{FD} Officials: Salvadoran beloved in Florida tortured rebels

Immigration officials say a Salvadoran man whose arrest had rallied friends and neighbors in northern Florida was a soldier who tortured suspected guerrillas before arriving in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have deported Jose Francisco Grijalva Monroy after he testified he hung rebels by their hands from trees and tied them to the back of an army Jeep to drag them on the road.

{FD} Prosecutors dropping 2 teens’ charges in school rape case

Prosecutors are dropping charges against two Hispanic teens accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a restroom at a suburban Washington high school, a case cited by the White House as an example of why the president wants to crack down on illegal immigration.

{FD} NC secretary of state faces impeachment filing over notary concerns

A North Carolina state lawmaker who called on the secretary of state to resign -- after records showed her office allowed more than 320 nonpermanent residents to become public notaries over the past nine years -- said Wednesday he's filed for her impeachment.

{FD} New exhibit for ‘Cyclorama’ painting to reveal lost drawing

As preservationists restore Atlanta's colossal Cyclorama — a landmark that's a sort of 19th-century high-tech Civil War history lesson — they also plan to showcase an all-but-forgotten drawing that reveals a little-known fact: There once were plans for another Atlanta Cyclorama.

{FD} Pennsylvania school district Oks pact on immigrant students

A Pennsylvania school district reached a settlement Tuesday with the American Civil Liberties Union over what civil rights attorneys contend was a practice of denying older refugee and immigrant students a meaningful education by steering them to alternative high schools.

{FD} Lawyer: ICE agent shot unarmed Chicago man as he opened door

Federal immigration officials say an agent shot and wounded a man after he pointed a gun at agents trying to make an arrest in a Chicago home, but the wounded man's attorney said he was unarmed and targeted for no apparent reason.

{FD} Group calls on defunding ‘sanctuary’ universities, Napolitano’s ouster

The David Horowitz Freedom Center announced they will be putting posters up at UC San Diego on Friday calling for the University of California President Janet Napolitano to be “prosecuted for sedition” over “sanctuary campuses,” the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

{FD} Los Angeles Latinos report fewer sex assaults amid immigration fears, police say

Reports of sexual assaults and domestic violence among Los Angeles' Latino population have plummeted since the beginning of the year, amid fears that immigrants in the country illegally could face deportation if they interact with police or appear in court, the city's police chief said Tuesday.

{FD} Kansas bomb suspect’s attorneys ask to be let go from case

The court-appointed attorneys for a man accused of plotting to bomb a Kansas apartment complex filled with Somali immigrants asked a judge to let them withdraw from the case, saying in a filing Monday that they have lost their client's trust and cannot satisfy his expectations.