeffery Carr, Bridgewater Church of the Brethren
Mr. Jonathan Heckel, Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA
Dr. Catherine Howard, Second Presbyterian
Rev B. Cayce Ramey, All Saints Episcopal Church Sharon Chapel
Rev. Lucia Lloyd, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Rabbi Ellen Jaffe-Gill, Tidewater Chavurah
Rev Eric Anspaugh, Antioch Church of the Brethren


Ms. Dawn Sample, St. Theresa Parish
Rev Catharine Reid, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church
Rev Jenny Rake-Marona, Ms.
Pastor Anne Hall, Lutheran Church in the San Juans
Rev. Mark Lancaster, Generous Heart Sangha
Mr. David D. Anderson, University Congregational United Church of Christ
Rev. Dr. Richard Russell, Prospect Congregational United Church of Christ
Rev. Jeannette Solimine, UCC
Ms. Edie Lackland, Plymouth
Rev. Gail Crouch, University UCC
Rev. Dan Stern, Richmond Beach Congregational Church
Rev. Lisa Horst Clark, First Congregational Church, Bellevue
Rev. Roberta Rominger, Congregational Church (UCC) on Mercer Island
Rev. Patty Ebner, First Congregational Church of Bellevue
Rev. David Weasley, First Congregational Church
Reverend Joy Haertig, Magnolia UCC
Rev. Catharine Cline, United Church in University Place
Rev. Sally Balmer, Guemes Island Congregational Church (UCC)
Rev. Ruth M Brandon, Everett United Church of Christ
The Rev. Mary Robinson-Mohr, Northwest Coast Presbytery
Rev. Melody Young
Elder Nancy Ellingham, Newport Presbyterian
Rev. Richard Gibson
Rev. Dr. Ellen Acton, Seattle Presbytery, Woodland Park Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dennie Carcelli, Retired
Rev. Dr. Dee Eisenhauer, Eagle Harbor Congregational UCC
Rev. Holly Hallman, FPCPT
Rev. Dr. Tammy Stampfli, The United Churches of Olympia
Ms. Aida Bound, The Hat Project
Rev. Sharon Benton, First Congregational Church, UCC
Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Yates, Disciples of Christ Chaplain Endorsing Officer
Rev. Rebecca Scott, St Benedict
Rev Gregory William Peters, Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church
Rev Canon Bill Osborne, St Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Rev Beverly Hosea, Emmanuel Episcopal Church
The Rt. Rev. Sanford Hampton, Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

Rev. Brian Hamilton, Westminster DC
Rev. Ebony Grisom, Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
Sister Dianna Ortiz, O.S.U., Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph
Director Gerry Lee, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, National City Christian Church
Rev. Sally Sarratt, Calvary Baptist Church
Mr. Jason Miller, Franciscan Action Network
Rev. Dr. Stephen Gentle, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

West Virginia

Rabbi Victor Urecki, B’nai Jacob Synagogue


Rabbi Renee Bauer, Jewish Social Services of Madison
Rev. Glenn Danz, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice
Rev. Dr. Kendra Grams, First Presbyterian Church of Hudson, WI
Rev. Ellen Rasmussen, Brown Deer UMC
Rev. Tina Lang, United Methodist Church
Rev. Susan Myoyu Andersen, Great Plains Zen Center


Rev Leigh Earle, Christ Episcopal Church


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Is Canada Prepared for the Threat of Returning Jihadists?

Canada’s intelligence service stated that some 60 “returnees” — fighters who had returned to Canada — “have the potential to pose a significant threat to our national security.” In other words, there are dozens of jihadis roaming free in Canada,

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“Smarter Bombs”: Understanding The World of Women Palestinian Bombers

There was Muneira, who planned to blow herself up at a hospital near Tel Aviv. There was Jemilla, who escorted a young boy to his suicide bombing at a market; he was excited he soon would be meeting girls in Paradise. And there was Sabiha, who prepared

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Interview with “Smarter Bombs” Author Anat Berko

Anat Berko began her career researching the phenomenon of suicide terrorism while still fulfilling her military career in Israel – a career that saw her rise to the rank of lieutenant colonel. The daughter of Iraqi Jews who escaped to Israel as

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What`s the connection between the new PLO Head of Prisoners’ Commission and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

The new Head of the PLO Commission of Prisoners is in all likelihood the uncle of one of the terrorists convicted for the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. (Aug. 30, 2018)

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William Kilpatrick: “Islam’s Thousand Year War on Christendom”

Editor’s note: Author and former Boston College instructor, William Kilpatrick, has just written the first review of my book, Sword and Scimitar, which was released yesterday.  Published by Crisis Magazine and titled, “Islam’s Thousand Year War on Christendom,” Kilpatrick’s review follows: At a time when Catholic youth are taught that Islam means peace, pilgrimage and prayer, and Catholic […]

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German publication asks: When should the media report on murders committed by refugees?

That is a very interesting question.

Short answer: Always!

However, apparently the mainstream media in Germany has a really hard time with it!

German media isn’t alone! The Left-leaning media here in the US has for the last decade failed to report on some really horrible refugee crime stories I believe out of willful blindness—reports of refugees committing violent crime simply don’t fit their world view!

Just the word refugee is supposed to make people melt with love and be more willing to invite them in as neighbors!

Esar Met evil face

Case in point!

When Esar Met, a Burmese Rohingya refugee, raped and murdered a little Christian girl in Salt Lake City, only the major paper in Utah covered the horrific details and long trial.  The story never made it out of Utah.

(In 2014 Met was sentenced to life in prison, see here.)

Now here is The Local (Germany) with a hand-wringing report on the question.

Do we report the crime and fire up the xenophobes and racists? Or downplay the crime so as not to interfere with the warm and fuzzy meme about refugees that Mama Merkel and company are promoting?

When should the media report on murders by refugees?


Responsibly reporting on violent crime committed by refugees is one of the hardest things for a news organization to get right. A national broadcaster’s decision not to cover one such murder caused Jörg Luyken to take a closer look.

Do newspapers focus too much on crimes committed by refugees, thus creating an exaggerated public fear of the danger they pose? Or do they too often ignore them out of a misplaced concern that they would be fuelling racism?

Depending on who you talk to in Germany, you will get very different opinions. Left-wingers believe the press over-report, cynically exploiting the fact that refugee crime sells newspapers. The right meanwhile harangue the “politically correct” media for failing to inform the public of a growing crime wave.

As an editor who has to make calls on what does and doesn’t appear on our website, I can say it is a mighty hard call.

I am well aware of the fact that a horrific crime with an asylum seeker as the suspect – such as the rape-murder of a teenage girl in Wiesbaden in June – will bring readers to our website. In a time of declining advertising revenues, news organizations face pressure to maximize their readership.

So are we journalists pushing refugees under the bus to save our own skin? Have we awoken a latent xenophobia in the general public that helps us sell newspapers every time an asylum seeker commits a crime?

Somali arrest Germany

One German publication failed to mention a horrific crime by a Somali asylum seeker (he allegedly knifed to death a doctor in the presence of the doctor’s ten year old daughter) has earlier this month and thus stirred the debate: Report or not to report? Notice how German authorities hide even the face of the alleged murderer.      //

That is certainly the conclusion to draw from a statement made by German public broadcaster ARD earlier this month. ARD is publicly financed and therefore free to cover the news without fear that low ratings will drive it into bankruptcy.

On August 16th, its Tagesschau evening news bulletin chose not to mention a grim murder in the central German town of Offenbach. A doctor had been stabbed to death in his practise that morning with no obvious explanation for why. Hours later police arrested his suspected murderer – an asylum seeker from Somalia who arrived in the country in late 2015.

After receiving complaints from the public for its decision not to cover the crime, Tagesschau’s editor-in-chief Kai Gniffke publicly justified the decision.

He explained that Tagesschau only reports on news that has “a societal, national or international relevance – things that are meaningful to the majority of the 83 million Germans.”

Murders committed by refugees would only be relevant to the whole country “if refugees are over-proportionally likely to be involved in committing homicide,” he argued. “As far as we can tell from our research, this isn’t the case – therefore we decided not to report on the crime.”

There is a clear logic here: refugees are no more likely to murder than other members of society, therefore any national media outlet that reports on murders by refugees while ignoring other murders is giving the false impression that refugees are more dangerous than Germans.

Looking at crime figures

So is that it settled? Well, no. A closer look at the national crime statistics shows that Mr. Gniffke’s conclusion is fairly wide of the mark.

What follows is a rather lengthy discussion of the numbers of murders committed by refugees in Germany, and is very much worth reading.

Now here is the nub of why these violent crimes must be reported—-how on earth do we know what policies and practices governments should follow (and what mistakes were made!) to protect citizens if we hide from the truth!

In summary: refugees are more likely to be suspected of murder. The most significant reason for this is because they are young and male. Choosing not to cover these murders means one accepts the argument that the government could not have done things differently in 2015; choosing to cover them is to give a nod to the argument that they had different policy options.

Continue reading The Local here.

And, one more thing!

Every time the Leftwing-dominated media buries a story like Met’s or like that poor German doctor, it adds fuel to the fake news firestorm, a fire you would think the media as a whole wants to put out.

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Italy: Salvini and Orban meet, call for creation of a pan-European anti-migrant alliance

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungary’s Viktor Orban met yesterday in Milan to discuss a historic alliance to save Europe from further invasion.

Keep an eye on Europe!  Is it just in time or too late?

“We are near a historic change on a continental level!”

(Matteo Salvini)


Salvini and Orban

Hungarian PM Orban (left) met with Italy’s Interior Minister Salvini yesterday in Milan.


From Deutsche Welle:

Viktor Orban and Matteo Salvini strive to forge new European anti-migrant alliance


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini made no secret of their mutual admiration ahead of their meeting in Milan on Tuesday.

United in their anti-immigration policies and relentless bashing of the EU, the two right-wing lawmakers called for the creation of a pan-European anti-migrant alliance that would seek to prevent migration to Europe from besieged regions in Africa and the Middle East.

Salvini, who heads the far-right League party, the junior partner in Italy’s populist coalition, told reporters that Italy and Hungary would strive to forge a future union “that excludes socialists and the left, that brings back to the center the values and identity” that their parties represent.


Italy yellow shirts

Leftwing protesters gathered in opposition to Salvini/Orban meeting. Who are those Africans in yellow shirts?   //


“We are near a historic change on a continental level,” Salvini added.

Orban, meanwhile, called on the European People’s Party, the largest group in the European Parliament to which his Fidesz party belongs, to adopt a hardline stand against illegal immigration. Salvini’s League party has since 2014 allied itself in the European Parliament with the likes of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally and Freedom Party of Austria.

What Hungary does on land, Italy does by sea

Orban described Salvini as his “hero and companion” for turning away migrant rescue ships, claiming that such actions were crucial for Europe’s security.

“Hungary has proven that migrants can be stopped on land,” said Orban. “And this is where Salvini’s mission starts: “(Italy) must show that migrants can also be stopped at sea.”

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Should It Be Illegal for Prosecutors to “Flip” Witnesses?

It is already illegal for a lawyer to offer a witness a valuable consideration for providing testimony — if the lawyer is a defense attorney. If any defense attorney offers a witness an inducement to testify favorably to his client — even if his

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Hamas fighters torture 13-year Adham, because he hit son of Hamas military leader

A 13-year-old Palestinian boy described on PA TV how six Hamas fighters in Gaza beat and tortured him for hitting the son of a commander from Hamas’ military wing. (Aug. 29, 2018)

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Former State Department employee: virtually impossible to vet refugees

Adding a knowledgeable and experienced voice to the on-going debate in the White House on possible refugee admission numbers for FY19, don’t miss Mary Doetsch writing at the Daily Caller yesterday on the question of security screening of refugees.




As refugee contractors — who make money on every refugee they resettle — break into hyper-lobbying mode to demand that the Trump administration resettle “at least 75,000” in the coming fiscal year, the recent lies and criminal activity of five refugees who were resettled via the fraud-laden U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) are, once again, being willfully ignored.

we are all america tweet

This is part of the refugee industry’s extensive and well-funded media campaign to pressure the President in to agreeing to admit 75,000 refugees beginning in five weeks.

Four improperly deemed “refugees” were charged with murder, lying to gain admission into the United States, and immigration benefits, among other crimes, while a fifth was charged with attempted murder.

In each case, the approved refugee likely would have been subjected to the much-touted, though often feckless, “enhanced vetting” that advocates say both ensures the legitimacy of the refugee claim and protects U.S. security interests. Nonetheless, at least four of the five successfully lied their way through what advocates claim is the “most vetted” interviewing process, duping refugee officers with their fabricated stories.

Sadly, these cases are simply the tip of the iceberg. As a Refugee Coordinator who covered the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Europe and Cuba for eight years, I had first-hand knowledge of country conditions and political realities, and I saw and read hundreds of fraudulent refugee claims.

Disturbingly, the majority of refugee claims are ultimately approved, despite serious questions regarding the applicants’ reliability and truthfulness, often based solely on their testimony.


Despite claims that refugees are subject to the most intense scrutiny prior to resettlement into the United States, the bottom line is that in countries with ill-functioning governments or where no reliable data exists, it is virtually impossible to vet refugee candidates.

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And, if you haven’t told the White House what you think about how many refugees could be admitted to the US beginning October first, do it now.

I’m saying zero until the refugee program is completely reformed by Congress!

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Case of Iraqi refugee linked to ISIS exposes failed vetting system under Obama


The UN helped pick him for US resettlement!

Nayla Rush writing at the Center for Immigration Studies poses a wide range of questions about how a man with two arrest warrants in Iraq got in to the US from Turkey in 2014, received extensive benefits from the US taxpayer, and lived here until now undetected.


Follow-Up Questions on Omar Ameen’s Refugee Resettlement Case


I have chosen two questions to highlight the fact that we allow the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and a non-profit Catholic group to do the initial screening of refugees entering the US from Turkey.

BTW, during Obama’s term in office, Turkey was the second highest processing country for refugees entering the US after Kenya.

Do you trust those two agencies to decide who your new neighbors will be?


RSC Prescreening

Nine State Department-funded resettlement support centers (RSCs) abroad play an important role in the refugee admissions process: They conduct in-person prescreening interviews of resettlement applicants, record persecution stories, collect extended family information, etc., that USCIS officers use to determine applicants’ eligibility and credibility and adjudicate cases accordingly. RSC staff (who are generally citizens of the countries where they are stationed) not only prescreen refugees abroad, they help them build their cases to submit to U.S. officials for resettlement.

logo international catholic

Question: Which RSC was in charge of Ameen’s case in Turkey? Was it the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), a resettlement partner of the U.S. government in the Middle East since the 1960s that operates the resettlement support center for Turkey and the Middle East (RSC TuME) and that is 49.9 percent funded by the U.S. government, according to 2016 figures? Will this RSC review its pre-screening system?

U.S. Reliance on UNHCR and RSCs

UNHCR logo

The United States relies on the United Nations (specifically, the UN High Commission for Refugees or UNHCR) for resettlement referrals and on the RSCs for the prescreening process and case applications of refugees. It is UNHCR that referred Ameen to the United States for resettlement and offered him a chance to become an American citizen. It is probably ICMC who prescreened and helped build Ameen’s

resettlement case.

Question: Will the U.S. government reconsider its near-total reliance on the UNHCR and RSCs for a range of pre-departure services linked with resettlement? Will the United States ask for enhanced accountability and control measures from these organizations?


We sure hope the White House is considering completely getting rid of the UNHCR as a partner in deciding who comes to America and who doesn’t!

See more of Nayla Rush’s insightful questions, here  highlighting what an epic failure Ameen’s presence on American soil is!

See my previous post about the battles going on right now between the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon and Homeland Security on the issue of security screening refugees. The Open Borders Left says Trump is doing TOO MUCH vetting!

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Qatar and Turkey: Toxic Allies in the Gulf

“Iran’s continued support of the Hezbollah terrorist organization with both financial and political assistance, as well as weapons and tactical training, deserves close examination. Western diplomats and Lebanese analysts estimate that Iranian financial

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