{FD} Ex-Arizona police officer acquitted in fatal hotel shooting

A former Arizona police officer was acquitted Thursday of a murder charge in the 2016 fatal shooting of an unarmed man outside his hotel room as officers were responding to a call that someone there was pointing a gun out a window.

{FD} Murder charge dismissed against Phoenix man in son’s death

A murder charge against a Phoenix man in the shooting death of his 9-year-old son earlier this year has been dismissed at the request of prosecutors.

{FD} Jurors in Arizona see video of officer killing unarmed man

Jurors at the murder trial of a former Arizona police officer were shown a video Thursday of the lawman killing an unarmed man who sobbed and begged not to be shot, marking the first time the full body-camera footage has been shown in public.

{FD} Trial to begin for ex-Arizona officer charged with murder

Officers responding to a call that someone was pointing a rifle out a window at an Arizona hotel rushed to the guest’s room and ordered a man inside to exit, lay face-down in the hallway and refrain from making any sudden movements – or risk being shot.

{FD} Ex-Catholic bishop of Phoenix accused of sex abuse of boy

A former head of the Catholic church in Phoenix has been accused of molesting a young boy 35 years ago.

{FD} Trial opens in case seeking details on executions in Arizona

A civil trial began Tuesday over whether Arizona must reveal the source of its execution drugs, with an attorney for news organizations saying the public needs those details to determine whether the state is effective in carrying out the death penalty.

{FD} Prosecutors bring charges in Phoenix serial killing case

A former city bus driver accused in a string of deadly nighttime shootings of people outside their homes or sitting in cars that prompted residents of a Phoenix neighborhood to stay inside after dark has been formally charged with nine counts of murder.

{FD} Workers start dismantling jail tent complex in Phoenix

Crews have started to dismantle some of the tents in a controversial outdoor jail complex in Phoenix that helped make former Sheriff Joe Arpaio a national law enforcement figure.

{FD} Phoenix serial killings suspect left behind shell casings

The man arrested in a string of serial killings left behind shell casings at several scenes that authorities tested and linked him to the crimes, police said in documents released Friday that provide the most detailed narrative to date about a case that unnerved Phoenix neighborhoods last year.

{FD} A look at 2 separate serial shooting cases to plague Phoenix

Since the summer of 2015, metropolitan Phoenix has been roiled by two serial shooting cases in which an attacker has fired gunshots at targets from a vehicle.