{FD} Emanuel rolls out Chicago ID for ‘undocumented’ and those ‘on the sidelines’

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has unveiled a new ID program that he says is designed to welcome the “undocumented” community and people “on the sidelines” into the city.

{FD} Al Franken’s resignation gives Republicans ‘huge’ opportunity to win seat: GOP leader

The chair of the Minnesota Republican Party told Fox News that Sen. Al Franken’s resignation on Thursday is a “huge” opportunity for the party to win over a Senate seat.

{FD} Chicago man sues Cubs, MLB after foul ball leaves him blind in one eye

A 60-year-old Illinois man who says he’s a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan is now imploring the team and Major League Baseball to immediately install more nets protecting fans in crowds after he was hit in the face by a ball in August, causing him to immediately go blind in one eye.

{FD} Vegas shooter booked Chicago hotel room, scouted Boston sites, reports say

Chicago Police are investigating a report that Las Vegas gunman who allegedly committed the biggest mass shooting in American history, Stephen Paddock, booked rooms at the Blackstone hotel overlooking the massive music festival Lollapalooza this past summer.

{FD} Joel Osteen: Our church didn’t turn people away after Harvey

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen is shooting down claims his Lakewood Church in Houston turned Hurricane Harvey victims away, saying that keeping the doors closed for a few days during and after the storm was the “safe thing” to do.

Lexington braces for protests as Confederate statue removals proceed

This city is bracing for trouble as at least one white supremacy group announced plans to come here to protest the removal of two Confederate statues.

{FD} Two years after University of Missouri protests, college can’t shake negative image

It’s been nearly two years since racially fueled protests on the campus of the University of Missouri drew national attention – and the school still hasn’t fully recovered.

{FD} Retired farmer drives tractor across US for wounded vets

Ivan Stoltzfus, 70, was a successful farmer for 30 years near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

{FD} Defense attorneys can bring up pot charge in Minnesota police shooting trial

A Minnesota judge is expected to finalize the list of 12 jurors selected to decide the fate of police officer Jeronimo Yanez—the policeman who shot and killed Philando Castile in a traffic stop last July.

{FD} Is improving Chicago’s grim crime rate Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s top priority?

The good news coming out of Chicago also serves as a sad reminder of just how bad the city’s violence is: 239 people were murdered as of May 31, according to Chicago Police.

{FD} Veterans buried in silence: Group tries to revive Taps at military funerals

Hundreds of American veterans die each day and each of them unquestionably earned the honor of having “Taps” played during their burial ceremony as a final tribute for their sacrifice.

{FD} To fight Chicago violence, police use technology that traces ‘day in the life’ of a gun

You’ve heard of the “day in the life of” an interesting person or public figure. Well now, new ballistic technology is helping federal agents and police create a day in the life of the guns being used by criminals terrorizing America’s neighborhoods– especially those in Chicago.

{FD} Chicago too lax on gun crimes, city’s judicial system a ‘joke,’ critics say

Chicago’s historic crime wave has been blamed on gangs, guns and drugs.

{FD} Chicago’s violent gangs looting freight cars filled with guns

Gangsters are ransacking freight trains and stealing weapons that eventually make their way to the city’s blood-soaked streets.

{FD} Caterpillar offices at company headquarters raided by federal agents

Caterpillar confirmed to Fox News that law enforcement raided offices at the company’s headquarters, exectuting search warrants on three propertiers in the Peoria, Ill.

{FD} Chicago Mayor Emanuel unveils 3-part plan to curb bloody violence, pleads for support

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s struggling to repair his tattered image, fought tears and pleaded with neighbors to support the city’s police officers as he unveiled a three-part plan to fight the city’s staggering violent crime and bloodshed.

{FD} Ex-Chicago alderman, Marine vet pushes city code calling for respect for National Anthem

As some NFL players and high school athletes nationwide spark outrage by intentionally sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem, a Chicago veteran and retired alderman has proposed the city enforce that all people stand when the Star Spangled Banner is played.

{FD} One year later, officials stunned by ‘betrayal’ of Illinois cop who staged suicide

This Labor Day weekend marks one year since Fox Lake, Illinois Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz staged his on-the-job suicide to look like murder—sparking a massive investigation and nationwide manhunt for three “killers” who didn’t exist.