Why American Mosques Must Be Torn Down

There are many reasons why American mosques must be torn down. Here is one:

Our “Nationwide Mosque Survey” reveals that 63% of American Muslim men believe in female genital mutilation. For the doubters, below is a picture of a young teenage girl undergoing genital mutilation (without anesthesia) in a New York City mosque (updates below picture):


Once the word got out about the female genital mutilations in the New York City mosque, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, sent a small team who promptly burned the mosque to the ground. Then, three of the men involved in the mutilations were identified and executed with a single ...extreme language deleted... the head.


There were five men involved in all. The other two were found a couple of hours later and executed as well.

Why All Muslims Are Liars Or Stupid Or Cowards Or Insane

Muslims either don’t believe what they say they do or believe only a part of it or they believe all of it.

If they don’t believe, they are liars.

If they believe a part of it, the bad part, they are insane.

If they believe a part of it, the good part, they are stupid and/or cowards because they don’t separate from Islam and call themselves by a different name.

If they believe all of it, they are insane.