{FD} The truth (and good news) about Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama

Roy Moore, the Republican defeated Tuesday in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama, turned out to be a deeply flawed candidate and one who traditional Republican voters – including people of faith and suburban men and women – could neither muster enthusiasm for nor support.

{FD} Are Republicans plotting to sell-out small business?

As I and other conservatives have written, two stealthy ObamaCare tax increases are slated to hit Americans hard in just a few weeks: the medical device tax and the health insurance tax.

{FD} Matt Lauer was fired a week ago for appalling behavior, not ‘toxic masculinity’

In its attempts to blame all men for certain behaviors, the left is trying to avoid the fact that it created toxic masculinity. It created the werewolves and the vampires with their twisted views of the world and the genders and love and sex—it created the rapacious male.

{FD} After NYC terror attack, let’s use common sense to protect ourselves from radical Islamic terrorists

Tuesday’s attack by a radical Islamic terrorist that took the lives of eight people and injured a dozen in New York City was a startling wake-up call for many Americans.

{FD} The charitable health care racket — Trump should slap new regulations on nonprofit hospitals

One area of the health care industry that hasn’t been examined hard enough is where the bulk of health care takes place: hospitals, especially nonprofit hospitals.

{FD} Mr. Trump, don’t just address the symptoms. Cure the ‘swamp disease’

Now that HHS Secretary Tom Price has resigned over his abuse of chartered flights and the taxpayers who funded them, it’s helpful both to have some perspective and to see this as a microcosm of why the 2016 election happened.