{FD} North Korea captive Otto Warmbier ‘got exactly what he deserved,’ college prof says

Katherine Dettwyler, an adjunct professor in the University of Delaware’s anthropology department, made her statement about Warmbier on Facebook and in the comments section of an article about the late college student on the website of conservative magazine, the National Review.

{FD} North Korean nuke test site sees more buildup as tensions rise

North Korea is continuing to mass resources at a known weapons testing site inside the country, a defense source told Fox News on Wednesday, prompting worries Pyongyang could be plotting to greenlight another provocative nuclear bomb test amid heightened tensions following the death this week of an American student who had been imprisoned by Kim Jong Un’s rogue regime.

{FD} North Korea helping Iran grow its ballistic missile program, details revealed in report

An Iranian opposition group has found 12 sites, not previously disclosed, where the Islamic government is developing ballistic missiles with the help of North Korean experts.

{FD} Otto Warmbier: Student was ‘terrorized and brutalized’ by North Korea, dad says

The family of Otto Warmbier said Wednesday they are "adjusting to a different reality" following their son's return from North Korea, where he was "brutalized" by his captors and held for more than a year in a coma -- the cause of which is still unknown.

{FD} Otto Warmbier, freed by North Korea in a coma, to arrive in hometown Cincinnati for urgent medical care

Otto Warmbier, the U.S. college student arrested, tried and imprisoned in North Korea for more than a year for trying to swipe a souvenir from a hotel, was expected to arrive late Tuesday in Cincinnati, his hometown, for urgent medical treatment.

{FD} North Korea releases Otto Warmbier, but 3 other Americans still remain behind bars

In the past, North Korea has generally quickly released any American citizens it detained – waiting at most for a U.S. official or statesman to come and to personally bail out detainees. But that appears to be changing. But if Warmbier’s more than two years in prison – out of a 15 year sentence – is any indication, that trend appears to be changing.

{FD} North Korea’s mystery islands: Man-made keys could be new nuclear launch sites

Artificial islands have been discovered surrounding Sohae Satellite Launching Station, a missile development and testing site roughly 70 miles northwest of Pyongyang. Satellite images suggest the islands are home to military installations and have been under development for at least five years.

{FD} North Korea threatens to strengthen nuclear force ‘to the maximum’

As tensions continue to escalate between Washington and Pyongyang, North Korea said on Monday that it will strengthen its nuclear force “to the maximum” A spokesman for the North Korea foreign ministry its latest threat came in direct response to mounting warnings by the U.S. that it would no longer stand by while North Korea tests its nuclear arsenals.

{FD} Parents of Otto Warmbier, US citizen detained in North Korea, want son to be part of negotiations

As tensions between the United States and North Korea mount over the defiant dictatorship’s rogue atomic weapons program, the parents of the imprisoned American Otto Warmbier told Fox News on Monday they can't let their son's story get lost amid the nuclear noise.

{FD} Pope warns of broad destruction if tensions with North Korea escalate

Pope Francis said Saturday that he does not think “humanity today could bear” a war with North Korea, and called for diplomacy and a revived United Nations to take the lead in negotiating a resolution.

{FD} North Korea displays military prowess with failed missile launch

North Korea’s failed attempt to launch a mid-range ballistic missile Friday evening came just hours after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson convened a session of the United Nations Security council calling for member states to increase sanctions on Pyongyang.

{FD} North Korea threat: Top admiral calls on more missile interceptors in Hawaii

The U.S. should look into strengthening its missile defenses around Hawaii due to the increased threats from North Korea, Adm. Harry Harris, the top U.S. commander in the Pacific, told the House Armed Services Committee Wednesday.

{FD} THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea nearly set

The U.S.-delivered THAAD anti-ballistic missile system being installed in South Korea is set to be operational in a “couple of days,” as continued North Korean saber-rattling stirs fears of hostilities breaking out in the region and a U.S. carrier strike group steamed into “striking range” of the rogue state.

{FD} North Korea reportedly holds live-fire drill as US nuclear-powered sub approaches

North Korea on Tuesday reportedly conducted a huge live-fire drill that involved up to 400 artillery pieces, which may have been supervised by the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un.