{FD} Long Island woman laundered money to ISIS through Bitcoin, prosecutors say

A Long Island woman was indicted Thursday after she allegedly laundered more than $85,000 through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies overseas to the Islamic State.

{FD} Iraq declares victory in war against ISIS

Iraq declared its war against the Islamic State was over after more than three years of combat operations drove extremist fighters from all of the territories they once held.

{FD} In 2018 the ISIS fight will shift into a deadly new phase

America and our allies have made major progress against ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists this year, but as we head toward 2018 the battle against these murderers is shifting into a new phase.

{FD} NYC terror attack: Halloween horror would have been much worse without top notch NYPD

The NYC terror attack left 8 people dead on Tuesday. But the toll could have been much higher had the police not responded so quickly and New Yorkers not been so stubbornly resilient.

{FD} ISIS beheads 15 of its own fighters in Afghanistan, separate terror attack kills at least 8

The Islamic State terror group beheaded 15 of its own fighters Thursday due to infighting in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar, as a suicide attack in another part of the country left at least 8 people dead.

{FD} ISIS sexual violence victims: Minorities targeted more than documented, face honor killings if returned

Yazidi women aren’t the only members of minority communities whom the Islamic State has held as sex slaves.

{FD} 9 ISIS militants killed in southern Syria, military says

United States and coalition partner forces near At Tanf Garrison killed nine Islamic State fighters and destroyed several of their vehicles on Nov. 16, military officials said.

{FD} US launches Libya drone strike as Africa operations appear to ramp up

The U.S. military has launched airstrikes this month in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Friday, for the first time since September, in Libya.

{FD} Iraqi forces retake the country’s last IS-held town

Iraqi forces backed by the U.S.-led coalition retook on Friday the last town in the country that was held by the Islamic State group, more than three years after the militants stormed nearly a third of Iraqi territory, the Defense Ministry’s spokesman said.

{FD} US carries out sixth straight day of airstrikes in Somalia

The US Africa Command announced the U.S. military conducted another airstrike in Somalia on Tuesday killing ‘several militants’ belonging to the terrorist group, al-Shabaab.

{FD} Syria tries ‘terrorist rehab’ to deradicalize ISIS militants

Is it possible to deprogram a terrorist? A group recently formed outside Aleppo is working to find out.

{FD} Syria tries ‘terrorist rehab’ to de-radicalize ISIS militants

Is it possible to deprogram a terrorist? A group recently formed outside Aleppo is working to find out.

{FD} Cause for concern? Pro-ISIS hacking group targets 800 US school websites

The latest target of pro-ISIS hackers is none other than 800 school websites across the United States.

{FD} Two years after Paris attacks, France worries about ‘internal’ threat

Two years after militants killed 130 people in coordinated attacks across Paris, French officials say the county faces an unprecedented “internal” threat from battle-hardened ISIS fighters coming back to France.

{FD} Mass graves discovered in former ISIS-controlled territory in Iraq could contain 400 bodies

Mass graves discovered at an Iraqi airbase that was previously under the Islamic State group’s control could contain up to 400 bodies, an Iraqi officials said Sunday after local residents described the atrocities the terror group carried out.

{FD} ISIS airstrikes down 60 to 70 percent as caliphate crumbles in Iraq and Syria

U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS are down 60 to 70 percent the past month compared to the previous eight months as the caliphate crumbles in Iraq and Syria and the number of targets decrease “dramatically,” according to the deputy commander for air operations against ISIS.

{FD} Yemen ports closed after 17 killed in Aden attack compared by Saudis to ‘act of war’

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen closed off the land, sea and air ports to the Arab world’s poorest country early Monday after a rebel-fired ballistic missile targeted Riyadh, blaming the launch on Iran and warning it could be “considered as an act of war.”

{FD} Steve Hilton: Islamic terror is not a law enforcement puzzle, it’s a war. Here’s how to show we get it

Forgive me for feeling a certain sense of frustration. The truth is, we are not taking the Islamic terror threat seriously enough. Our response needs to be much more aggressive.

{FD} After NYC terror attack, let’s use common sense to protect ourselves from radical Islamic terrorists

Tuesday’s attack by a radical Islamic terrorist that took the lives of eight people and injured a dozen in New York City was a startling wake-up call for many Americans.

{FD} Truck attacks are increasingly the weapon of choice

The New York truck attack is just the latest in a string of deadly strikes by terrorists using vehicles