{FD} Brother: Slain Missouri officer saw policing as dream job

A Missouri police officer slain during a traffic stop was eulogized Saturday as an optimistic man who always prized law enforcement, with the state’s governor pressing mourners to appreciate the perils of police in a culture “too quick to condemn” them.

{FD} As homicides increase, Kansas City grasps for answers, help

Kansas City, Missouri, has a new police chief, and stemming a surge in the city’s homicides appears certain to be high on his agenda.

{FD} Charges mount in corruption probe at Kansas City jail

A federal crackdown on alleged bribery-related smuggling of such contraband as cigarettes, cell phones and prescription drugs into the county jail in Kansas City, Missouri, has expanded with indictments accusing a fifth person and adding more charges against the previous four suspects.

{FD} Man accused of deadly Kansas City road-rage shooting

A suburban Kansas City man was accused Saturday of opening fire on a couple in another car during a suspected road-rage confrontation, killing that driver and injuring his pregnant girlfriend as the couple was returning home from a sonogram appointment.

{FD} Pvt. Chelsea Manning set for release after 7 years in prison

Pvt. Chelsea Manning is due to be released from a Kansas military prison after serving seven years of her 35-year sentence for leaking classified government materials to WikiLeaks.