{FD} Unarmed man’s death ‘an execution’ by Arizona officer, widow says

An unarmed Texas man who was shot and killed by an Arizona police officer in a controversial, widely seen videotaped slaying was the victim of “an execution,” the man’s wife said this week, adding she felt “betrayed” by jurors who acquitted the cop of murder.

{FD} Arizona police officer dies unexpectedly during suspect chase, report says

A police officer in Arizona died of a seizure Tuesday while pursuing a suspect, the police chief told ABC 15.

{FD} Internet hoaxster Paul Horner died of drug overdose: report

An Internet hoaxster’s death in September was caused by a potent mix of drugs, according to a medical examiner’s report released Tuesday.

{FD} Arizona newspaper owner says he was poisoned with rat toxin

The co-owner of an Arizona newspaper says he was poisoned last year with a chemical found in a rat toxin, and he thinks he knows who did it — but he has no idea why.

{FD} Arizona man gave gun to daughter, 14, told her to kill herself, officials say

An Arizona dad was so fed up with his 14-year-old daughter’s disciplinary issues he handed the girl a gun Sunday and told her to pull the trigger, police said.

{FD} McCain reaches 3 million Twitter followers despite #UnfollowMcCain protest

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., reached his goal of 3 million Twitter followers Tuesday — but not before thousands of social media users staged an online protest.

{FD} Opening arguments in Joe Arpaio lawsuit brought by Sen. Jeff Flake’s son

Opening arguments were heard Tuesday in Arizona in the malicious-prosecution lawsuit brought by Sen. Jeff Flake’s son and his ex-wife against Joe Arpaio, starting the latest of several legal battles recently faced by the embattled former sheriff.

{FD} Mom of 2 dies day after flu diagnosis

Family members of an Arizona mother who died just one day after being diagnosed with the flu said the 20-year-old was very healthy leading up to her illness, with the exception of suffering from the occasional cold.

{FD} Phoenix homeowner pulls plug on Christmas lights after city crackdown

For the past 30 years, Lee Sepanek and his wife Patricia have celebrated the holidays by festooning their Phoenix home with 250,000 festive lights. The couple’s annual display draws visitors from all over.

{FD} Arizona man abducted 94-year-old woman, kept her in trunk of car for hours, police say

An Arizona man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the home invasion and abduction of a 94-year-old woman who was bound with zip ties and duct tape and tossed in the trunk of her own car for several hours, officials said.

{FD} Phoenix Christmas lights display nixed over city demands, scrooge neighbors, homeowner says

A Phoenix man who has been brightening up his neighborhood for more than three decades with an elaborate Christmas display says he’s pulling the plug this year over an uproar that critics are calling “liberal overregulation at its finest.”

{FD} Bill Gates firm buys Arizona land for $80 million to create ‘smart city’

A real estate investment firm owned by Bill Gates recently bought land in Arizona for $80 million to be developed into a “smart city.”

{FD} Mom of 5 delivers baby on side of road, drives to hospital

An Arizona mother had piled her 17-month-old daughter into the back seat on Wednesday and was en route to the hospital to deliver her fifth child when contractions forced her to pull over to the side of the road.

{FD} ‘God’s Army’ patrolling the streets of Phoenix to preach gospel, fight crime

A troop of former law enforcement officers and military members are now patrolling the streets of Phoenix to preach the gospel and fight crime.

{FD} Harvey Weinstein spotted in disguise at Phoenix restaurant: report

Harvey Weinstein was seen dining in a Phoenix restaurant Thursday night wearing a rather unconvincing disguise, TMZ reported.

{FD} Arizona seeing 100 opioid deaths per month, data show

Opioids have claimed more than 400 lives in Arizona since June 15 alone, a state database has revealed.

{FD} Arizona billionaire fueled opioid crisis with bribery scheme, authorities say

An Arizona billionaire was arrested Thursday and charged with leading a conspiracy to profit from an opioid narcotic.

{FD} Upstart Republican Kelli Ward now in spotlight of Arizona Senate race

The upstart tea party Republican who challenged Arizona Sen. John McCain last year and then set her sights on the state’s junior senator is suddenly in the national spotlight.

{FD} Arizona woman arrested in deadly wreck had three-year-old daughter in car during crash

Authorities say a Chandler woman booked on suspicion of drunken driving and murder in the deaths of two people during an auto crash had her 3-year-old daughter in her car at the time of the collision.

{FD} Arizona teen, 21-year-old boyfriend accused of killing girl’s father

Authorities have arrested a 15-year-old teen and her boyfriend after they say the pair killed the girl’s father.