{FD} Pentagon to allow transgender people to enlist in military

The Pentagon is allowing transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite President Donald Trump’s opposition.

{FD} Army now forgiving of past marijuana use to attract recruits

Smoked pot? Want to go to war?

{FD} Mattis seeks more cooperation with Pakistan on terror fight

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will meet with leaders of Pakistan Monday to seek common ground on the counterterrorism fight, amid Trump administration calls for Islamabad to more aggressively go after the insurgents moving back and forth across the border with Afghanistan.

{FD} Smoked pot and want to enlist? Army issuing more waivers

Smoked pot? Want to go to war?

{FD} Mattis signals military shift in Syria to reflect IS defeat

The U.S. military is shifting its stance in Syria, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday, as the program to arm the Kurdish opposition comes to a close and is replaced by increased support to local police and security forces.

{FD} NATO boosts support to Afghanistan war; Falls short of goal

NATO officials say that after months of lobbying allies to increase their troop contributions for the Afghanistan war, the alliance came up short, meeting a bit more than 90 percent of the military requirements outlined by commanders.

{FD} US could have almost 16,000 troops in Afghanistan next year

U.S. officials say the planned deployment of hundreds more U.S. Army trainers to Afghanistan early next year probably will increase the total number of American forces there to almost 16,000.

{FD} Mattis on sharing with FBI: Must ‘find out what’s going on’

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he has directed the Pentagon’s watchdog to examine the circumstances of the Air Force’s failure to report the Texas church shooter’s domestic violence conviction to the FBI.

{FD} Combat and cultural readiness key for new Army trainers

The Army’s new training brigade is looking beyond traditional best practices to see if soldiers meet the cultural and personality criteria to train local forces in dramatically different cultures.

{FD} Collision worries prompt Navy review of all staff, ships

Concerned about widespread training and leadership failures in the Pacific fleet that triggered two deadly ship collisions, the Navy’s top officer said Thursday that he’s asked his commanders around the world to review their staff and ships to see if they have similar problems.

{FD} Navy recommends sweeping changes after ship collisions

U.S. Navy leaders are recommending a sweeping list of changes in sailor training, crew requirements and safety procedures to address systemic problems across the Pacific fleet that led to two deadly ship collisions earlier this year, killing 17 sailors.

{FD} US suspects Niger villager betrayed Army troops

The U.S. military believes someone in a Niger village may have tipped off attackers to the presence of U.S. commandoes and Nigerien forces in the area, setting in motion the ambush that killed four Americans, a senior defense official said Tuesday.

{FD} US general: Many questions remain about Niger attack

The top U.S. general says four U.S. special operations forces died in Niger (nee-ZHEHR’) Oct. 4 amid a “complex situation” and a “difficult firefight.”

{FD} Votel: More US advisers will help break Afghan war stalemate

The top U.S. commander for the Middle East says American troops in Afghanistan have begun working with smaller Afghan units to prepare them for a more aggressive offensive against the Taliban next year in a push to break the stalemate in the 16-year-old war.

{FD} Militants that attacked US troops in Niger were new to area

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the Islamic extremists that ambushed and killed U.S. Army commandoes in Niger last week hadn’t operated in that area before.

{FD} US officials: 4th US soldier dead after attack in Niger

After an extensive search, a U.S. soldier who had been missing for nearly two days in Niger has been found dead, a result of a deadly ambush by dozens of Islamic extremists on a joint patrol of American and Niger forces, U.S. officials said Friday.

{FD} Pentagon: Hurricane to slow some deployments to Afghanistan

Pentagon officials say the Defense Department’s response to the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico is slowing the deployment of some U.S. forces to Afghanistan.

{FD} Red Cross will soon see American IS fighter held in Iraq

The Pentagon says an American citizen who was fighting with Islamic State militants and surrendered in Syria more than two weeks ago remains in U.S. military custody.

{FD} Army looks for new ways to address misbehaving generals

The Army is putting together a series of new mental health, counseling and career management programs to shape stronger, more ethical leaders.

{FD} Family of killed sailors hear Navy describe strain on force

The Navy’s top officer says that although commanders are ultimately responsible for problems leading to two recent fatal ship collisions — the spike in naval operations combined with budget shortfalls and uncertainty strained his force and made it difficult to do needed training and maintenance.