{FD} Captured World War II German U-boat revealed as dramatic pictures surface

Incredible pictures showing the capture of a famous German U-boat during World War II will go on auction in the U.K. this weekend.

{FD} Archaeologists reconstruct face of ancient, 1,200-year-old Peruvian queen

Archaeologists have learned a great deal about “the Huarmey Queen” in the five years since they discovered the tomb El Castillo de Huarmey in Peru and found her body inside.

{FD} 3.6-million-year-old human skeleton found, shocking scientists

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Researchers in South Africa have unveiled what they call “by far the most complete skeleton of a human ancestor older than 1.5 million years ever found.”

{FD} Scary marsupial lion with incredibly powerful bite once prowled Australia

It’s been 30,000 years since the last of the marsupial lions prowled for prey in Australia, but scientists continue to discover new species of the largest meat-eating mammals that ever lived on the continent.

{FD} Archaeologists discover ancient tools made from space material

Archaeologists have unearthed new ancient iron artifacts that utilize iron from meteorites, at a time when early humans were not thought to be able to smelt iron ore.

{FD} George Washington’s jewel-encrusted Revolutionary War medal goes on display

A stunning jewel-encrusted medal owned and worn by George Washington has gone on display at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

{FD} Leonardo da Vinci’s $450 million ‘Salvator Mundi’ painting heads to the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Salvator Mundi” painting, which recently sold for a record $450.3 million, will be exhibited at the new Louvre Abu Dhabi.

{FD} USS Ward, ship that fired first American shots of World War II, found in Philippines

A team manning a deep sea research vessel says it has found and captured the first underwater images of a sunken U.S. Navy ship credited with firing America’s opening shots of World War II.

{FD} Trove of statues depicting lioness goddess discovered in Egypt

A trove of black granite statues depicting the lioness goddess “Sekhmet” have been discovered at an ancient site in Egypt.

{FD} 240-year-old time capsule found inside statue of Christ

Workers in Spain restoring a statue of Christ were stunned when they discovered a hidden centuries-old time capsule.

{FD} Ancient forbidden Christian text of Jesus’ ‘secret teachings’ to his ‘brother’ found

Biblical scholars have discovered the first-known original Greek copy of an ancient forbidden Christian text that purportedly describes Jesus’ secret teachings to his “brother” James.

{FD} Sphinx from set of 1923 film ‘The Ten Commandments’ unearthed in California

A plaster sphinx has been dug up by archaeologists in the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes in California, KETY reports.

{FD} Spearhead, sword and cauldrons among ancient treasure trove discovered in the UK

Archaeologists in the U.K. have discovered a stunning trove of Iron Age artifacts that includes 11 cauldrons, a spearhead and an ancient sword.

{FD} Solar eclipse, crashing spacecraft, volcanoes and more: Biggest science stories of 2017

The biggest science event of 2017 was the incredible solar eclipse that captivated millions of Americans on Aug. 21.

{FD} Proof of Julius Caesar’s UK invasion found

The Roman invasion of Britain signified an empire at its peak.

{FD} New evidence dates Christ’s tomb to Roman era, matching historical records

Scientific tests have offered fascinating new insight into the tomb in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre venerated as the resting place of Jesus Christ.

{FD} Titanic was found largely thanks to a secret Cold War navy mission

It was famously described as unsinkable, but in April 1912 the mighty Titanic struck an iceberg and disappeared beneath the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

{FD} Incredible 1,500-year-old Christian mosaic uncovered in Israel

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered a stunning 1,500-year-old Christian mosaic that was once the floor of a church or monastery.

{FD} Ancient Roman shipwrecks, stunning artifacts, discovered near Egyptian port

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered three Roman-era shipwrecks and other stunning ancient artifacts on the Mediterranean seafloor off the coast of Alexandria.

{FD} Thomas Edison discovery: Electrical wire from historic home lighting demo on sale for $120,000

A long-lost piece of electrical wire from Thomas Edison’s first underground cable for electric lighting is up for sale.