Inside the Iran Protests: An IPT Exclusive Video Report

Anti-government protests throughout Iran are heating up, with security forces reportedly killing four protesters Saturday night. The unrest is driven by Iran's crippling economic conditions. Unemployment is soaring as Iran's currency, the rial, plummets

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Abbas’ deputy to Americans: “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid”

Fatah Deputy Chairman and Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul: “Mahmoud Abbas has told him [Trump], and we are telling him, that America is not fit to be a sponsor of peace… This American Trump is forming an alliance with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, the Israeli enemy, wh

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The Battle of Antioch: “Here the Name Christian Was Born”

                                     Bohemond                                                                      The siege […]

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Boise, Idaho: African American man injures refugee children in violent knife attack

The allegedly unprovoked attack happened yesterday at a housing complex that is popular with resettlement agencies in Idaho.

Boise knife attacker

California “man!”  Knife attacker is in custody.  We can rule out white supremacism as a driving force in the case.

We’ll see how this strange story evolves tomorrow, but I wanted to get at least this bare bones story up today.

I read several stories at major US media outlets, but none had information that is reporting.

Here is a bit of their detailed account of what police think happened.  No motive has been discovered at this time.


Boise Stabbing: Some Refugee Families Victims in Knife Attack


Timmy Earl Kinner, a 30-year-old Los Angeles man, is accused of attacking nine people, including some refugee families, with a knife at a Boise, Idaho apartment complex. It’s believed six of the victims were children.

Kinner is accused of targeting children at a 3-year-old’s birthday party. “The level of some of the injuries will be negative in a life-altering way” for some of the victims, said the police chief.

“Preliminary evidence shows the suspect was a temporary resident at the apartment complex on Wylie Ln and State St. until he was asked to leave on Friday.

The suspect, Timmy Kinner, is not a refugee,” police said in a news release on July 1, 2018. “The suspect’s exact motives and reasons for attacking specific individuals is still under investigation.” Jail records show that Kinner is accused of multiple counts of injury to a child and aggravated battery.

The attack, which the police chief described as involving the highest number of people wounded in a single incident in the city’s history, occurred on the evening of June 30, 2018. The motive was not yet clear, but the police chief said it appeared the attacker struck without provocation, and police were not aware of any tie between the suspect and victims.

Boise has long been known as a magnet city for refugees; in fact, a National Geographic article in 2016 called it “Boise, Idaho, A Global Home for Refugees.” According to the City of Boise, the U.S. State Department gave Boise the designation of “a Refugee Resettlement Community.”


He said that children “from different continents” were sitting together at a small child’s birthday party when the attack occurred, and he urged people to help the Boise refugee community.

The attacker briefly fled the scene before being captured, and multiple officers responded to the scene.


Idaho’s refugee population has varied over the years. In the 2000s, according to Idaho Office for Refugees, “recent arrivals include a large number of individuals from Iraq, Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.” The refugee population in the state has shifted over the years, beginning mostly with refugees from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe in the 1980s.

More here.  

See my extensive archive on Idaho here.

More tomorrow (maybe) on this very bizarre story.

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Nine months in to fiscal year, Trump could break record low number of refugees admitted to US

George W. Bush held the previous record low refugee admission years 27,070 in 2002 and 28,117 in 2003—following the national shock of 9/11.

Trump and GW bush smirk

Unless Donald Trump puts refugee program in to high gear in coming months, he will set the record for the lowest resettlement year since the Refugee Act of 1980 was signed in to law by JIMMY CARTER.  GW Bush held previous record.

But, Donald Trump, if the present rate continues, could come in as low as 21,000-22,000 admissions before the fiscal year ends on September 30th.

Readers will recall that the President set the CEILING for this fiscal year at 45,000.

However, before you celebrate, remember that lowering the numbers for a few years is not enough, the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) must be reformed at its very basic level (requiring Congress!) or once President Trump is no longer in office the program will simply go in to overdrive as the Open Borders advocates and resettlement contractors attempt to make up for what they will see as lost time in changing America by changing the people.

As the fiscal year winds down this summer, watch for a renewed pressure campaign on the President to boost the numbers for FY19.  The President sends his FY19 determination to Congress in September, but you can be sure that behind the scenes much haggling is already taking place.

As of today we have admitted 16,229 refugees to the US since October 1, 2017 (first day of this fiscal year). During the month of June the number was 1,908 a little above the monthly FY18 average of 1,803.

Here is a map from Wrapsnet about where they were placed.

Top ‘welcoming’ states in descending order are: Texas (so much for withdrawing from the program!), Ohio, New York, California, Washington, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Minnesota.


Screenshot (559)

Screenshot (560)

Wyoming never had a program, but note that the big mouths (we want diversity) in liberal Hawaii almost never get any refugees!

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Refugee Resettlement Watch is eleven years old today!

Am I nuts or what!  

RRW 11 years old

Eleven years ago RRW was launched because refugees were being quietly placed in the county seat, Hagerstown, of my rural western Maryland county and I (and others) wanted some answers about who was doing this and why.

Our local newspaper, the Herald Mail, refused to investigate and write an article that would explain what I eventually learned, on my own, was that the US Refugee Admissions Program was responsible.

I didn’t start out with strong opposition, in fact, one of my initial concerns was that some of the refugees placed here seemed to have been abandoned in some pretty lousy neighborhoods.


Why the hush-hush about the program? (The secrecy part was what really hooked me!)

So, I figured I would have to learn about it myself and let people know what I found. How much time could that take?  Little did I know, my life would change forever.

Since that first day, July 1, 2007, I have rarely missed a day (slowing a bit lately by skipping Saturdays!) writing about some aspect of the program and/or more broadly about refugees and immigration generally.

For me, immigration and how it is managed worldwide is all there is—the only issue that will determine how our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will live.

As far as I am concerned, no other political issue matters!

In those eleven years, RRW has published 9,244 posts that have been read by people in every country or territory in the world (except one country and one island group).

And, if you are wondering, what about those tiny Pacific Islands like Kiribati, Tongo, and Vanuatu—-yes, I’ve had readers from there as well!

Here is my wordpress countries map:


Screenshot (556)

It looks like only people of Western Sahara in Africa and Norway’s Svalbard Islands have never been visitors to RRW!



Thanks for continuing to read RRW. 

For new readers, see my category entitled ‘blogging.’ 

That is where you can find posts detailing other facts about RRW with guidance on how to find information archived here.

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Why Britain’s Deradicalization Programs Are Failing

The two effective initiatives were, "one defying political correctness and tackling difficult issues head-on and the other directly addressing extremism in religious [Islamic] texts." — The Times. Unwittingly, Home Secretary Sajid Javid showed just why

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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: Send $$$ so we can continue to fight the Prez and work with Islamic Relief

I told you again about the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) here the other day.

They are one of nine federal contractors receiving millions of your tax dollars annually, AND they were a lead organization suing the Trump Administration over the travel ban.

Raising private money is a good thing, but….

Why should we be required to pay for more than half of their budget for their pet projects (including working to encourage more migrants to cross the US border) as outlined by their President and CEO in an appeal for funds today:


Screenshot (1325)

Screenshot (1327)_LI

In case you didn’t know, Mr. Hetfield makes an annual salary of over $300,000!  If private donors want to pay that salary that is their business, but taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for any of it!


Let them raise all of their funding from private donations!

Ask your members of Congress and US Senators over the upcoming break why you should have to pay one dime for their political activities! ($24.5 million of your tax dollars in 2016 alone!)




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Highly anticipated EU “deal” on migration is a nothing-burger!

Because I’ve been telling you in advance about the pow-wow in Brussels yesterday about the migrant invasion of Europe and what the EU will do about it, I’m compelled to give you an update of the disappointing results.

They talked and talked, indeed they talked all night, and came up with what the NY Times even says is a ‘deal’ with “sketchy” details.


Aquarious cargo

Migrants on the “Aquarius” turned away by Italy precipitating the EU’s latest migration crisis TALKS.


The UK Express says it all in its headline:

EU Summit FUDGE: Merkel STILL not safe as vague immigration deal DOESN’T solve issues


EU leaders struggled to overcome deep divisions on migration at a tense EU summit that dragged into the early hours of this morning before producing a fudged agreement, which vaguely pledged to strengthen external borders and explore new migrant centres.

The meeting in Brussels, dominated by a nine-hour working dinner, underscored how Europe’s 2015 migrant crisis continues to haunt the crisis-hit bloc.


French President Macron at the gathering:  “Europe will have to live for a long time with the migration of people from countries in crisis and poor countries.” And, then Western Civilization will be done (of course, he didn’t say that last bit).

It took place in an atmosphere of political crisis for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is under intense political pressure at home, and a new eurosceptic Italian government threatening to torpedo any deal that did not meet its demands.

A bleary-eyed Mrs Merkel, speaking to reporters at 4am, tried to put a positive spin on the result, saying it was a good signal that leaders had been able to agree a common text on the controversial migration issue.

(See the text here, below are a few snips.)

The leaders agreed to set up joint asylum processing sites and restrict migrant movement within the bloc, but they made clear that virtually all of their pledges would be carried out on a “voluntary basis” by member states.

This means countries can opt in or out of the agreement and it was unclear which countries would volunteer to host the centres.

So, a country could set up a detention center if it wants to in order to gather together all of the migrants (from across Europe!) and sort them out.  Sure, that is going to happen!

And, oh boy, send more money to Turkey and Africa to prevent migration. WTH! (Erdogan must be laughing his head off!).

The Express continues….

In a final statement full of convoluted language, leaders also agreed to tighten their external border and increase financing for Turkey, Morocco and other North African states to prevent migration to Europe.


Diplomats described a tense and tortured meeting with small groups of leaders huddled together in a desperate bid to break the deadlock and avert the humiliation of heading home without having produced an agreement.

Geez, I think they should be humiliated by the agreement they will bring home!

The New York Times tells us (regarding the issue of sorting out the migrants in a mythical detention center between legitimate asylum seekers and economic migrants) that the EU doesn’t even have any criteria for determining legitimate asylum seekers/refugees.


The NY Times called Hungarian PM Orban “characteristically harsh.”

Inside Europe, the proposed centers would house migrants until they are screened, with the idea of deciding their fate more efficiently and sending back those who do not qualify as refugees. But no country has so far volunteered to host such a center. (LOL! So will they detain the children with their parents?)


One potential hurdle for the deal is the fact that the European Union has no uniform rules or procedures for asylum, making it unclear what rules would be applied in a screening center, whether inside or outside Europe.

But setting up any such center would be a significant change from the current system, under which migrants must be screened in the European country where they first arrive and are registered.

A voice of common sense….

In Brussels, the Hungarian prime minister, Victor Orban, was characteristically harsh.

“I think the people really request two things: First is, no more migrants in,” he said. The second, he said, would be the deportation of those who are already in Europe but do not qualify as refugees.

So true! And, Donald Trump should follow Orban’s prescription for our borders as well! NOW!

Some snips from the “convoluted language”:


Ships operating in the Mediterranean must respect laws and Libyan Coast Guard, or what? No penalties?

EU deal 1


Send money to Africa so that in 45 years it will be a good place for people to live. But, in 45 years Europe will be Africa!

EU deal 2


Gibberish! Just gibberish about throwing money at the problem!

EU deal 3


Go here for more of this nonsense!

See my complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive by clicking here.

At another time in history, it would have been clear to all that the continent was being invaded and colonized, why can’t they see it now?

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Replacing Justice Kennedy: What kind of Conservative Will President Trump Pick?

They [potential nominees to the Supreme Court] should be asked about the criteria they apply in determining whether to be bound by past decisions. As the late Justice Antonin Scalia frequently pointed out, his oath of office required him to apply the

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Why Are Elected Politicians Legitimizing Terrorist Front Group?

In jumping to appear before cameras and rallies to condemn this week's Supreme Court ruling on President Trump's travel ban, several elected Democrats empowered and legitimized an Islamist group whose leaders continue to engage in radical, incendiary

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Spokane, Washington: Secret decoder ring needed in kidnap case

A 28-year-old “man” has been arrested in a violent kidnapping case, luckily the woman fought back and escaped.



Atif Ado in court on June 25th:


Ann Coulter once said that the way news stories are written about crime cases involving migrants and refugees one needs a “secret decoder ring” to figure out what nationality the alleged attacker is and what might be his or her immigration status.

Reader Linda sent me the story from Spokane and this morning I had a few minutes to search news stories about the arrest of Atif Ado.

After reading a couple of stories, I’m concluding that he is most likely a refugee. 

The last name Ado is a common surname in Niger, but we don’t generally take refugees from Niger.  According to the US State Department’s data base, Wrapsnet, Spokane welcomed (in the last ten years) 344 refugees from the DR Congo, 117 from Eritrea, 149 from Somali and 192 from Sudan.

Before I tell you more, here is one of several local news stories about the attack.

This one gives us our first real clue! I’d like to know though if there are any curious reporters out there willing to find out exactly how the alleged kidnapper got in to the US.

From KXLY:

SPOKANE, Wash. – A woman managed to fight off an attacker on the TJ Meenach bridge shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The man accused of attacking her, 28-year-old Atif Ado, appeared in court Monday morning. A judge set his bond at $100,000. Ado also had a translator to translate the proceedings into Arabic.  

The interpreter is shown over Ado’s left shoulder in the photo.  Be sure to watch the video that accompanies the KXLY story.

Ado is accused of attacking that woman near the bridge and attempting to pull her into a secluded area where they couldn’t be seen.

According to court documents, that woman says a man yelled to her near the bridge that he needed help with his car. She said she could not assist him and kept walking.

But, as she tried to take a shortcut home through some trees, the victim says her attacker grabbed her and pointed a bb gun at her head.

“In this particular instance, this guy had very realistic replica firearm in his pocket,” said Spokane Police Department Public Information Officer John O’Brien. “Who’s to know what is and what isn’t a real gun?”

Court documents say the victim struggled with her attacker as she tried to climb a hill to escape. As she called 911, the attacker pulled her back down the hill where she fought him off once again, this time getting out for good.

“I’m glad this woman was able to get away, fighting back and get away from that situation,” O’Brien said.


Ado is scheduled to make his next court appearance on July 3 at 9:30.

More here.

Okay, so we know he needed an Arabic translator.

BTW, if you didn’t know, Arabic is the number one language spoken by refugees admitted to the US.

Arabic is also the number one language spoken in the Sudan and is a working language in Eritrea and Somalia, but not a recognized language in the DR Congo (he also doesn’t have the broad features of the Congolese).  So we can do some speculating narrowing down his nationality.

For critics who don’t like me speculating about his immigration status or nationality, all I can say is that we are entitled to know which immigration program admitted this man or if he is here illegally.

And, if you don’t want the word “refugee” further sullied, you should join me in demanding that the public is fully informed of immigration status by the police and the media, or otherwise we will assume, based on the evidence we can find, that he is a refugee (who wasn’t thoroughly screened!).


world relief spokane

Changing Spokane! From World Relief Spokane’s website:


Note to local Spokane reporters….

Check out World Relief Spokane, the primary federally-funded resettlement agency there. See if they will admit that he is one of theirs.

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How Tehran Lobbyists Mislead Opinion in the West

The pro-Khomeinist chorus builds its case on an abstract notion in which, in dealing with the Islamic Republic, the choice is only between surrendering to its every whim or total military invasion. The same lobbyists discourage any attempt by the major

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The ‘Mustard Seed’ that Liberated Christian Spain from Islamic Rule

National Review Online Editor’s note: The following account is excerpted and adapted from the author’s new book, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West. Exactly 1,300 years ago, in the year 718, a little remembered kingdom was born in and led to the liberation of Spain from Islamic occupation. To appreciate its […]

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