{FD} More Russian spy planes, bombers approach Alaskan airspace

Russian Bear bombers and spy planes buzzed Alaskan airspace the past two nights in a repeat of incidents earlier this week, two U.S. officials told Fox News on Friday.

{FD} APNewsBreak: FBI reviews handling of terrorism-related tips

The FBI has been reviewing the handling of thousands of terrorism-related tips and leads from the past three years to make sure they were properly investigated and no obvious red flags were missed, The Associated Press has learned.

{FD} Suspected airport gunman became increasingly erratic

Friends, family and court records say Fort Lauderdale airport shooting suspect Esteban Santiago went from a quiet, often-solitary figure to an angry and volatile one, with a string of violent outbursts and other erratic behavior in the year before the deadly attack.

{FD} Family: Shooting suspect ‘lost his mind’ after tour in Iraq

The man police say opened fire with a gun from his checked baggage at a Florida airport had a history of mental health issues — some of which followed his military service in Iraq — and was receiving psychological treatment at his current home in Alaska, his relatives said Friday after the deadly shooting.