{FD} Zimbabwe seizes $500,000 worth of ivory on way to Malaysia

Zimbabwe’s parks agency says it has seized 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of ivory destined for Malaysia.

{FD} India says Chinese construction on river dirtying water

Officials in India’s northeast are complaining that Chinese construction activity on the upper reaches of one of Asia’s largest river that flows into India are likely turning the waters downstream turbid and unfit for human consumption.

{FD} US-based climate scientists to take research to France

It is a dream come true for U.S.-based climate scientists — the offer of all-expenses-paid life in France to advance their research in Europe instead of in the United States under climate skeptic President Donald Trump, two of the winners say.

{FD} France to name winners of anti-Trump climate change grants

Several U.S.-based climate scientists are about to win multi-year, all-expenses-paid grants to relocate to France.

{FD} 1 man dies, another injured climbing Greece’s Mount Olympus

Police say one man has died and another was slightly injured as they attempted to climb Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain.

{FD} Jordan’s plan of shiny city in the desert met by skepticism

A shiny new city is to arise from Jordan’s desert over the next three decades, potentially rivaling the kingdom’s capital of Amman, a rapidly growing and increasingly unwieldy metropolis of 4 million people.

{FD} Experts scramble to monitor long-dormant Iceland volcano

At the summit of one of Iceland’s most dangerous volcanoes, a 72-foot (22-meter) depression in the snow is the only visible sign of an alarming development.

{FD} India’s cleaning quandary: How to scale the Taj Mahal dome?

Authorities in India are trying to figure out how workers will scale the Taj Mahal’s majestic but delicate dome as they complete the first thorough cleaning of the World Heritage site since it was built 369 years ago.

{FD} India to phase out ‘petcoke’ imports after AP investigation

India’s government says it plans to phase out imports of a dirty fuel known as petroleum coke, or “petcoke,” after an Associated Press investigation found U.S. oil refineries are exporting vast quantities of the product to India.

{FD} 58 human rights activists killed in Brazil so far this year

Amnesty International says 58 activists were killed in Brazil during the first eight months of the year, putting 2017 on track to be one of the deadliest years for human rights defenders in the country.

{FD} Activists in Mexico protect, release sea turtle hatchlings

Watched by tourists, activists and a helpful guard dog named Lulu, a new generation of olive ridley sea turtles plod across a short stretch of sand and into the warm Pacific, to grow and eventually return to the same beach someday to lay their own eggs.

{FD} ‘Super beans’ raise hopes in hunger-prone parts of Africa

As hunger and climate change threaten parts of Africa, two bean “gene banks” on the continent are pursuing “super” beans that are bred to resist drought conditions.

{FD} Remembering 1963 eruption, Bali’s elderly wary of another

Bali’s glowering Mount Agung (AH’-goong) has seemingly quietened since hurling huge columns of ash from its crater a week ago but some villagers on the Indonesian island who survived the catastrophic 1963 explosions believe a bigger eruption is coming.

{FD} Bali volcano grounds ‘Stranger Things’ star Brown on island

“Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown is stuck on Bali by a weeklong volcanic eruption, but the teenager isn’t complaining.

{FD} Obama on climate change: ‘A pause in American leadership’

When former President Barack Obama spoke to a leadership forum in India’s capital, he never once used the words “Donald Trump” and was careful to avoid any direct reference to his successor in the White House.

{FD} US exporting dirty fuel to already pollution-choked India

U.S. oil refineries that are unable to sell a dirty fuel waste product at home are exporting vast quantities of it to India instead.

{FD} Stranded in Bali tourists lampooned online for complaints

Australian tourists who complained about being stranded on tropical Bali when volcanic ash closed its airport have been roasted online as out of touch with the hardships faced by Indonesians who fled their homes.

{FD} Thousands flee Bali volcano but some stay put or run to it

When an enormous volcano belches ash and the people who live around it flee, you get out too, right?

{FD} Uganda seizes ivory at senior army officer’s farm

Ugandan wildlife officials say 120 kilograms (264 pounds) of ivory have been seized from a farm owned by a senior military officer.

{FD} Australian leader seeks help for tourists stranded in Bali

Australia’s prime minister says he is discussing with his government how to help thousands of Australian holidaymakers stranded by volcanic smoke on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.