Australia: Muslim arrested on Malaysian Airlines, ‘I’ve got a bomb and I’m going to f***ing blow the plane up’

‘I’m going to blow up this plane’: Man ‘claiming to have explosives’ tries to break into cockpit of packed Malaysia Airlines flight leaving Melbourne before passengers wrestle him to the floor Melbourne Airport in lock down after man reportedly attempts to hijack plane  Malaysian Airlines flight MH128 took off from Melbourne flying to Kuala Lumpur It … Continue reading

Manchester: ‘Hug a Muslim’ Vlogger plays on grief for social media ‘click bait’

Is this really the ‘spirit of Manchester’? Vlogger who went viral with ‘trust me I’m a Muslim’ video is accused of playing on grief for ‘click bait’ as footage emerges of him wasting police time and harassing people in the street Vlogger Baktash Noori stood by a sign and asked people for a hug in … Continue reading

Lawfare in New Jersey: Small Town Has To Pay Muslims $3.25 Mil After Rejecting Mosque

This Town Has To Pay An Islamic Society $3.25 Million After Denying Its Right To Build A Mosque The lawsuits claimed the town’s zoning board had denied an Islamic center’s application, over four years and 39 hearings, based on the members’ faith. Originally posted on May 30, 2017, at 5:21 p.m. Updated on May 30, … Continue reading

New York: Muslim Student Invents ‘Hate Crime Abduction’ – Story Collapses

Each time Muslims fabricate crimes they should be jailed – then deported. This kind of abuse of the legal system is all part of jihad. A constant stream of fabrications are strategically made to exploit financial gains, legal gains and political gains within a community. It also helps to catapult Muslims into positions of power … Continue reading

Devout Muslims Urged to Lure Kafirs to the Kill with eBay & Craigslist

ISIS ‘terror playbook’ urges lone wolves to hide behind fake Gumtree and eBay ads By Mark Saunokonoko 9 News, Australia The ninth edition of Rumiyah, Islamic State’s online monthly magazine, urges supporters to carry out terror attacks. Source: AFP / Clarion Project FTBA Islamic State has called on supporters to place fake ads on popular … Continue reading

{FD} Pakistan: Punjab court orders rape victim to be killed or sold off for ‘adultery’

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From Pakistan’s The Express Tribune the following description is given on this case: MULTAN: Four men were booked in Rajanpur on Saturday for their involvement in a Panchayat (unofficial village court) declaring a teenage girl, who was allegedly raped by a relative, a ‘Kari’. The 19-year-old girl was ordered to be either killed or sold … Continue reading


Devout Muslims execute Filipinos who could not recite the Islamic prayers

Journalists are trying to impart fake news on the public by wrongly claiming that islamic barbarity is only related to some odd terrorist organisation or the other. Jihad is in fact part of the entire 1.3 billion Muslim community world-wide. Has nothing to do with ISIS. The idolisation of jihad has nothing to do with … Continue reading

Preachers at Manchester mosque called for gays, British soldiers and kafirs to be killed

  Well, MP Alec Shelbrooke is completely off. This mosque is just the normal Islamic mosque in Britain or anywhere in Europe today. Only a minority of mosques will have few hate preachers and no hate messages. What is  needed to tackle terrorism is a total ban on Islam, a total ban on Islamic preachers. … Continue reading

{FD} Manchester Jihadist Used Taxpayer-Funded Money to Bankroll Terror Plot

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Exclusive: Manchester suicide bomber used student loan and benefits to fund terror plot   Salman Abedi received thousands of pounds in student loans   Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter Martin Evans Victoria Ward The Telegraph, 27 May 2017 • 10:57am The Manchester suicide bomber used taxpayer-funded student loans and benefits to bankroll the terror plot, police … Continue reading


{FD} Marbella Jihad: Car Deliberately Ploughs Into Pedestrians And Flees

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Only a few weeks back another car Jihad took place in Marbella, but the local police decided to call it an accident. And apart from a small article in the local papers it got no further media coverage. . . Car mounts pavement and slams into pedestrians in Marbella near Puerto Banus nightspot the Ocean … Continue reading


FBI Warned Britain That Manchester Bomber Was Planning Attack on UK

Love them til they kill you. Britain’s sick love-affair with Islam is toxic stupidity on the borderline with insanity. . . Britain ‘Warned in January’ by FBI Manchester Bomber Was Planning Attack on UK by Virginia Hale, 28 May 2017 Breitbart The FBI warned UK security chiefs that Manchester jihadi Salman Abedi was plotting an … Continue reading

Michigan: Muslim orders ‘halal’ pork pizza then sues Little Ceasars Pizza for $100mil

Always a fraud and deviant in society. Shame on the lawyers and judges that entertain this kind of fraud. He should be jailed for obstruction of justice. . . Muslim man sues Little Caesars over ‘halal’ pepperoni Candice Williams, The Detroit News 6:51 p.m. ET May 26, 2017 A Muslim man is suing Little Caesars … Continue reading

Taliban rejects UN call for halt in jihad attacks during Ramadan as “ignorance of religion”

“Our fight is Jihad and an obligatory worship. And every obligatory act of worship has 70 times more reward in Ramadan,” a statement quoted spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as claiming. Tell that to the media or the authorities and they scream ‘Islamophobe!’. . . Nearly 100 Afghan Soldiers Killed in a Week Afghan policemen transport the … Continue reading

{FD} Netherlands: Muslim gang terrorise locals, “Hey, Cheese heads, we will kill you all!”

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ZAANDAM, District Poelenburg, The Netherlands, 9 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2016. The Zaandam suburb Poelenburg is already for many months terrorized by Turkish loitering youth’s. They are pelting stones at houses, intimidating residents and committing heavy physical aggression for no reason at all and filming the act on video camera. The mayor of Zaandam, city council, … Continue reading


UK is home to at least 23,000 active Muslim terrorists

Only 23,000? Hardly. Real figures would lean more to over 50% of the UK Muslim population. They just don’t have the courage and intensity to commit jihad. The emotional support and agreement is there. Jihad is not considered terrorism within the Muslim community. It’s a word to describe heroism and courage. . . Suicide bomber … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man ‘for taking part in protests’

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man ‘for taking part in protests’ after ‘forced confession’ Campaigners believe the country’s authorities may be emboldened after Donald Trump failed to bring up human rights on recent visit by Will Worley The Independent   A court in Saudi Arabia has upheld a death sentence for a disabled man who … Continue reading