“Be Cursed Forever”: Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018

"Nigeria security has declared war against Christians in this country." — Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, executive director of Voice of Northern Christian Movement, Nigeria. While uncritically taking in and conferring refugee status on countless Muslim

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Bowling Green, KY not getting enough Muslim refugees says refugee contractor

I’ve already posted a bunch of stories similar to this one from several different cities in what is an obvious media campaign to blast the President as he approaches his deadline to say how many refugees the US will ‘welcome’ in FY19.

I don’t intend to publish them all because it gets boring, but will note interesting points when I see them.

Iraqi refugee terrorists

Iraqi refugees convicted on terror charges were arrested in Bowling Green, KY, but you never see that mentioned anymore.  https://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/exclusive-terror-worry-rises-al-qaeda-found-kentucky-20958004

We have written a lot on Bowling Green, KY over the years.

It is Senator Rand Paul’s home town. In 2011, two Iraqi Muslim refugees were arrested there and ultimately found guilty of attempting to help a terrorist group in Iraq.  The arrest resulted in the US State Department temporarily halting resettlement from Iraq and rescreening thousands of potential refugees.

At that point, Senator Paul came out strongly against the program, but his criticism vanished when he ran for President in 2016.

Prior to the Islamic terror arrests, we had already written many posts on how resettlement contractors were not taking adequate care of refugees they had placed there (many work in the local slaughterhouse industry, btw.)

So you might want to go here to learn more about the often troubled resettlement program in Bowling Green.

Here is the latest from WKU (an NPR station!). NPR seems to be taking the lead in the orchestrated media campaign in support of the federally-funded refugee contracting agencies***.


“It Hurts My Heart”: Muslim Refugee Resettlement in Bowling Green Virtually Eliminated


Tougher federal guidelines on refugee resettlement are having a big impact on a southern Kentucky agency.

The Trump administration has cut the overall number of refugees allowed into the U.S., and has added increased layers of security that have drastically cut the number of refugees from majority-Muslim countries. The advocacy group Human Rights First says there’s been a 90 percent decline in the number of refugee Muslim admissions in the U.S. compared to the 2017 federal fiscal year.

Listen Listening…3:54 Albert Mbanfu discussed the impact federal refugee resettlement policy is having on his agency’s efforts to bring refugees to Bowling Green.

Albert in KY

Albert Mbanfu laments the fact that only one Muslim refugee has arrived in Bowling Green this fiscal year.

Albert Mbanfu, executive director of the Bowling Green-based International Center of Kentucky, said the Trump administration policy has virtually ended resettlement of Muslims in Bowling Green since the start of the federal fiscal year last October.

“They’re not coming in,” the native of Cameroon said. “We’ve not received any refugee from any Muslim countries since the beginning of this fiscal year. In fact, we received one Somali kid, and it’s because that’s a kid, and the child took refuge in a country that was not a Muslim country.”

Before the new federal policies, the International Center of Kentucky helped resettle refugees from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan [and Somalia—ed].

Mbanfu says his agency is now focusing on resettling refugees from a small number of countries, mostly in parts of Africa and Asia.

“Most of them are coming in from Congo, Rwanda, Burma, Bhutan, and a few who are trickling in from Ethiopia.”

None of those countries are Muslim-majority countries. Mbanfu said most of the refugees settled by his agency so far this federal fiscal year have been Christians.

More here.


*** These are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors you pay with your tax dollars.  The  International Center of Kentucky is a subcontractor of USCRI below.

Since USCRI is approximately 98% funded by the federal government, you can imagine that they must be pretty nervous about more cuts in the refugee program where the agencies receive funding from the US Treasury on a refugee per head basis.

Another low year, perhaps lower than this year’s 20,000 plus year, could completely blow to smithereens the budget of one or more of these federal contractors which are demanding a cap of 75,000.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)! 

From most recent accounting, here.


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Daniel Pipes lists European leaders who could save Western civilization

He doesn’t exactly put it that way. The title of his piece yesterday is simply:

Who Are Europe’s Most Important Politicians?

President of the Middle East Forum, Daniel Pipes is a historian/author with a primary focus on Islam and migration.

Invasion of Europe news….

First Pipes tells us that he had put his faith in Geert Wilders a few years ago, and although he still admires the Dutch politician, he says Wilders perhaps focused too much on the nature of Islam and not enough on what migration generally was doing to the Netherlands and Europe.

Here are a few snips from Pipes’ piece published in the Washington Times yesterday, here, and at the Middle East Forum here:

After expressing admiration and explaining about Wilders, Pipes says….


orban and merkel

Her foolish actions helped create powerful leaders like Hungarian PM Viktor Orban


I focused not on run-of-the-mill political leaders – the UK prime minister, French president, German chancellor, or even the Roman Catholic pope – but on the disruptive politician leading Europe’s revolt against immigration and Islamization. Conventional politicians optimistically assume that the continent will muddle through, that some form of convivencia (Spanish for “coexistence,” a term deriving from medieval Andalusia) will emerge, that multiculturalism somehow will tame the beast of Islamic supremacism.

But as Europe, population 741 million, heads toward cultural crisis, as indigenous birthrates plunge, as Islamist aggression increases, and as the elite made up of the 6Ps (police, politicians, press, priests, professors and prosecutors) myopically insists there is nothing to worry about, this happy talk has little basis in reality.


In his [Wilders—ed] place, a number of civilizationist politicians have emerged who wield actual power, especially in formulating their countries’ policies towards migrants and Islam. The key event in their emergence was Angela Merkel’s great folly of 2015-16 when, at her invitation, over a million unvetted mostly-Muslim migrants arrived in Germany and elsewhere. Then, to make matters worse, she insisted on other European Union members take a proportion of the migrants, sparking widespread resentment.

Here, in my estimation, are the ten outstanding civilizationist leaders of this moment, in ascending order of importance (to be clear, this is an assessment, not an endorsement):

I won’t give them all away, except to tell you that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is number one.

So, I would like to know why hasn’t our President invited Orban to the White House yet?

Go here to see Pipes’ list of names you should know.  Of course, this is his opinion and you might have others who give you hope that Europe can save itself before it is too late.

Click here for my complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive that extends back to at least 2010 and includes dozens and dozens of post.

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In Washington, it is all about the cap! One report: Trump would consider a cap of 5,000 refugees

You might call it refugee ‘cap wrangling season’ as the players in the refugee resettlement circles in Washington jockey for position for the coming fiscal year.

Trump and Pompeo

Everyone is waiting to see what Sec. of State Pompeo will say.

A lot rides on the ceiling, or cap, the President, by law, sets for the coming fiscal year—how many refugees could be admitted and where they might come from. It is a power assigned to the President by then Senator Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter as they pushed through, and Carter ultimately signed, the Refugee Act of 1980.

Besides the push from the Leftwing Open Borders gang for more diversity for America, and Dems for more voters, a lot of federal money for nine federal resettlement contractors*** is at stake.

I hope not to be talking about it every day (see yesterday’s post), but when I saw this Politico story I figured it included a little nugget that you should know about, namely that the President threw out the number 5,000 in last years ‘cap wrangling season.’

Just a reminder, whatever number the President sets, it is a cap, a ceiling!  He could set the cap at 50,000 and still only admit 5,000!  This year the cap is 45,000, but the total admitted likely won’t pass 23,000.


‘Miller is not deterred’: Top immigration aide pushing cuts in refugee numbers

The president suggested going as low as just 5,000, according to a former administration official.

President Donald Trump last year advocated dropping the refugee cap as low as 5,000 people, down from 50,000, according to a former administration official – a cut far more drastic than even his most hawkish adviser, Stephen Miller, proposed at the time.

stephen miller serious

Stephen Miller:  It drives his political enemies nuts that he is so young!

Ultimately, the administration restricted to 45,000 the flow of refugees into the U.S. this fiscal year – the lowest since the program began in 1980, and less than half the target of 110,000 that President Barack Obama set in his last planning cycle.

By the way, they love to trot out Obama’s last ridiculously high (unattainable!) cap of 110,000 set two months before the November 2016 Presidential election.  In all of his earlier years Obama set caps of tens of thousands lower. The 110,000 was all part of election year maneuvering.

Politico continues….

But the discussion set the terms of the administration’s refugee policymaking. Now Miller and a group of like-minded aides are pressing to reduce drastically the number of people entering the U.S., both legally and illegally.

The immigration hawks are moving forward….


anne richard-and-unhcr

She’s baaack….Anne Richard who ran Obama’s expansive refugee program here with Antonio Guterres now Secretary General of the UN.

One Republican close to the White House and a former White House official familiar with the discussions predicted the cap could fall as low as 15,000 in 2019, continuing a contraction of overall immigration, both legal and illegal.

A tiny group of key administration officials led by the National Security Council’s Mira Ricardel were planning to meet Friday to debate the coming year’s refugee cap. Late Thursday, however, a White House official said the meeting about refugees had been postponed. It is not yet determined when it will be rescheduled.

“Inside the Washington beltway, this is a numbers game that’s being carried out by people who don’t care about refugees and are orienting this to their base,” said Anne Richard, who was assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration in the Obama administration.


Behind the scenes, Miller, 32, has been contacting every relevant Cabinet secretary to convey his interpretation of the president’s thoughts on the refugee cap in an effort to sway the decision, said a former White House official familiar with the discussions.

LOL! Note that they don’t put the ages in for Anne Richard or anyone else quoted in this article.  It drives the Left insane to know that Miller is young.

The wild card is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. No one is quite sure where he stands on the matter.

More here at Politico.

*** These (below) are the nine federal resettlement contractors which are largely paid for their ‘humanitarian’ work by you, the US taxpayer.

As the numbers of incoming refugees decline so too does their income (they are paid by the refugee head!).  A continued reduction in the number of incoming refugees could cause one or more of these supposed non-profits to go under due to poor budgetary management—they never planned for a rainy day when federal bucks might dry up!

Another low year, perhaps lower than this year’s 20,000 plus year, could completely blow to smithereens the budget of one or more of these federal contractors which are demanding a cap of 75,000.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)! 

From most recent accounting, here.

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Chomsky Calls Russian Interference a Joke – Blames Guess Who?

Transparency and public accountability are the cornerstones of democracy. Prime Minister Netanyahu's very public opposition to Obama's Iran Deal -- a deal opposed by most members of Congress and most Americans -- was just as consistent with democracy as

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Are Prisons Conveyor Belts to Jihad?

As the United States and its coalition partners continue to squeeze ISIS out of its remaining territory in Iraq and Syria, more and more foreign fighters are returning to their home countries. This migration from the battlefield to the hometown is

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Temple University SJP Posts Column Supporting PFLP Terrorists

The Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group is the "most ideologically clear organization in the Palestinian liberation movement," a Temple University Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) officer wrote

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Report: White House considering refugee cap of 25,000 for Fiscal Year 2019

It begins…..

The annual negotiating about how many refugees the President should aim to admit to the US in the coming fiscal year, which begins on October 1 of this year, is underway.

But the difference between those machinations for say 2016 when the refugee resettlement contractors***, which are paid by the head to place refugees in your towns and cities, were pushing for 200,000 and up and Obama set the ceiling for his final year at 110,000 and today demonstrate that the President, who ran on reducing the numbers, is keeping his word.


Stephen Miller has been with the President since early in the campaign. I had a laugh just now. When looking for a photo for this post I see that the vast majority of Miller’s media photos show him with a scowling expression on his face. 

The contractors have already staked out 75,000 as their top desired number and now comes word that the “evil” Stephen Miller, Trump’s right hand man on issues involving immigration, wants far less.

25,000 is the number being bandied about, but rumors persist that Miller continues to think that a cap of 15,000 would take care of the TRULY persecuted people.

The New York Times  has a very detailed report.  I can’t snip it all, but encourage you to read the whole thing.

Don’t lose sight of one important point: 

We have a backlog of 700,000 asylum claims to process. Those are people who got in to the US by some other means (mostly illegal) and claim they should be considered as refugees. If granted refugee status they become eligible for all the welfare goodies a UN-chosen refugee flown to the US gets.

Therefore as the refugee contractors help more and more migrants coming illegally across our borders file asylum claims, they are only making it worse (under this President) for refugees waiting abroad.

The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The White House is considering a second sharp reduction in the number of refugees who can be resettled in the United States, picking up where President Trump left off in 2017 in scaling back a program intended to offer protection to the world’s most vulnerable people, according to two former government officials and another person familiar with the talks.

This time, the effort is meeting with less resistance from inside the Trump administration because of the success that Stephen Miller, the president’s senior policy adviser and an architect of his anti-immigration agenda, has had in installing allies in key positions who are ready to sign off on deep cuts.

Last year, after a fierce internal battle that pitted Mr. Miller, who advocated a limit as low as 15,000, against officials at the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Pentagon, Mr. Trump set the cap at 45,000, a historic low. Under one plan currently being discussed, no more than 25,000 refugees could be resettled in the United States next year, a cut of more than 40 percent from this year’s limit. It would be the lowest number of refugees admitted to the country since the creation of the program in 1980.

The program’s fate could hinge on Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state. His department has traditionally been a strong advocate for the refugee program, but Mr. Pompeo is now being advised by two senior aides who are close to Mr. Miller and share his hard-line approach, according to the people briefed on the discussions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to reveal internal deliberation about a decision that has yet to be completed.

Mary Giovagnoli

Mary Giovagnoli, director of Refugee Council USA, told the Times. “There’s a continued concentration of power in the hands of folks who don’t support a robust refugee program.”   https://splinternews.com/white-house-reportedly-thinks-its-refugee-policy-isnt-h-1828022449?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=Splinter_twitter

A White House official who also did not want to be identified declined to confirm or deny whether deep cuts to the program, including a cap of 25,000, were under consideration.

See my previous post. We will be admitting fewer than 25,000 this year (FY18)!

But the official implicitly made the case for substantially reducing refugee admissions. A “migration crisis” was gripping the country, the official said, and the administration was instead prioritizing asylum cases in which a person is already in the United States and claims a credible fear of returning home.


Another steep reduction in refugees would be the latest piece of a multipronged effort by the president — devised and driven in large part by Mr. Miller — not just to crack down on illegal immigration, but also to fundamentally change the face of legal immigration in America.

The approach would move away from a system that prioritizes diversity, family ties and providing protection for persecuted people and toward one singularly focused on merit and skills. The president’s periodic efforts to pressure Congress to enact such policies have gone nowhere, but he has used his executive power to make changes where he can.

Don’t get excited.  Although the President can dramatically reduce numbers and do some tinkering here and there, real and lasting reform of the Refugee Act of 1980 must be undertaken by the craven Chamber of Commerce-types and chickens in Congress before Trump’s presidency ends in 2020 or 2024.

Leaving the contractors (as political activists) and the present system in place will do nothing in the long term.

The NYT continues….

…after 18 months in the West Wing and a record level of turnover in the administration, Mr. Miller has succeeded in surrounding himself with figures who may be more amenable to gutting refugee admissions.


…two men who are close to Mr. Miller and share his restrictionist views on immigration have been named to senior positions at the State Department: Andrew Veprek, the deputy assistant secretary of refugees and migration, and John Zadrozny, who recently moved from Mr. Miller’s inner circle at the White House Domestic Policy Council to the policy planning staff at the department.

Much, much more here.

Photo of Ms. Giovagnoli: I told you about the lobbying arm (RCUSA) of the refugee industry here on Tuesday.  They have big bucks to lobby Congress as we learned when word got out that they had hired the now disgraced Podesta Group to lobby for more refugees (more paying clients for them).


*** These (below) are the nine federal resettlement contractors which are largely paid for their ‘humanitarian’ work by you, the US taxpayer.

As the numbers of incoming refugees decline so too does their income.  A continued reduction in the number of incoming refugees could cause one or more of these supposed non-profits to go under due to poor budgetary management—they never planned for a rainy day when federal bucks might dry up!

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)! 

From most recent accounting, here.

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Two months to go in fiscal year and Trump on target to admit lowest number of refugees to US in decades

As of August 1, the US admitted 18,251 refugees to the country with 48 states sharing the load.

Trump and Bush

George Bush previously held the record for low admission years following 9/11.   https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2018/04/03/trump-on-pace-to-break-bush-record-of-lowest-refugee-resettlement-numbers-since-1980-law-enacted/

There are only two months left in the fiscal year (FY19 begins October first) and at the present rate, the Trump Administration should come in just over 22,000.

Previous low admission years came in the wake of 9/11 when President Bush dramatically slowed the program out of concerns for national security.

Here is a map from Wrapsnet of where the 18,251 have been placed thus far.

Note that Texas is the numero uno ‘welcoming’ state even though the governor officially withdrew the state from the program (shows how futile that was!).  Turning the red state blue!

(See my right hand sidebar where I have recorded each month’s number of ‘new Americans’ this fiscal year.)

Screenshot (595)


map august 2018

Wyoming has never had a refugee program and Hawaii (the state that loves diversity) rarely gets any!

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‘Arab Spring’ Yesterday and Today: The Tunisian Template

A crucial recommendation of the report by Tunisia's Individual Freedoms and Equality Committee (COLIBE) is a call explicitly to define the country's vague criminal clauses that refer to 'public order' and 'morals.' The calls to decriminalize

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Bogus Apartheid Claims Follow Passage of Israel Nation-State Law

Anti-Israel groups in the United States are using a recently passed Israeli law to ramp up false claims of apartheid. The "nation-state" bill defines Israel as "the national home of the Jewish people" with Jerusalem as its capital. "Israel arrogantly

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The Dhimmi in the Mirror

PJ Media During a recent ceremony that was attended by more than 50 ambassadors and diplomats, many from Western nations, Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II reportedly said “that Egypt had a long history and civilization and has been a model for coexistence between Christians and Muslims for 14 centuries,” to quote the online website, […]

The post The Dhimmi in the Mirror appeared first on Raymond Ibrahim.

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Refugee contractor, IRC, teams with TripAdvisor to give refugees tourist opportunities for free

I guess this is going to be International Rescue Committee day at RRW (see previous post about filthy rich IRC closing an office in Kansas).

My first thought when I saw this story was that refugee resettlement sure is an industry!  And, my second thought was….

…There must be a lot of low income Americans and military vets who would like free boat tours of the Statue of Liberty and so forth.

The rich IRC gets richer and TripAdvisor gets brownie points (they think!) for their good deeds ‘Welcome Home’ (???) campaign!

From the New York Times:

From TripAdvisor, a Program to Help Refugees Get to Know the U.S.

In partnership with the International Rescue Committee, the Welcome Home initiative will offer tours and activities in New York City and Northern California for recently resettled refugees.


Trip Adviser

Interesting isn’t it: Trip Advisor has 3.61 million followers on Twitter, but could only generate 9 retweets in 17 hours for this tweet about their great refugee PR campaign.  Hmmm! Makes me realize I’m not doing so badly on Twitter after all.

TripAdvisor wants refugees to the United States to explore and get to know their new homeland, and the hospitality company’s yearlong Welcome Home campaign aims to do just that: launched last week, Welcome Home gives recently resettled refugees in New York City and parts of Northern California the opportunity to book a tour or activity of their choice through TripAdvisor Experiences, a category that offers travelers things to do in around 1,900 destinations globally.

The International Rescue Committee, a nongovernmental organization that provides services to displaced people globally, is TripAdvisor’s partner in Welcome Home and is responsible for reaching out to newly resettled refugees to tell them about the initiative.

British national and IRC CEO David Miliband again….


The president and chief executive of the rescue committee, David Miliband, said that resettling refugees can be a daunting process. “They’ve been through trauma,” he said. “Booking a TripAdvisor Experience is a way to give these refugees an understanding of where they now live and help them integrate into their new communities.”


In New York City, refugees have more than 1,400 local experiences to choose from. They can take a four-hour group tour of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, for example, that departs from Battery Park and includes access to the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Or, they can book a daylong tour via bus and boat to see some of the city’s top attractions such as the 9/11 Memorial, Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Bridge.

miliband and soros 2 (2) close

Miliband with friend George Soros. Is the IRC’s  Refugee Youth Summer Academy about training good little socialists for America? And, do you pay for it with your tax dollars?


Most of the activities and tours usually cost between $50 and $130 each, but they are free for refugees, who can book them by using a TripAdvisor promo code that they receive from the rescue committee.


According to an I.R.C. spokesman, Welcome Home is focused on New York and Northern California because they’re areas that see a high number of refugee arrivals, compared with other places in the United States.

[Actually we resettle very few refugees in New York City because of the high cost of living, so when you read this carefully you see that asylees and other immigrants are eligible for the goodies too—ed]

This isn’t the first time that TripAdvisor has teamed with the I.R.C.: the company initially got involved in the refugee crisis in 2015 by sending an email plea to its more than 100 million members for donations to help refugees and offering to match these contributions — in 48 hours, the initiative raised $1.4 million for the I.R.C. as well as for the global humanitarian organization Mercy Corps. In 2016, the company committed $5 million to the crisis, and a large portion of these funds went to the I.R.C.

Yippee! More money for “moneybags” Miliband’s nearly $700,000 annual salary! (See previous post for top salaries at the IRC.)

We have long known and reported that Marriott needs cheap immigrant labor (just as the meat packing industry does), so no surprise that Marriott is linked to the IRC as well.

The NYT continues….

Marriott International, for one, began supporting the I.R.C.’s Hospitality Link program in 2016 initially as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which Marriott later acquired that year. Hospitality Link is an eight-week program in various cities that trains resettled refugees in hospitality skills and helps them find careers in the field. Marriott International supports Hospitality Link in San Diego and Dallas, and in 2018, helped expand it to Elizabeth, N.J. Part of the training involves refugees shadowing existing employees in the company’s hotels, said Melissa Flood, Marriott’s vice president for social impact and public affairs.

Since the collaboration began, around 650 refugees have enrolled in the Marriott-supported programs, with nearly 100 now employed at various companies, including some of Marriott International’s hotels, Ms. Flood said.

See more here at the New York Times.

TripAdvisor probably thinks there is nothing to lose with this campaign.  I’m not so sure!

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Refugee resettlement contractor, IRC, closed its office in Garden City, KS yesterday

I’ll be reporting the news below, but I first want to make my key points up front so that you don’t fall for the pity-party news story.


“Some call it charity!”  Here is a charitable idea, some of those bringing in fat pay checks, like IRC CEO David Miliband, could send some of their boodle to staff in Kansas!

~The International Rescue Committee is ostensibly a private non-profit group and therefore the US State Department can’t dictate that it must close offices (supposedly they will be closing 3 of 28).

They might not be getting new refugees at the office in GC that was set up only 4 years ago at the heyday of Obama’s presidency, but they surely could pay for some staff and a small office to help those they already dropped off in the town whose major employer is Tyson Foods!

~The IRC is a financial giant as non-profits go.  From its 2016 Form 990 we know they had revenue that year of $736 million and that $494 million was provided to them by you—-the US taxpayers!

~Some of their top expenses were salaries ($244 million), grants and other assistance to foreign organizations, foreign governments, and foreign individuals ($296 million) and office expenses ($20 million).

Their headquarters are in Manhattan, New York (not Manhattan, KS). I mention this because I wonder: how much could a small office to aid struggling refugees cost in Garden City, KS? (You will see that the GC Telegram story is all about how refugees will be left in the lurch.)


~Salaries of top staff we have reported previously are here:

IRC fat cat salaries


The point I am making is that the IRC could very well have kept its Garden City office open even if new refugees (new paying clients) were not being sent there by the State Department. They could have continued to help the refugees they brought in during the first 4 years with other money from their ginormous pot of money.

But, instead, this news will be used as one more bit of media fodder to blast President Donald Trump.


From the Garden City Telegram:

(By the way, there are other contractors working in GC and so this does not mean the end of refugees being placed there. After all, the slaughter plant run by Tyson Foods needs the cheap labor!)

Organizations, institutions look to continue IRC mission

Garden City’s International Rescue Committee office is on a countdown.

Members of the limited staff have ended their tenures. The Fulton Terrace office has been packed away, the internet shut down. By the end of the month [July—ed], the location will close, a decision laid down by the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration at the U.S. State Department due to lower resettlement numbers in the region.

Screenshot (588)

IRC Site Manager Amy Longa. Did the IRC find her another job?

To Site Manager Amy Longa, it’s a difficult process. She has said for months that every week has felt like one step closer to the office’s closing day on Tuesday.

“I was going to say ‘Have a seat,’ but there are no chairs,” she said on Monday, looking for space in an old conference room.

The closure’s been an incremental process. The office resettled its last client in February and has been holding exit meetings with refugees, showing them where they can find local aid after the office shuts down. Even after the doors close, Longa and volunteer coordinator Kaitlynn Lagman will finalize office and program reports.

For four years, the local IRC office has helped resettle and acclimate refugees to life in southwest Kansas, particularly in and around Garden City, Dodge City and Liberal. Staff and volunteers have bolstered a local network of institutional support for refugees and helped clients reunite with family members once an ocean away, obtain citizenship, locate housing, employment, language and healthcare resources and bridge cultural differences or misunderstandings.

By the end of the year, the number of United States IRC offices will shrink from 28 to 25, closing locations in Garden City, Miami and Midland, Texas. Last year, those three offices were projected to resettle less than 100 clients in their areas as a result of a recent, mandated cutoff from the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration following restrictive federal immigration policies, said Tracy Reines, IRC regional director of U.S. programs.

Reines said the new restrictions were a result of increasingly restrictive immigration policies set forward by President Donald Trump’s administration in the past 18 months.

Much more here.

I’ve written often over the years about ‘welcoming’ Garden City.  See previous posts by clicking here.

And, new readers might enjoy my David Miliband archive here.  He is a British national, former Labor Party Foreign Secretary, friend of George Soros and is being paid handsomely by you to change American towns and cities.

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How Quiet Islamization Threatens Secular States

While all eyes have focused on the obvious – Islamist violence in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, in Pakistan and the Congo, and in Muslim communities of Western European cities – radical Islam has been quietly tightening its grip in formerly-secular

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