{FD} Lawyers: Former Atlanta fire chief fired for religious views

Attorneys for a fired Atlanta fire chief are arguing that their client was let go for his religious beliefs, but lawyers for the city dispute that.

{FD} Group invites white people to “Come Meet a Black Person”

A Georgia professional organization is inviting white people to “Come Meet a Black Person.”

{FD} Man gets life without parole in killing of Florida priest

A man accused of killing a Florida priest in Georgia has pleaded guilty after reaching a deal with prosecutors to spare him the death penalty.

{FD} Georgia city ends fees for people who drop abuse allegations

A Georgia city has agreed to stop making alleged victims in domestic violence cases pay fees when they decline to participate in prosecutions.

{FD} Man accused of killing priest says he’ll be spared death

A man accused of killing a Florida priest in Georgia says he has reached an agreement with prosecutors that will spare him the death penalty.

{FD} Atlanta contractors get prison time in contract bribery case

Two Atlanta contractors have been sentenced to prison as part of an ongoing federal investigation into bribes paid for city contracts.

{FD} Former prison guard admits sexually assaulting inmates

A former Georgia prison guard has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting three female inmates and making a bomb threat.

{FD} Justices grant execution stay to consider juror racial bias

The U.S. Supreme Court granted a temporary stay of execution for a Georgia inmate whose attorneys argue that the 59-year-old black man’s death sentence was tainted by a juror’s racial bias.

{FD} Georgia plans to execute man who killed sister-in-law

A Georgia man who killed his sister-in-law 27 years ago is set to be executed Tuesday.

{FD} Georgia wants to execute inmates accused of killing guards

Two inmates accused of killing their guards on a Georgia prison bus three months ago were indicted Tuesday on multiple charges, including murder, and the state plans to seek the death penalty.

{FD} 3 people charged with inciting riot after Georgia Tech vigil

Three people face charges of inciting a riot and battery of an officer after violent clashes with campus police at Georgia Tech following a vigil for a student fatally shot by officers, a university spokesman said Tuesday.

{FD} Post-vigil protest for slain Georgia Tech student; 3 arrests

Georgia Tech officials say three people were arrested during a protest after a vigil for a student who was fatally shot by campus police.

{FD} Execution set for Georgia man who killed his sister-in-law

A Georgia death row inmate convicted of killing his sister-in-law 27 years ago is set for execution later this month.

Postal workers charged with taking bribes to deliver drugs

Federal prosecutors in Atlanta say 16 postal workers in Atlanta and the surrounding area have been charged with accepting bribes to deliver packages of cocaine.

{FD} Reward tops $100K: Where did it come from and who gets it?

When two Georgia inmates escaped from a prison bus leaving two dead guards in their wake, the reward for information leading to their capture rose quickly.

{FD} Report: Numerous security policy violations in inmate escape

A report issued by Georgia corrections officials concludes there were numerous security police violations in the lead-up to the escape of two inmates from a prison bus last month.

{FD} Man ordered to carry photo of girl killed in crash he caused

A Georgia judge has ordered a New Mexico man to carry around a photo of an 18-year-old girl who died in a crash that the man caused.

{FD} Key part of law to help child sex abuse survivors to expire

A key provision of a Georgia law meant to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse is set to expire Saturday.

{FD} Search for escaped inmates expanding as it enters 3rd day

The search for two Georgia inmates sought in the killing of their guards during an escape from a prison bus went into its third day Thursday and the scope of the manhunt is expanding.

{FD} Manhunt sparked by slaying of prison guards, inmates’ escape

Two Georgia inmates serving long prison sentences and “dangerous beyond description” overpowered and killed two guards on a prison bus before fleeing in a stolen car, authorities said.