Dubai’s Head of Security Dhahi Khalfan supports Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Dubai’s Head of Security supports Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ Published January 29th, 2017 – 12:12 GMT via Protesters of the “Muslim ban” at Dallas airport, Texas (G. Morty Ortega/Getty Images North America/AFP) America’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries may be stirring anger across the West, but in the Arab world the move … Continue reading

Quebec cops now say Alexandre Bissonnette sole suspect in “Allahu akbar” shooting at mosque

According to new reports Bissonnette “called” the police to hand himself in and they immediately arrested him. Hmm… really? Each time the media reports on major crimes people with mental illess call police and declare themselves to be guilty. Muslim witnesses at the mosque reported multiple suspects and that gunmen screamed Allahu-Akhbar while they shot … Continue reading

‘My feet ache. I have a headache and a bad back’: Jihadist sick notes uncovered

Tut, tut! A swift suicide mission would eradicate all the physical discomforts. . . ‘I cannot fight jihad today as I have a bad back’: Sick notes written by ISIS fighters desperate to escape the front line are uncovered… from headaches to sore feet  Documents belonging to ISIS’ Tarek ibn Ziad were uncovered by allied … Continue reading

Media waits 10 hrs to publish Muslim names behind Quebec Mosque shooting, focuses on Trump slander instead

The shouting of Allahu Akbar and the arrest of a Moroccan suspect makes it perfectly clear the #QuebecShooting was white supremacists…. Look how the media works. Total deceit by intent. 75% of their “breaking news” is focused on sensationalising Trump’s temporary ban on visas from the worse terror countries to stirr up public unrest. Trump’s … Continue reading

Media blames ‘Islamophobia’ as Salafists gun down “Murtadeen” at a #Quebec City Mosque

Of course the nasty media, so focused on defaming Trump at every opportunity, has been quick to try and pin this to Trump’s Islamic terror nations ban. Has NOTHING to do with it. On the contrary, it reinforces the need to block and ban Muslims. This segment from a video on the mosque which was … Continue reading

Canada: Gunmen scream ‘Allahu Akhbar’ and shoot 40 at mosque in Quebec

Liberals and media immediately blames – TRUMP! Since when has Trump invented Jihad against infidels? Infidels includes Muslims who do not abide by Saudi Wahhabi rules. They are accused of following a ‘false Islam’. The ‘real’ Islam is what ISIS offers. The entire Muslim world is at constant war with each other. The more reason … Continue reading

Getting REAL News From Aleppo – With Vanessa Beeley

We have always complained about the nightmare the West has created in Syria by its ignorant meddling in the conflict. It’s not only governments but volunteer organisations and media that has made the situation worse, and the suffering and destruction unimaginable. Horrendous crimes have been committed against Syria by Europe, UK and the US by … Continue reading

{FD} Iran will retaliate against Trump’s immigration ban by ‘limiting visas to American tourists’

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Gasp! Devastating news. Americans – all ten of them – will have less likelyhood to travel to the land of barbarians, aka Iran, to be spied upon, arrested and jailed over some bogus espionage charges. How devastating. . . Iran will retaliate against Trump’s immigration ban by ‘limiting visas to American tourists’ – as Canadian … Continue reading


Britain grants anonymity to migrant appeals, concealing their criminality from the public

How the British public are now banned from knowing the identity of asylum seekers – even when their stories are patently bogus, writes SUE REID  Countless foreigners fighting to remain in the UK at Britain’s biggest asylum and immigration appeals centre, Taylor House in central London Automatic anonymity is now given in all asylum-seekers’ appeals  … Continue reading

Trump: ‘US will prioritize Christian refugees’

Christians are FAR, far more persecuted than Muslims. Muslims are not the main victims. Minorities are the victims of Muslims. In spite of this A Pew study found 99% of the nearly 12,600 Syrians granted refugee status last year were Muslims. Christians were being rejected. One of the reasons behind Christians being rejected could be … Continue reading

Austria: 40% of Syrian refugees prefer Sharia law and think Westerners are ‘too liberal’

Almost half of refugees in Austria think religious law is more important than the law of the country in which they live, study finds   Austria’s Foreign Ministry commissioned a survey of recent migrants’ attitudes  Questioners interviewed 900 Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees in Austria  40 percent of migrants believed religious law always superceded secular law  … Continue reading

Sweden: Afghan migrants arrested over three-hour rape streamed on Facebook Live

The woman has Kurdish features. . . Two Afghan migrants revealed as those arrested over horrific three-hour rape streamed on Facebook Live in Sweden Victim had clothes pulled off by armed men and was sexually assaulted before cops arrived and turned off the camera The Sun, BY PATRICK KNOX 26th January 2017, 8:48 am< TWO … Continue reading

Ex-Saudi muslim warns Canadians about Islam: ‘They are grooming children in this country for Jihad’

This is an important warning to Canadian parents especially, by an exceptionally brave ex Saudi muslim woman, Sandra Solomon, in Toronto. . . This is the translator of the Koran in it’s real writings by Usama Dakdok that she is talking about, not the fabricated versions we see in English: Continue reading

Royal Brunei Airlines’ first all-female pilot crew lands plane in Saudi Arabia – where women are not allowed to drive

The left-wing Independent is such a confused paper. One minute they attack anyone critiquing Sharia, and the next minute they themselves critique Islamic law. Can’t they make up their mind – or at least educate themselves better so they know exactly what they are talking about? . . Royal Brunei Airlines’ first all-female pilot crew … Continue reading