{FD} Trump, Putin talk North Korea in phone call

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone Thursday, reportedly discussing a range of issues.

{FD} Kim Jong Un’s top aide executed by North Korean death squad, reports suggest

A key member of Kim Jong Un’s inner circle touted as a powerful military figure mysteriously vanished from public life recently, sparking rumors he was executed by a North Korean death squad after allegations of bribery, recent reports indicated.

{FD} Kim Jong Un vows more ‘quality’ nuclear weapons, honors rocket scientists

Kim Jong Un vowed to bolster the “quality” and “quantity” of North Korea’s crisis-causing nuke and missile stockpile and praised the scientists responsible for “faithfully and perfectly” constructing the Hermit Kingdom’s deadly arsenal.

{FD} US ready to talk any time North Korea wants, Tillerson says

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday that the U.S. would be willing to hold talks with North Korea even if the Communist nation does not do away with its nuclear weapons program.

{FD} North Korea terror threat remains a concern as Winter Olympics prep gets underway

South Korean officials are getting ready for the worst as they prepare for their Winter Olympic games in PyeongChang in February.

{FD} Dennis Rodman wants North Korea, Guam basketball game for peace

Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman believes he can broker a peace deal between the United States and North Korea.

{FD} Charles Jenkins, Ex-US Army soldier who defected to North Korea, dead at 77

Charles Jenkins, a former U.S. Army soldier who deserted to North Korea at the height of the Cold War, died Monday. He was 77.

{FD} North Korean defector describes forced abortion, said bodies fed to dogs in prison

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley held a meeting on the human rights situation in North Korea where one defector spoke about how she was forced to have an abortion following her repatriation from China.

{FD} North Korea’s nuclear test site aftershocks are ‘relaxation events’ caused by nuke test, analysts say

North Korea’s sixth nuclear test caused a series of aftershocks called “relaxation events” after the blast moved the “earth’s crust around” and caused stress on the region, analysts said after two earthquakes were detected in the region over the weekend.

{FD} North Korea pushing for biological weapons factories, analysts say

U.S. analysts have raised concerns over North Korea’s potential to pursue an industrial-scale production of biological pathogens it could use to threaten neighbors and U.S. troops, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

{FD} Analysts warn of North Korea’s push for biotech capabilities: report

U.S. analysts have raised concerns over North Korea’s potential to pursue an industrial-scale production of biological pathogens it could use to threaten neighbors and U.S. troops, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

{FD} North Korea is hacking bitcoin exchanges as currency value soars, expert says

As bitcoin’s value continues to surge, North Korean hackers are taking advantage by targeting exchanges to gain financial profit, experts said on Friday as sanctions against Kim Jong Un regime threaten to impede on economic development.

{FD} North Korea won’t start a war – Trump shouldn’t launch an attack

Listen to the mainstream media and President Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, and you would conclude that war on the Korean Peninsula is imminent, right?

{FD} Singapore Airlines changed flight route after North Korea missile test

Fears of a North Korean missile accidentally obliterating a passenger plane during one of Kim Jong Un’s unannounced, uncoordinated rocket launches prompted at least one airline to change its flight course this year, a spokesperson told Fox News on Thursday.

{FD} North Korea: War an ‘established fact’ due to Trump’s ‘confrontational warmongering’

An “outbreak of war” on the Korean peninsula is “an established fact,” North Korea said Wednesday, issuing its most stark assessment of the current crisis after Pyongyang’s recent intercontinental ballistic missile test and the ongoing joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea.

{FD} US Air Force bombers needed to send message to North Korea come up short

Over the skies of South Korea Wednesday, dramatic photos showed an Air Force strategic bomber with U.S. and allied fighter jets in formation.

{FD} More North Korean ‘ghost ships’ washing up on Japan’s coast due to food shortage, sanctions, analysts say

The surge of North Korean “ghost ships” washing up long Japan’s coast in recent weeks — including some crafts filled with skeletal remains — is due to the Hermit Kingdom’s severe food shortages and the result of mounting sanctions against Kim Jong Un, analysts sad Tuesday.

{FD} US bomber flies over Korean Peninsula during military exercises with South, officials say

The U.S. Seventh Air Force flew a B-1B supersonic bomber over South Korea on Wednesday as a part of a joint aerial exercise with the South’s military, South Korean officials confirmed.

{FD} US bombers to fly over Korean Peninsula during military exercises with South: report

The U.S. Seventh Air Force was to fly bomber jets over the Korean Peninsula on Wednesday as a part of an annual five-day training drill with South Korea.

{FD} To counter North Korea, South Korea seeks weaponized drones, report says

South Korea is reportedly looking to weaponized drones in a bid to counter the North’s nuclear and missile programs, which are advancing so quickly Kim Jong Un stands on the precipice of declaring them completed.