{FD} Man acquitted in pier shooting seeks new trial on gun charge

The Mexican man acquitted of murder in the shooting death of a San Francisco woman that sparked a national immigration debate is seeking a new trial for his conviction on illegal gun possession.

{FD} Alternate juror supports murder acquittal in pier shooting

An alternate juror who sat through a murder trial that prompted a fierce immigration debate says he agrees with the jury’s decision to acquit a Mexican man of murder for the shooting death of a San Francisco woman two years ago.

{FD} San Francisco prosecutor defends handling of Steinle trial

San Francisco’s district attorney is defending the handling of a murder trial that ended with the acquittal of a Mexican man whose arrest set off a fierce national debate on immigration.

{FD} Mexican man acquitted in slaying wants gun conviction tossed

Lawyers for a Mexican man who was acquitted in the shooting death of a young San Francisco woman that sparked a national immigration debate said Monday they will ask a judge to toss his gun possession conviction.

{FD} Man acquitted in San Francisco shooting got lucky on lawyer

It was a stroke of good luck for a frequently deported Mexican man acquitted in the killing of a woman on a San Francisco pier that he got one of the city’s top public defenders as his lawyer.

{FD} Officer: ****** ricocheted in San Francisco pier shooting

The bullet that killed a woman on a San Francisco pier two years ago ricocheted off the ground about 100 yards away before hitting her in the back and later launching a criminal case at the center of a national immigration debate.

{FD} New details revealed in California mom’s disappearance

A California sheriff released new details Wednesday in the mysterious case of a young mother who was found battered and bruised but alive along a freeway after she was missing for three weeks.

{FD} Murder trial starts for man who stoked US immigration debate

Prosecutors called the father of Kate Steinle as their first witness in the murder trial of the man charged with fatally shooting his daughter in San Francisco two years ago.

{FD} Murder trial that sparked immigration debate gets underway

Trial begins this week for a Mexican man who set off a national immigration debate after he fatally shot a woman on a popular San Francisco pier.

{FD} Fire-ravaged California city turns to hockey for respite

For one Sunday, the fires that ravaged Santa Rosa and wiped out thousands of homes were an afterthought at Snoopy’s Home Ice.

{FD} Politically fraught San Francisco murder trial gets jury

After being asked detailed questions about their views on Latinos, immigration and guns, a jury has been selected for the murder trial of the man who fatally shot Kate Steinle.

{FD} Up in smoke: Wildfires scorch California pot crop at harvest

Desperate to see if wildfires had damaged his farm, Marcos Morales gunned his four-wheel-drive station wagon along the hidden dirt roads that crisscross Sonoma County vineyards.

{FD} California wildfires make searching for missing tough

Many are missing amid California’s storm of wildfires and searches have been marked mostly by confusion.

{FD} A cigarette, a car backfire: Small sparks can make big fires

A carelessly discarded cigarette, a downed power line, a car’s backfire or a chainsaw’s pull.

{FD} Teen wanted for deportation is accused of California killing

Federal immigration authorities were tracking a young immigrant when San Francisco police say he shot and killed a popular community activist last month.

{FD} Fast-food worker charged with trying to kill baby in ******

California prosecutors said Wednesday that a fast-food restaurant cashier gave birth to a baby girl while at work and then tried to kill her him by flushing her down a toilet.

{FD} Berkeley police want OK to pepper spray violent crowds

Police in Berkeley, California say they need an additional weapon to combat violent protests that have repeatedly hit the city.

{FD} Plane passenger spots man texting about sex abuse of kids

Seattle police say a passenger on a plane spotted a fellow traveler texting someone about sexually exploiting children and contacted authorities as soon as she landed.

{FD} Man charged with fatal Oakland warehouse fire seeks bail

One of two men charged with involuntary manslaughter for an Oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people will seek his release Friday from jail on bail.

{FD} Arson investigators search for motive of California fires

San Francisco Bay Area developers are on edge and boosting security at building sites in the region after four recent fires destroyed under-construction apartments in a region often divided by affordable housing politics.