{FD} Texas teacher, 31, accused of sex with boy high school student she met in church

A teacher in Texas was arrested Tuesday following an alleged sexual relationship with a minor she reportedly met while volunteering at a church.

{FD} Ohio teacher seen in video tackling student is suspended

School authorities in northeast Ohio say a high school teacher has been suspended with pay and is under investigation after a cellphone video surfaced showing him tackling a student inside a classroom.

{FD} Texas middle school teacher, 31, accused of sex with child in church group

A teacher in Texas was arrested Tuesday following an alleged sexual relationship with a minor she reportedly met while volunteering at a church.

{FD} Rutgers announces punishment for professor accused of making anti-Semitic remarks

A Rutgers University professor accused of posting anti-Semitic rants on his Facebook page will lose his role as a director and will no longer be allowed to teach required classes, the school announced.

{FD} Colorado school board set to end prominent voucher program

A new anti-voucher majority on a suburban Denver school district board prepared Monday to eliminate a program enacted by an earlier conservative-dominated board to help public school students attend secular and religious schools with taxpayer-funded vouchers.

{FD} NYC teacher accused of being ‘sugar daddy’ to teen girl student, giving her cash for sex

A New York City high school teacher had illicit sex with a 17-year-old student after becoming her “sugar daddy” and showering her with gifts, cash and a taxpayer-funded no-show job, the New York Post reports.

{FD} Professors condemn school’s handling of sexual harassment

More than 400 professors from dozens of universities across the U.S. have signed a letter condemning the University of Rochester’s response to sexual misconduct allegations against a professor.

{FD} Transgender woman awarded $1M in discrimination lawsuit

A federal jury has awarded a transgender woman more than $1 million after finding Southeastern Oklahoma State University discriminated against her and wrongfully denied her tenure.

{FD} Students: Dartmouth professors created hostile environment

Dartmouth College students say three psychology professors facing sexual misconduct allegations created a “hostile academic environment” marked by excessive drinking, favoritism and at times inappropriate behavior.

{FD} Married science teacher, 22, arrested for sex romp with teen boy student

A married teacher in Oklahoma was arrested Wednesday after having a sexual relationship with an underage student.

{FD} Substitute teacher, 23, physically removed from class over sex allegations with teen students

A 23-year-old Ohio substitute teacher was arrested for allegedly having sex with at least two high school students, police said.

{FD} Nutrition teacher, 40, accused of ‘brazen’ sex advances to teen boy student, including **** photos, lewd love letters

A former nutrition teacher in Maryland has been indicted on charges of sexual abuse of a minor.

{FD} California teacher arrested for alleged sexual misconduct while working in Tennessee

A former Tennessee high school teacher was arrested in California on Monday for alleged sexual misconduct with a previous student.

{FD} NYU journalism department cuts ties to NYU Abu Dhabi

The journalism department at New York University is cutting its ties to NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus over two professors being denied work visas by the United Arab Emirates.

{FD} Professor who hurt neck in melee blames faculty members

A Vermont college professor injured in a melee following the campus appearance of an author who co-wrote a book discussing racial differences in intelligence says some faculty members were more to blame for the violence than students were.

{FD} Teacher sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting minor says he’s ‘disgusted’ with himself

A teacher in Wisconsin, convicted of sexually assaulting a minor, said he’s “disgusted” with himself after his sentencing on Thursday.

{FD} Wisconsin teacher, caught with indecently-dressed student, charged with sexual harassment

A teacher and basketball coach in Wisconsin has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault following a reported relationship he had with a student for about a year.

{FD} Substitute teacher banned from school after reportedly taping students’ mouths

A substitute teacher in Texas was banned from an elementary school after she reportedly put duct tape over at least 10 students’ mouths.

{FD} Teacher called racist for telling student to speak English

A New Jersey high school teacher who had the audacity to tell a student to speak English inside her classroom is facing severe backlash.

{FD} New York City brings back problem teachers full-time – for now

New York City public schools will re-open their classrooms this week to as many as 400 former full-time teachers including many removed for incompetence or other disciplinary reasons – an attempt to ease a multi-million-dollar taxpayer burden from a 2005 deal that unions have since used to protect teachers from being fired.