MS-13 gang members in New York lured man with promise of pot and sex, killed to boost ‘stature,’ cops say

Two MS-13 gang members charged in the January killing of a New York teenager lured him with the promise of marijuana and sex before hacking him to death in a nature preserve with knives and machetes to prove themselves to other gang members, authorities said Wedneday.

Virginia rally participant receives death threats; says he was there to preserve history

A New York man was the target of fliers branding him a Nazi after he was identified from a photograph taken at Friday's Charlottesville rally protesting the removal of a Confederate statue -- but the man said he only went to the demonstration to preserve history, and does not believe in hate.

New York Hasidic village seeks to secede from town after years of power struggles

Hundreds of people turned out at a county hearing in upstate New York Tuesday to weigh in on a proposal to allow a Hasidic Jewish village to separate from the town it is part of and take annexed land and create another municipality.