Man allegedly wearing explosive belt shot dead near Barcelona in hunt for driver

Spanish police shot a "suspicious person" allegedly wearing an explosive belt Monday in a town west of Barcelona, the incident coming as authorities continued an international manhunt for the accused driver of a van that plowed into crowds of people Thursday, killing 13 and wounding more than 100 others.

Brits who risked their lives to fight ISIS say they return home only to be accused of terrorism

Even as the west continues to be battered by ISIS-claimed terrorist attacks on its own soil, some western volunteers who risked their own lives to take down that terrorist outfit at its source in Iraq and Syria – fighting with predominantly Kurdish groups supported by the U.S-led coalition such as the Peshmerga and YPG – say they are returning home only to be targeted by authorities as suspected terrorists themselves.

Barcelona terror: Manhunt for suspected van driver expands to France

The manhunt for Europe’s most wanted terror suspect has expanded, with Spanish police searching along the French border on Sunday for the driver of the van that plowed into a crowd of people on Barcelona’s renowned Las Ramblas promenade earlier this week.

Nigel Farage blames EU leaders for continued ISIS terror in Europe

Former U.K. Independence Party leader and Brexit advocate Nigel Farage told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday that ISIS continues its terror attacks in Europe because leaders take no action and do little more than stand in solidarity.

As US close to victory vs. ISIS in Syria, Al Qaeda takes territorial control

While the U.S-led fight against ISIS in Syria is inching closer and closer to victory, the worst may not be over as Al Qaeda-linked militants continue to make strong advances and maintain territorial control in the north-west of the war-shattered country.

{FD} US providing support to Philippines in its fight against pro-ISIS militants, Tillerson says

The U.S. has been providing the Philippines aircraft, surveillance capabilities, training and information in its battle with pro-Islamic State militants who besieged the southern city of Marawi, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Monday.

{FD} Australia terror plot: Brother likely ‘had no idea’ bomb was in luggage, police say

More details emerged Friday about an alleged terror plot thwarted by authorities in Australia, including the troubling revelation that an Islamic State operative was able to ship components for an explosive into the country undetected.

{FD} ISIS, squeezed out of Iraq and Syria, now ‘regrouping’ in Libya, analysts say

As ISIS loses territory across Iraq and Syria, analysts and experts assert that the terrorist outfit is increasingly capitalizing on the chaos of Libya, positioning the country as its point of resurgence.

{FD} ISIS: As US-backed Syrian fighters take half of Raqqa, terror group maintains influence

U.S.-backed Syrian fighters have captured almost half of Raqqa from ISIS, moving closer to liberating the city once deemed the capital of the terror group's so-called "caliphate" -- but the Islamist network still has the ability to launch and inspire attacks against Western targets worldwide.