{FD} The Latest: Subway bomb suspect detained, no bail requested

The Latest on a man accused of setting off a pipe bomb in the New York City subway system: (all times local): 3 p.m.

{FD} Kate Steinle case juror, defends decision, says murder was ‘a freak accident’

One of the jurors who last month found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle defended his decision, calling the 2015 shooting “a freak accident.”

{FD} The Latest: Subway bomb suspect referenced death and America

The Latest on the blast in the New York City subway system (all times local): 8:20 a.m.

{FD} Illegal immigrant found guilty in murder of family of five in San Francisco

A 41-year-old illegal Vietnamese immigrant in San Francisco was found guilty on Monday of the 2012 slaughter a family of five with a hammer after losing money at a casino on the night of the massacre, facing life in prison.

{FD} Supreme Court’s ruling on DACA documents a win for Trump administration

In a 5-4 vote Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court granted the Trump administration’s request to withhold documents related to its decision to end the Obama-era DACA program.

{FD} Couple deported to Mexico after 30 years in US, leaving kids

A couple who came to New Jersey from Mexico 30 years ago have been deported, leaving their three children behind.

{FD} New immigration, gun charges filed against illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle trial

Federal officials filed a new set of immigration and gun charges against Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the illegal immigrant found not guilty last week in the murder of Kate Steinle.

{FD} Dramatic spike in violent attacks against US border agents provokes outrage

The Nov. 18 death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez, found in a culvert with extensive head trauma, underscores a year that saw a dramatic spike in attacks against agents and the changing culture among those attempting to illegally enter the United States through Mexico.

{FD} ICE detains Mexican man after speaking to newspapers about girlfriend’s deportation

U.S. immigration authorities detained last week an illegal Mexican immigrant after he was featured in newspapers following his girlfriend’s immigration arrest in June.

{FD} US anchor leaves long Univision post, seeks new audience

Spanish-language broadcasting in the U.S. is losing one of its most prominent figures as Maria Elena Salinas retires from Univision News after more than three decades of blending the role of anchor and advocate.

{FD} Man detained by ICE after speaking with news reporters

A Mexican man who spoke with reporters about his longtime girlfriend’s immigration arrest has now been detained himself, and he says agents told him it’s because he was in the newspaper.

{FD} Kate Steinle’s tragic death shows why the ‘sanctuary cities’ movement threatens the safety of all Americans

Steinle was only 32 when she was shot and killed in July 2015 by a bullet fired by illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Garcia Zarate, who had a record of seven felony convictions and five previous deportations.

{FD} #BoycottSanFrancisco takes off after Steinle case acquittal

The hashtag was trending on Twitter in the wake of a controversial trial that found Jose Inez Garcia Zarate not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco in July 2015.

{FD} Kate Steinle murder case explained, from Trump’s comments to DOJ arrest warrant

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found not guilty on Thursday of killing Kate Steinle in 2015. Here’s what you need to know about Steinle and the case.

{FD} Alan Diaz, AP photographer behind Elian image, to retire

Associated Press photojournalist Alan Diaz, whose coverage of a 6-year-old Cuban boy named Elian Gonzalez earned him the Pulitzer Prize, is retiring after 17 years.

{FD} Verdict in Steinle case falls short for left-leaning SF Chronicle

Thursday’s not-guilty verdict in the trial over Kate Steinle’s murder even has San Francisco’s left-leaning newspaper saying justice was not served.

{FD} Kate Steinle not guilty verdict sparks shock from political, media figures

The illegal immigrant accused of murdering Kate Steinle in July 2015 on a pier in San Francisco was found not guilty on Thursday night.

{FD} White House releases ‘explosive’ tally of green cards issued in ‘chain migration’

For the first time, the White House said, the federal government has counted the green cards issued between 2005 and 2015 to migrants admitted through family preference, or as immediate relatives of migrants already admitted into the country in perhaps the fullest portrait of “chain migration” ever developed.

{FD} California lawyer admits running $50 million visa-fraud scam

A Southern California attorney pleaded guilty Monday to running a scam that authorities say collected more than $50 million from wealthy Chinese investors seeking green cards.

{FD} Murals send message of love to immigrants past and present

Murals celebrating immigrants past and present are cropping up across Boston as part of the city’s take on the national “To Immigrants With Love” campaign.