{FD} Republicans step up countermeasures against Mueller

Will they be successful?

{FD} After Alabama, now what?

Time will tell…

{FD} Alabama Dems look to win with a throwback

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{FD} Who’s really got poll position in Alabama?

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{FD} Trump lays it on the Flori-Bama line for Moore

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{FD} Trump’s campaign against Justice, FBI is working

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{FD} Former top Trump lieutenant defects to Mueller

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{FD} Partisan dysfunction drives demand for new choice

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{FD} Schumer, Pelosi no show bodes ill for fiscal, tax bills

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{FD} Pelosi, Franken try to put the brakes on

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{FD} Presenting your 2017 Turkey Bowl winners

America has much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: Peace, prosperity and what Abraham Lincoln called the “inestimable blessings” of “the Great Disposer of Events.”

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{FD} A cynics’ history of politicized sex scandals

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