{FD} Hikers may have died in ‘sympathetic murder-suicide,’ relatives say

The family of one of the hikers whose bodies were found in Joshua Tree National Park earlier this week say investigators have told them that they believe the couple died in a "sympathetic murder-suicide" after becoming lost in the sprawling desert with little food or water.

{FD} Bannon slams former President Bush as most ‘destructive’ president in ongoing attack to GOP establishment

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon widened his assault on the Republican establishment Friday night, saying former GOP President George W. Bush had the most “destructive” presidency in U.S. history.

{FD} Jury chosen for Kate Steinle murder trial, opening statements to begin Monday

A jury has been selected for the murder trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican man whose case set off a national debate over U.S. sanctuary cities and immigration during last year's presidential campaign after he was accused of shooting and killing Kate Steinle on a popular San Francisco pier.