{FD} Emanuel rolls out Chicago ID for ‘undocumented’ and those ‘on the sidelines’

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unveiled a new ID program that he says is designed to welcome the “undocumented” community and people “on the sidelines” into the city.

{FD} Convicted child sex offender dresses as Santa Claus, gets probation

A registered child sex offender caught wearing a Santa Claus suit at a holiday party in Illinois last year may not have to spend a day behind bars after he pleaded guilty and received probation.

{FD} Lyft driver pulled gun on passengers, used homophobic slur, lawsuit alleges

Two men filed a lawsuit against Lyft after its driver allegedly drew a gun and chased them out of her vehicle while shouting a homophobic slur.

{FD} Hitler-themed homework upsets parents of Illinois middle school students

Parents at a middle school in Gurnee, Illinois are upset after their kids received a controversial Hitler-themed assignment.

{FD} Teen charged in beating disabled man, broadcasting it on Facebook Live gets probation

A Chicago woman involved in a beating of a mentally disabled man that was shown on Facebook Live has pleaded guilty to a hate crime and been placed on probation for four years.

{FD} Illinois man convicted in sex assault of 90-year-old care home patient

An Illinois man could face 60 years in prison after a jury found him guilty Wednesday of sexually assaulting a 90-year-old care home patient with dementia.

{FD} Vehicles crushed after strong winds collapse gas station canopy in Illinois

Strong winds caused a commotion in a small Illinois village Monday night when a canopy at a gas station collapsed.

{FD} Chicago man stabbed 25 times, partially disemboweled by brother-in-law, official says

A Chicago man stabbed his brother-in-law at least 25 times on a city bus, partially disemboweling him in front of shocked riders, officials said Saturday.

{FD} Chicago man allegedly mutilates father, posts selfies after murder: prosecutors

A Chicago man murdered and mutilated his 61-year-old father before allegedly posting several selfies on Facebook, prosecutors say.

{FD} Detective disciplined over ‘Because you’re white’ remark to teen

A police detective in Illinois was facing disciplinary action this week after being caught on camera telling a teenager he was being detained because he was white.

{FD} Chicago woman dies days after found with head stuck in fence

A Chicago woman who was discovered near a bank Friday with her head stuck between the iron poles of a fence died on Monday, officials said.

{FD} Illinois woman busted for torching her SUV with flamethrower

An Illinois woman was busted this week after cops say she torched her Infiniti SUV with a flamethrower she purchased online.

{FD} Illinois charter school teacher, 28, charged in sex romp with teen boy student

A former teacher at a charter school on Chicago’s southwest side was arrested Tuesday and charged with sexually abusing a 16-year-old student, officials said.

{FD} CVS employee stole winning $1 million lottery ticket, lawsuit claims

An Illinois man is claiming that a CVS employee stole his winning $1 million scratch-off lottery card after being “coerced” inside the store.

{FD} Rev. Jesse Jackson reveals Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

The Rev. Jesse Jackson says he’s been seeking outpatient care for two years for Parkinson’s disease and plans to “dedicate” himself to physical therapy.

{FD} Chicago hits 600 homicides as man, 25, is shot in the head

A 25-year-old man, who was shot multiple times in the head, reportedly became Chicago’s 600th homicide, solidifying the Illinois city’s place as the murder capital of America.

{FD} Drunk Chicago driver found asleep, parked on sidewalk

A Chicago man was arrested early Saturday morning after he was found drunk and asleep while parked on a sidewalk in a suburb.

{FD} Illinois police officer killed after traffic stop

An Illinois police officer died Sunday morning after he was seriously injured during a traffic stop, police said.

{FD} Chicago sees violent carjackings surge, even in trendy neighborhoods

Violent carjackings—even in trendy neighborhoods– have surged in Chicago, where gun violence has generated unflattering national headlines, the Chicago Tribune reports.

{FD} Illinois man reportedly shoots his own ***** after stealing from a hot dog stand

A man in Chicago, Ill., paid a hefty price when he tried to rob a hot dog stand — he accidentally shot himself in the penis during the getaway.