{FD} Putin announces Syria withdrawal, says ISIS destroyed

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered his country’s forces to begin withdrawing from Syria, saying the country’s two-year campaign to destroy ISIS is complete.

{FD} About 2,000 US troops are in Syria, Pentagon confirms

The Pentagon says there are about 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria. That is four times as many as officials had publicly acknowledged as recently as last month.

{FD} Israeli missile strike reported in Syria

Syria’s air defense system blocked an unspecified number of Israeli missiles overnight, Syrian state television reported Saturday, according to Reuters.

{FD} Government attacks outside Damascus kill 19, Syrian activists say

At least 22 civilians were killed in government airstrikes and shelling outside Syria’s capital of Damascus, activists reported Sunday, as the fighting continued ahead of U.N. peace talks in Geneva.

{FD} 9 ISIS militants killed in southern Syria, military says

United States and coalition partner forces near At Tanf Garrison killed nine Islamic State fighters and destroyed several of their vehicles on Nov. 16, military officials said.

{FD} Syria tries ‘terrorist rehab’ to deradicalize ISIS militants

Is it possible to deprogram a terrorist? A group recently formed outside Aleppo is working to find out.

{FD} Syria tries ‘terrorist rehab’ to de-radicalize ISIS militants

Is it possible to deprogram a terrorist? A group recently formed outside Aleppo is working to find out.

{FD} Syria’s Antioch Church patriarch: US sanctions are hurting Christians too

His Beatitude John X, the Damascus-based leader of the Antioch Christian Church, wrapped up his recent visit to the United States with a desperate appeal for American leadership to bring an end to the suffering in Syria, assist in locating the whereabouts of three kidnapped church leaders, and help secure the future of Christianity in the volatile region.

{FD} US citizen who joined ISIS could get 35-year sentence

A former public transit driver in Virginia who later joined the Islamic State group in Syria faces up to 35 years in prison when he is sentenced Friday.

{FD} Almost all American ISIS fighters unaccounted for, sparking fears they could slip through cracks and return

When it came to recruiting foreigners to flee the comforts of home for the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, ISIS succeeded like no other – encouraging over 40,000 fighters from more than 110 countries to travel to the fighting fray both before and after the declaration of the “caliphate” in June 2014.

{FD} Syria, Assad blamed by UN, watchdog for deadly April chemical weapons attack

Experts from the U.N. and the chemical weapons watchdog are blaming the Syrian government for an attack on April 4 using the nerve gas sarin that killed over 90 people.

{FD} What comes after Raqqa for ISIS?

The U.S. military estimates the Islamic State now controls just three percent of Iraq and only five percent of Syria after the fall of Raqqa, Syria to U.S.-backed fighters more than three years after the first American airstrikes against the terror group.

{FD} ISIS hit list revealed as terror network kills more than 70 in Syrian town

Islamic State militants came into the Syrian town of Qaryatayn with a hit list, and by the time they left three weeks later, more than 70 civilians had been killed — shot or beheaded, their bodies dumped in farms and ditches.

{FD} At least 67 bodies found after ISIS ‘massacre’ in Syria town

The bodies of at least 67 Syrian civilians, many summarily killed by the Islamic State group, have been discovered in a central town in Syria that government forces retook from the extremists over the weekend, the Syrian government and activists said Monday.

{FD} Syria’s largest oil field seized from ISIS by US-backed forces

Syria’s largest oil field was seized from the Islamic State terror group on Sunday by the U.S.-led coalition, dealing another blow to the extremist group after the loss of its de-facto capital last week.

{FD} Defeating ISIS isn’t enough: Trump urgently needs a new Syria policy

In Syria, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost, millions of people are displaced, countless souls are physically and psychologically scarred, throngs of children are without families or homes, entire villages and farming communities no longer exist, and cities are in ruins.

{FD} Is ISIS defeated in Iraq and Syria?

The Islamic State, in the death throes of its hold on the Syrian city of Raqqa, is losing its foothold in the two nations where it established its bloody roots.

{FD} Raqqa liberated from ISIS, commander with US-backed Syrian forces says

The Syrian city of Raqqa was liberated from ISIS fighters Tuesday, a commander with U.S.-backed Syrian forces said.

{FD} ISIS fighters surrender in Syria, others killed in Afghanistan

Around 100 fighters from the Islamic State group have surrendered since Friday in Raqqa, with the Syrian city said to be on the brink of falling to a U.S.-led coalition.

{FD} ISIS recruiter ‘White Widow’ believed dead after US strike in Syria

Sally “White Widow” Jones – one of the most notorious Islamic terrorist born in Britain – has been killed in a U.S. strike in Syria, U.S. authorities told its British counterparts.