{FD} Why it matters: The US pivot on Jerusalem

Breaking with decades of U.S. policy, President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a declaration that set off a wave of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces and drew sharp criticism from U.S. allies in the Middle East and beyond.

{FD} Century-old declaration hardens Israeli-Palestinian rift

Israelis celebrate it.

{FD} US rabbis to Israel: End alleged arms sales to Myanmar

A group of American rabbis is demanding that Israel halt the reported sales of arms to Myanmar, where hundreds of thousands of people have fled violence by government security forces.

{FD} Threats to Supreme Court test Israel’s democracy

Israel’s Supreme Court, widely seen as a guardian of the country’s founding democratic principles, is facing fierce pressure from political hard-liners who are challenging what they see as the court’s overreach and liberal slant.