{FD} Frat kicked off Arizona campus after threatening to kill ‘hazing rats’

A fraternity at the University of Arizona has been booted off campus for at least four years for allegedly hazing pledges by forcing them to assemble puzzles while boozed-up and blindfolded — and witnesses were warned that “rats” would be killed.

{FD} Retired NYPD cops, ex-prosecutor caught in corruption scandal

Four men — including two retired NYPD cops and a former Brooklyn assistant district attorney — were busted Tuesday as part of a widespread corruption scandal in which they accepted bribes in exchange for expediting gun permits, according to new court papers filed in Manhattan federal court.

{FD} Teacher fired after assignment asking students comfort level around gays, minorities

A teacher in Florida is out of a job after giving students an assignment asking them how they feel interacting with students of different races or groups — including young black men, fundamental Christians, Jewish roommates and transsexuals.