{FD} Saudi Arabia’s crown prince calls Iran’s supreme leader ‘new Hitler’ of the Middle East

Amid his sweeping cultural reforms and systematic purges from the royal family, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince this week called Iran’s supreme leader the “new Hitler of the Middle East,” comments that are sure to ratchet up the conflict between the two rival Muslim powers.

{FD} Iran-Iraq earthquake kills more than 400, officials say

More than 400 people were killed when a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Iraq-Iran boarder on Sunday, sending residents fleeing as thousands of residents were left injured, officials said on Monday.

{FD} Iran-Iraq earthquake kills hundreds, officials say

The death toll continued to climb early Monday after a powerful earthquake shook the Iran-Iraq border region.

{FD} Iran-Iraq earthquake death toll surpasses 200, officials say

The death toll continued to climb early Monday after a powerful earthquake shook the Iran-Iraq border region.

{FD} Iran-Iraq earthquake kills more than 140, injures at least 860, officials say

More than 140 people were killed and at least 860 others were hurt in a powerful earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border region Sunday, Iranian officials revealed.

{FD} Iran-Iraq earthquake kills at least 67, injures more than 500, officials say

At least 61 people were killed and more than 300 others were hurt in a powerful earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border region Sunday, Iranian officials revealed.

{FD} US asks foreign forces to leave Lebanon as Iran-Saudi tension heats up

The State Department wants foreign “forces, militias or armed elements” out of Lebanon as the generations-long proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensifies there.

{FD} US Air Force official: Iran behind attempted missile attack Saudi Arabia called ‘act of war’

Iran manufactured the ballistic missile that rocketed toward an airport in Saudi Arabia’s capital last week, a top U.S. Air Force official in the Middle East said Friday, backing up what the Kingdom said was an “act of war” on the part of Iran.

{FD} Terror Airlines? Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps runs country’s largest airline, report says

A new report released by an Iranian opposition group claims that Iran’s biggest airline — Mahan Air — is run by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its Qods Force, despite being called a private carrier.

{FD} Iran displays missile during anniversary of embassy takeover as protesters chant ‘Down with the US’

Iran’s government displayed a ballistic missile and Iranians chanted “Down with the U.S.” and burned an American flag as the country on Saturday marked the anniversary of the 1979 U.S. embassy takeover and hostage crisis.

{FD} Rouhani says Iran will keep producing missiles, state TV reports

Iran will continue its missile program and is not in violation of international accords, President Hassan Rouhani said Sunday during a speech on state television.

{FD} Anti-regime protests spreading across Iran, says country’s opposition

Ordinary Iranians reportedly took their grievances against the Tehran regime today to the country’s parliament as a result of what they say are the regime’s plundering of their savings and its corrupt policies.

{FD} Saudi ex-intel chief says Assad is the biggest terrorist, praises Trump’s harsh Iran stance

Former Saudi Chief of Intelligence and Ambassador to the U.S. and U.K. Prince Turki al-Faisal is cautioning the Trump team to clarify its stance on defeating “the biggest terrorist in Syria” — the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad — while at the same time praising the clear, ironfisted strategy of the U.S. toward Iran.

{FD} Abandoning our Kurdish allies is a win for our Iranian enemies

It makes no sense for a nation to treat its enemies kindly and its allies harshly. Any nation that tries this foolish approach will see its enemies grow stronger and more dangerous, and will lose its allies when it abandons them.

{FD} Iran accused of trying to develop nuclear-tipped missiles

German security officials have accused Tehran of trying to develop nuclear-tipped missiles just days after President Trump decertified the Iran nuclear deal.

{FD} Iran filling vacuum following ISIS defeat in Iraq

Today, the Islamic State controls just three percent of Iraq after controlling one-third of the country two years ago, but American officials say an old nemesis in the region continues to stoke tensions inside the country, creating another immediate challenge once ISIS is defeated.

{FD} Trump Iran speech emboldening ordinary Iranians to speak out against regime

President Donald Trump followed up his Iran speech announcing that he would not be certifying the Iran nuclear deal by also making clear his administration stood in solidarity with ordinary Iranians.

{FD} Netanyahu, in video, tells Iran foreign minister to delete his Twitter account

In a video message posted online Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had some choice words for Iran’s foreign minister: “Delete your account.”

{FD} Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, Clinton says

With his tough talk and hardline stances on Iran and North Korea, President Donald Trump could damage America’s credibility abroad – and even provoke a nuclear-arms race in East Asia, Hillary Clinton says.

{FD} Newt Gingrich: ‘Death to America’ — Why Trump’s Iran policy is right

In my experience, dictators and revolutionary movements mean exactly what they say. In this case, the Iranians would like to destroy both America and Israel.