{FD} Joseph Jakubowski, Wisconsin man who sent manifesto to Trump, claims he ‘doesn’t know’ where stolen guns are

Joseph Jakubowski broke into a gun store near Janesville, Wisonsin, and stole 18 guns, two silencers and ammunition, and mailed the manifesto to the White House on April 4, investigators alleged.

{FD} Oklahoma home invasion: Suspected getaway driver doesn’t ‘feel responsible’ for killings

The woman suspected of acting as the getaway driver for three would-be burglars shot and killed in Oklahoma spoke out Thursday, telling local media: "I feel responsible for the actions that were taking place... but I don’t feel responsible for their murders."

{FD} Deadly Oklahoma home invasion: Getaway driver planned break-in, prosecutors say

The woman who acted as the getaway driver for three intruders shot and killed after they broke into an Oklahoma home knew about the house and planned the burglary herself, prosecutors said Tuesday, as the identities of the shooter and the would-be burglars emerged.

{FD} ‘Murderer’: Victim’s son outraged after governor lets ex-radical in deadly Brinks robbery seek parole

The son of a security guard killed in the $1.6 million robbery of a Brinks armed car in 1981 blasted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's move allowing an ex-radical to seek parole in the case after 35 years, telling Fox News on Friday, "I don't think he knows the true facts of the case."