{FD} US fighter jets ‘head-****’ Russian jets in Syria, US official says

A pair of U.S. Air Force stealth fighter jets intercepted two Russian attack jets in Syria, an area off-limits to Russian jets based on a long-standing mutual agreement, a U.S. defense official told Fox News on Thursday.

{FD} Pearl Harbor hero recognized 76 years after saving 6 from sinking USS Arizona

An American hero is finally getting recognition 76 years after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

{FD} US Air Force bombers needed to send message to North Korea come up short

Over the skies of South Korea Wednesday, dramatic photos showed an Air Force strategic bomber with U.S. and allied fighter jets in formation.

{FD} Air Force fires Thunderbirds commander because of ‘risk management’ concerns

The Air Force announced Wednesday it had relieved the commander of the service’s flight demonstration team following two crashes the past year and a half.

{FD} Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea

A Russian Su-30 fighter jet buzzed a Navy reconnaissance plane flying in the Black Sea while conducting a routine patrol in international airspace Saturday, an official told Fox News.

{FD} Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane in Black Sea

A Russian Su-30 fighter jet buzzed a Navy reconnaissance plane flying in the Black Sea while conducting a routine patrol in international airspace Saturday, an official told Fox News.

{FD} US troops killed in plane crashes skyrockets in 2017

Even before the Navy cargo plane crash Wednesday, the number of US troops killed in plane crashes had skyrocketed in the past year along with the total number of crashes overall compared to this point a year ago, a Fox News investigation has uncovered.

{FD} 3 missing after Navy aircraft crashes en route to USS Ronald Reagan, 8 recovered

Three people remained missing Wednesday after a U.S Navy plane crashed in the Philippine Sea shortly after takeoff from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, as early indications point to some kind of engine failure as the cause of the mishap, multiple defense officials told Fox News.

{FD} 9 ISIS militants killed in southern Syria, military says

United States and coalition partner forces near At Tanf Garrison killed nine Islamic State fighters and destroyed several of their vehicles on Nov. 16, military officials said.

{FD} US launches Libya drone strike as Africa operations appear to ramp up

The U.S. military has launched airstrikes this month in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Friday, for the first time since September, in Libya.

{FD} Hundreds more US troops now in Somalia, but Pentagon denies ‘build up’

The Pentagon announced in a statement Thursday there are now “more than” 500 US troops on the ground in Somalia.

{FD} Top Army officer says ‘significant amount’ of soldiers’ crime data not reported to feds

The Army’s top officer said Wednesday that his service had many “gaps” to fill when it comes to sharing soldiers’ criminal history with federal law enforcement agencies in the wake of this month’s Texas church shooting, which was carried out by an Air Force veteran with a history of domestic violence.

{FD} Army drops plans to give waivers to recruits with history of mental illness

The Army’s top officer said Wednesday that the service had “rescinded” a controversial memo permitting people with a history of severe mental illness to seek waivers allowing them to join up.

{FD} US carries out sixth straight day of airstrikes in Somalia

The US Africa Command announced the U.S. military conducted another airstrike in Somalia on Tuesday killing ‘several militants’ belonging to the terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

{FD} PGA program helps veterans heal through golf

Chris Nowak lost his leg in a friendly-fire training accident, but the Marine Corps veteran doesn’t let his injury keep him from his work with the PGA’s Hope program, dedicated to helping veterans heal through the game of golf.

{FD} ISIS airstrikes down 60 to 70 percent as caliphate crumbles in Iraq and Syria

U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS are down 60 to 70 percent the past month compared to the previous eight months as the caliphate crumbles in Iraq and Syria and the number of targets decrease “dramatically,” according to the deputy commander for air operations against ISIS.

{FD} Navy faults US warships in summer Pacific collisions that killed 17 sailors, officials say

A new report by the U.S. Navy into collisions involving two of its warships found both American ships at fault, Navy officials told Fox News.

{FD} US captures key militant in Benghazi attack

American special operations forces captured a militant Sunday who was involved in the attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, two US officials confirmed to Fox News.

{FD} Second Special Operations team was on ground near Niger ambush

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday that a second U.S. Special Operations team was in the area when a Special Forces team was ambushed in Niger earlier this month.

{FD} US drone strikes in Yemen kill at least 9 ISIS fighters, official says

A new round of airstrikes in Yemen by American drones killed at least nine ISIS fighters, a military official said Thursday.