{FD} Alabama pastor, wife arrested for bringing infant to bar, partying and breastfeeding while drunk

A mom and dad from Alabama were arrested after allegedly taking their infant daughter to party at an Indiana bar -- as witnesses said the mother drank and smoke while breastfeeding her child.

{FD} Texas adoption bill OK’s rejection of non-Christian parents

State-funded adoption agencies backing Texas legislation that would sanction the rejection of prospective parents on religious grounds freely admit they already routinely deny non-Christian, gay, and unmarried applicants because they are wary of their beliefs or lifestyle.

{FD} Trump order makes some preachers ecstatic, others cringe

President Donald Trump's order to ease limits on political activity by religious organizations is being met with both enthusiasm and dread from religious leaders, with some rejoicing in the freedom to preach their views and endorse candidates and others fearing the change will erode the integrity of houses of worship.

{FD} Iraq, US in talks to keep American troop presence after IS

A U.S. and an Iraqi government official say Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is in talks with the Trump administration to keep American troops in Iraq after the fight against the Islamic State group in the country is concluded.

{FD} Tony Alamo: Disgraced preacher, child sex abuser dead at 82

Tony Alamo, a one-time street preacher whose apocalyptic ministry grew into a multimillion-dollar network of businesses and property before he was convicted in Arkansas of sexually abusing girls he considered his wives, has died in prison.