{FD} Manchester bombing: NY Times defends coverage as Trump calls leaks ‘deeply troubling’

The New York Times defended its publication of the crime scene photos from the Manchester bombing site on Thursday, as President Donald Trump condemning the diplomatically damaging leaks and calling the Justice Department for a complete investigation.

{FD} Congressional leaders call Assad war criminal, say he must go

Congressional leaders from the Republican and Democratic parties condemned the suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun, and demanded that the Trump administration and the United Nations respond forcefully to actions believed ordered by Bashar al-Assad.

{FD} Conservative students at Lutheran college say they fear for personal safety

It’s no surprise that secular U.S. college student bodies are becoming more progressive and intolerant of conservatives, but the same trend has emerged in some of the nation’s religiously affiliated schools.

{FD} Super Tuesday: Voters in CT, DE, MD, PA AND RI Head to the Polls

primary elections in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

{FD} Kasich and Cruz Team Up in Bid to Deny Trump Nomination; Pressure Grows on Sanders to Get Out

Kasich and Cruz team up against Trump. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begin attacking each other. Pressure on Sanders to get out

{FD} Clinton and Trump Win Big in New York Resetting Race Once Again

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump scored major victories in New York’s primary.

{FD} Megachurch Warns Christians to Avoid Engaging in Politics in ‘Sinful Ways’

Megachurch pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Texas recently participated in a podcast with fellow pastor Josh Patterson and The Village Church staff members Kyle Worley and Anne Lincoln Holibaugh to discuss how Christians can positively impact the current political season.