{FD} Italy uses imams in prisons to deter extremism among inmates

Italy’s plan to reduce the risk of a jihadi-inspired attack is pinned in small part on El Hacmi Mimoun, an imam who bikes to the prison here every week and exhorts Muslim inmates not to stray from life’s “right path” or hate people who aren’t Muslim.

{FD} Rome show smashes myth Virgin model was Borgia pope’s lover

For centuries, Renaissance artist Pintoricchio was practically accused of blasphemy by those who contended he used Pope Alexander VI’s young lover as the model for the Madonna in a wall painting that decorated the pontiff’s private apartment.

{FD} UN agency: survivors says some 126 migrants died in wreck

The U.N. migration agency says four survivors have recounted how some 126 fellow migrants drowned off Libya last week when their dinghy foundered.

{FD} Vatican: Pope to visit Chile and Peru, in January 2018

The Vatican says Pope Francis will visit Chile and Peru in 2018.

{FD} Alleged Italian mobster-drug kingpin detained in Brazil

Italian and Brazilian authorities say a fugitive ‘ndrangheta crime clan boss, accused of international drug trafficking, has been detained at a Brazil airport.

{FD} Ivanka Trump asks trafficked women what US can do to help

Ivanka Trump met Wednesday met with a group of African women who were trafficked into Italian prostitution rings, a private encounter said to have moved her to tears.