{FD} Russia’s Putin lands in Egypt in sign of growing ties

Making his second visit to Egypt since 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Cairo on Monday for talks with his Egyptian counterpart on the two countries’ rapidly expanding ties and regional issues.

{FD} Egyptian village where mosque was attacked had been warned

Elders of a village in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula where militants killed 305 people in a mosque had been warned by Islamic State operatives to stop collaborating with security forces and to suspend rituals associated with Islam’s mystical Sufi movement, security officials and residents said Sunday.

{FD} Egypt’s options dwindling in its fight against militants

The scale of the bloodshed was vastly higher than past militant attacks but the Egyptian government response the same: Three days of mourning, reassuring messages in the media that things are under control, and the president promising vengeance.

{FD} Egypt tries to avoid a fight as allies escalate against Iran

Egypt faces high expectations from Saudi Arabia and its other Gulf Arab benefactors that it will have their back as tensions rise with their rival Iran, including throwing the weight of its military — the largest standing Arab army — into the crisis if needed.

{FD} Egypt’s el-Sissi says Iraq, Syria militants headed to Libya

Egypt’s president says the defeat of the extremist Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria is likely to have forced militants to seek a safe haven in neighboring Libya, from which they will later cross into his country.

{FD} Egypt’s el-Sissi warns Iran to stop “meddling” in region

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi says Iran must stop “meddling” in the region’s affairs, saying he does not want war and that crises can be resolved by dialogue, but that the security of Arab Gulf countries must not be threatened.

{FD} Rights lawyer to run against el-Sissi in Egypt’s 2018 vote

Three senior politicians say a prominent rights lawyer will challenge President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in next year’s elections.

{FD} ‘Geostorm’ actor convicted in his native Egypt

An Egyptian court has convicted “Geostorm” actor Amr Waked for damaging a car parked outside his Cairo home, sentencing him to three months in prison, his lawyer said on Monday, in a case suspected of serving as punishment for the actor’s vocal opposition to government policies.

{FD} IS reclusive leader rallies followers in purported new audio

The leader of the Islamic State group urged followers to burn their enemies everywhere and target “media centers of the infidels,” according to an audio recording that the extremists said was by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

{FD} Iraqi Kurdish vote latest in series of de facto breaks

The Iraqi Kurds’ independence referendum that was just held could mean further instability in the Middle East, where formal borders have remained in place for decades but recent conflicts have resulted in several de facto partitions.

{FD} Worlds of Islam, Michael Jackson collide in Egyptian film

An Egyptian ultraconservative Muslim preacher hears on his car radio news of the death of Michael Jackson, the pop singer he idolized in his teens, and he becomes so distraught he crashes his car.

{FD} Shattered by war, Sunni Arabs despair over future in Iraq

Fawaz Saleh Ahmed has been secretly sneaking into his own village in northern Iraq to visit his home.

Iraq’s Sunnis wrestle with militants’ religious legacy

Even as the Islamic State group’s rule is being torn down in Iraq, the seeds are there for it — or a successor extremist group — to rise again one day.

Trump administration calls out Egypt on human rights

Washington’s surprise decision this week to cut or delay nearly $300 million in aid to Egypt is the first time the Trump administration has publicly called out Cairo on its poor human rights record.

{FD} Egyptian, Palestinian leaders meet amid likely Gaza shakeup

Egyptian and Palestinian leaders have met amid signs of a rapprochement between Cairo and the Islamic militant Hamas group that could shake up Gaza’s political landscape and sideline the Palestinian president.

{FD} Shunned by the rich, Cairo’s subway speaks of economic woes

Cairo’s subway is perhaps the cheapest in the world.

{FD} Egypt islands deal with Saudi pits government against courts

The past week’s tempestuous parliament approval of a deal transferring two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia is putting Egypt’s government at odds with the judiciary and providing the country’s battered opposition with a nationalist cause to whip up at a time of growing economic distress.

{FD} Egypt’s el-Sissi sees vindication in moves against Qatar

The alliance with Gulf countries to isolate Qatar has given a significant boost to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who over the past three years has been trying to find backers in what he calls a “comprehensive” war on militancy.

{FD} Egypt’s answer to latest attack reflects despair, resolve

Egypt’s response to the latest deadly attack against its sizable Christian minority — a wave of airstrikes against Islamic militant installations in eastern Libya — may be a sign of both despair and resolve.

{FD} Survivors of Egypt Christian bus attack recount their horror

Video interviews with survivors of a deadly attack by Islamic militants on a bus taking Egyptian Christians to a remote desert monastery are painting a picture of untold horror, with children hiding under their seats to escape gunfire.