{FD} NYC attack timeline: From move to Florida to ISIS-pledged act of terror

In the late afternoon on Oct. 31, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, from Uzbekistan, drove a rented truck down a path filled with pedestrians and cyclists, killing eight people and injuring at least 12 others. Below is a timeline of the attack.

{FD} US carries out sixth straight day of airstrikes in Somalia

The US Africa Command announced the U.S. military conducted another airstrike in Somalia on Tuesday killing ‘several militants’ belonging to the terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

{FD} Mass graves discovered in former ISIS-controlled territory in Iraq could contain 400 bodies

Mass graves discovered at an Iraqi airbase that was previously under the Islamic State group’s control could contain up to 400 bodies, an Iraqi officials said Sunday after local residents described the atrocities the terror group carried out.

{FD} ISIS airstrikes down 60 to 70 percent as caliphate crumbles in Iraq and Syria

U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS are down 60 to 70 percent the past month compared to the previous eight months as the caliphate crumbles in Iraq and Syria and the number of targets decrease "dramatically,” according to the deputy commander for air operations against ISIS.

{FD} Yemen ports closed after 17 killed in Aden attack compared by Saudis to ‘act of war’

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen closed off the land, sea and air ports to the Arab world’s poorest country early Monday after a rebel-fired ballistic missile targeted Riyadh, blaming the launch on Iran and warning it could be “considered as an act of war.”