{FD} Opponents in LGBT case agree: It’s not about wedding cake

In a legal case with profound implications for LGBT rights and religion’s place in public life, the opposing sides agree on this: It’s not about the cake.

{FD} Allegations against Roy Moore roil US evangelical ranks

For many evangelicals, fiery Alabama politician and judge Roy Moore has been a longtime hero.

{FD} It’s Boy Scouts vs. Girl Scouts as BSA moves to admit girls

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts pledge to be friendly and helpful.

{FD} In historic change, Boy Scouts to let girls in some programs

Embracing a historic change, the Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday plans to admit girls into the Cub Scouts starting next year and to establish a new program for older girls using the same curriculum as the Boy Scouts.

{FD} US seeks to quash lawsuit opposing transgender military ban

The Justice Department is asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s moves to curtail military service by transgender people.

{FD} More trafficking victims turn to hotline with pleas for help

Many Americans know little about the National Human Trafficking Hotline beyond public service ads providing its phone number.

{FD} For Red Cross, hurricanes bring both donations and criticism

After confronting back-to-back major hurricanes, the American Red Cross has received a huge outpouring of financial support — and a simultaneous barrage of criticism.

Girl Scouts accuse Boy Scouts of covertly recruiting girls

Inflaming a century-old and mostly cordial rivalry, the president of the Girl Scouts of the USA is accusing the Boy Scouts of seeking to covertly recruit girls into their programs while disparaging the Girl Scouts’ operations.

{FD} Lawsuit opposes Trump’s ban on transgender military service

Two LGBT-rights organizations filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday challenging President Donald Trump’s tweets declaring he wants a ban on transgender people serving in the military.

{FD} Trump’s military transgender ban prompts LGBT outrage

Most LGBT-rights activists never believed Donald Trump’s campaign promises to be their friend.

{FD} LGBT outrage over Trump ban on transgender military service

Most LGBT-rights activists never believed Donald Trump’s campaign promises to be their friend.

{FD} Support for gay marriage surges, even among groups once wary

In the two years since same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, support for it has surged even among groups that recently were broadly opposed, according to a new national survey.

{FD} New report: Charitable giving in US rises slightly in 2016

Charitable giving in the United States increased in 2016 — but only slightly, according to the latest comprehensive report on Americans’ giving patterns.