{FD} Ghost Ship defendants will stand trial in deadly Oakland warehouse fire, judge rules

Two California men will go to trial on involuntary manslaughter charges in the deaths of 36 partygoers in the worst building fire in the U.S. in more than a decade, a judge ruled Thursday.

{FD} Sea lion attack at San Francisco Aquatic Park leaves swimmer severely injured

A swimmer was severely injured after being bit in the arm by a sea lion in the Bay on Thursday afternoon.

{FD} California housing crisis affecting middle class the most: It’s ‘a broken system’

For all of its claims of being an economic paradise, California is a failure when it comes to housing.

{FD} Firefighter dies battling California’s 4th largest fire in history, officials say

A firefighter was killed battling a massive blaze northwest of Los Angeles that is now considered to be California’s fourth largest wildfire in the state’s history, fire officials announced Thursday.

{FD} Colossal Thomas Fire now 4th largest in California history

The colossal wildfire burning northwest of Los Angeles became the fourth largest in California history and authorities said it would likely keep growing and threatening communities as hot, gusty winds fanned the flames.

{FD} Man convicted of savagely killing 8-year-old should face death penalty, jury rules

A California man convicted for the torture and murder of his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son may be sentenced to death.

{FD} California woman cashed dead mom’s Social Security checks for 24 years

A California woman who cashed nearly $300,000 worth of her dead mother’s Social Security checks for 24 years, financing her own car payments, airline tickets and hotel stays along the way, was sentenced Tuesday to 13 months in prison.

{FD} Los Angeles Fire Dept. dispatches drones for the first time in wildfire fight

The Los Angeles Fire Department now has an eye in the sky to help monitor the flames tearing through parts of southern California, officials said.

{FD} Random shootings in California has community on edge

A series of random shootings targeting vehicles in central California has drivers on edge and authorities scrambling to catch the perpetrator before someone gets seriously hurt.

{FD} Who is San Francisco’s new acting mayor – and for how long?

Following Tuesday’s sudden death of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, the president of the city’s Board of Supervisors automatically became acting mayor.

{FD} California fire in Bel-Air traced to illegal cooking at homeless camp, officials say

An illegal cooking fire at a homeless encampment sparked a wildfire in Bel-Air last week, authorities said Tuesday.

{FD} Crews struggle to keep wildfire flames from coastal California neighborhoods

The fifth largest wildfire in California history is expanding — into an area of California that has remained in at least moderate drought, even after last winter’s powerful rains and heavy mountain snowfall eliminated drought symptoms in much of the rest of the state.

{FD} ‘Santa hat’ thief burglarizing homes near Hollywood Hills

A Grinch is burglarizing homes in the nation’s second-largest city — and, just like the devilish and green Dr. Seuss villain, he’s sporting a Santa hat during the spree.

{FD} California man gets life in prison for ‘near-decapitation’ of wealthy boyfriend in crime judge calls ‘shockingly evil’

A 27-year-old California ex-porn star was sentenced Monday to life behind bars for brutally murdering his wealthy older boyfriend in 2015 in order to get his multi-million dollar inheritance.

{FD} Kate Steinle case juror, defends decision, says murder was ‘a freak accident’

One of the jurors who last month found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle defended his decision, calling the 2015 shooting “a freak accident.”

{FD} Arrest in decades-old murder of 14-year-old California girl

A suspect to a cold case in Northern California has been arrested on Monday—37 years after the homicide of a 14-year-old girl that drew national attention, the San Francisco Gate reported.

{FD} Celebrities escape raging California wildfire as ash falls like ‘snow’

The huge Southern California wildfire that’s exploded in size, becoming the fifth largest in state history, forced several celebrities to escape from their wealthy hillside enclave Monday.

{FD} Google employee’s half-***** body found floating in San Francisco Bay

The half-naked body of a 23-year-old Google employee was found floating in the San Francisco Bay Thursday, officials said.

{FD} Google employee’s ***** body found floating in San Francisco Bay

The...body of a 23-year-old Google employee was found floating in the San Francisco Bay Thursday, officials said.

{FD} Subway discovery: Los Angeles construction unearths ‘rare’ fossil trove

The fossilized remains of creatures that roamed southern California 10,000 years ago were discovered by a crew digging for a subway extension under the busy streets of Los Angeles.