{FD} Fertility doctor accused of impregnating patients with own sperm receives no jail time

A former fertility doctor in Indiana who was accused of using his own sperm to impregnate his patients pleaded guilty on Thursday to lying to investigators, but received no jail sentence.

{FD} Doctor accused of spiking girlfriend’s drink with abortion pills to kill unborn baby

Sikander Imran’s girlfriend, Brooke Fiske, accused him of spiking her drink with a high dosage of abortion pills to kill their unborn baby.

{FD} Man spiked girlfriend’s drink with abortion pills to kill unborn baby, woman claims

Sikander Imran’s girlfriend, Brooke Fiske, accused him of spiking her drink with a high dosage of abortion pills to kill their unborn baby.

{FD} Health Department says the flu is running rampant in New York

The state Health Department says influenza is now prevalent in New York state, which means health care workers who haven’t had a flu shot must wear procedural masks around patients.

{FD} 5-year-old Texas church shooting victim wishes for Christmas cards

One of the youngest survivors of last month’s Sutherland Springs church shooting is requesting holiday cards be sent to him this Christmas as he continues to recover from the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

{FD} Miami day care closes after 2 suspected meningitis deaths

A Miami day care center closed on Tuesday after two children died of suspected meningitis.

{FD} Seasonal flu kills more globally than previously thought, study finds

As many as 646,000 people are dying globally from seasonal influenza each year, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday, a rise from earlier assessments of the disease’s death toll.

{FD} Study sheds light on how Zika causes nerve disorder

A new study sheds light on how the mosquito-borne Zika virus causes a rare neurological condition, and the findings could have implications for companies working on Zika vaccines, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

{FD} Santa pays special visit to hospital’s tiniest patients

Santa Claus stopped by to visit with a Texas hospital’s tiniest patients recently, as staff did their best to help spread holiday cheer.

{FD} Surgeon admits to burning initials into patients’ livers during operations

A British surgeon admitted to using a laser beam to carve his initials into two patient’s livers while they were undergoing transplant operations.

{FD} Firefighters may face increased skin cancer risk

Firefighters may have a higher risk of skin cancer than the general public, a new study finds.

{FD} The debate on fertility supplements: Do they help?

If you do a search for pregnancy or fertility supplements, you’ll come across a plethora of products that claim to boost your chances for pregnancy.

{FD} Teen found dead in dorm after complaining of headaches, vomiting

A Florida teen who was complaining of headaches and vomiting was found dead in her dorm room by her mother and sister on Tuesday.

{FD} Mom accused of subjecting son to 323 hospital visits, 13 surgeries

A Texas mother is in jail after hospital staff sounded alarm over a boy who had been seen 323 times at various medical centers and undergone 13 major surgeries in his eight years of life.

{FD} Baby’s heart placed back inside her chest in rare surgeries

British officials say a baby born with an extremely rare condition has survived three surgeries to place her heart inside her chest.

{FD} Make-A-Wish sends 7 kids to meet Star Wars stars at premiere

Tyler Woodward was a Star Wars fan long before his cancer diagnosis.

{FD} Las Vegas shooting victim leaves hospital, returns home for holidays

A Maryland woman who was shot in the head during the Las Vegas mass shooting will be celebrating the holidays at her home after spending more than two months in the hospital.

{FD} Former NFLer Larry Johnson believes he’s living with CTE

Former NFL running back Larry Johnson said he has no memory of two full seasons, and that he’s considered violence toward others and himself as a result of what he believes is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

{FD} 9-year-old donates life savings to help sick kids

A 9-year-old’s act of selfless generosity has resulted in a flurry of donations to a children’s hospital in Iowa.

{FD} Doctor helps deliver former patient’s baby at gas station

A routine trip to the gas station wound up turning into a work adventure for one obstetrician on Friday, as he helped a former patient deliver her baby in the parking lot.