{FD} North Korean defector describes forced abortion, said bodies fed to dogs in prison

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley held a meeting on the human rights situation in North Korea where one defector spoke about how she was forced to have an abortion following her repatriation from China.

{FD} Nikki Haley defends Trump’s Jerusalem decision, blasts UN for ‘hostility toward Israel’

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, on Friday defended President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

{FD} Secretary-General takes swipe at Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as UN calls for emergency meeting

The reaction at the United Nations to President Donald Trump’s historic announcement on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel was swift — and critical.

{FD} UN document said to be funding Palestinian legal action against Israel may run afoul of US policy

A U.S. official has called parts of a United Nations framework document aimed at helping the Palestinians gain statehood, as another example of “inherent anti-Israel bias in the U.N. system.”

{FD} Former Venezuelan diplomat faces death threats as he takes on the Maduro regime

He’s one of the few Venezuelan diplomats who dared to stand up to the Venezuelan regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

{FD} Exclusive: Lawmakers call on Trump administration to outlaw Muslim Brotherhood with new strategy

Lawmakers behind a House bill aimed at designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization have prepared a draft letter calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to designate the group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

{FD} Trump Administration praised by democracy activists for calling Venezuela a ‘narco-state’

Nikki Haley, United States ambassador to the United Nations, has a message for ordinary Venezuelans — “not to give up on hope for a better future.”

{FD} Terror Airlines? Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps runs country’s largest airline, report says

A new report released by an Iranian opposition group claims that Iran’s biggest airline — Mahan Air — is run by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its Qods Force, despite being called a private carrier.

{FD} Trump Administration pledges up to $60M to stop next ‘reservoir of jihadi terrorists’

The Trump administration Monday pledged up to $60 million to support the counterterrorism efforts of a five African nation force to fight the growing terrorist threat in the Sahel region of Africa.

{FD} Israel accuses UN human rights official of hateful incitement

A special investigator assigned by the United Nations Human Rights Council to look into abuses in the Palestinian Territories left out any mention of actual Palestinian abuses in his report.

{FD} Anti-regime protests spreading across Iran, says country’s opposition

Ordinary Iranians reportedly took their grievances against the Tehran regime today to the country’s parliament as a result of what they say are the regime’s plundering of their savings and its corrupt policies.

{FD} Trump Iran speech emboldening ordinary Iranians to speak out against regime

President Donald Trump followed up his Iran speech announcing that he would not be certifying the Iran nuclear deal by also making clear his administration stood in solidarity with ordinary Iranians.

{FD} Russia giving cover to Iran could doom nuclear deal as Trump considers whether to certify

As President Donald Trump considers whether to certify to Congress the controversial 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, word that the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog can’t verify a crucial part of the agreement could tip the scales with time running out by the middle of next month.

{FD} Former UN Ambassador John Bolton dismisses US reform effort as “just the usual rhetoric”

Former American ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton says a U.S. -sponsored draft declaration on U.N. reform being chaired next week by President Trump “is just the usual rhetoric.”

{FD} UN rips Venezuelan human rights abuses, as government orders opposition leader’s wife to court

A hard-hitting United Nations report on Venezuela released this week said the human rights situation in the socialist country is “increasingly critical” for anti-government protesters, who are facing “mounting levels of repression” from that country’s national security forces.

{FD} Trump accused of media ‘incitement’ by UN official from journo-jailing Jordan

The U.N. human rights chief – whose country prosecutes journalists for insulting the Prophet Muhammad – has jumped to the defense of media outlets targeted by President Trump.

US picks up another UN victory as Security Council may seek new resolution against North Korea

Japan’s United Nations ambassador told reporters today that a new U.S.-backed resolution could be in the works to further isolate North Korea, following a resounding Security Council condemnation last night of North Korea’s latest missile launch over Japan.

UN accused of double standard in warning about racism in America

The United Nations is taking heat for warning that “racism and xenophobia are on the rise in America” in the wake of last weekend’s Charlottesville violence – amid criticism that their “sudden concern with anti-Semitism” is “disingenuous” given the U.N.’s past treatment of Israel.

UN Security Council considers resolution punishing ISIS for crimes against humanity

Today’s ISIS-claimed terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain — which killed at least 13 people and left many injured — coincided with a new effort to bring the terrorist group to justice for crimes committed against humanity in Iraq.

{FD} UN worker accused of aiding Hamas is arrested

A group of employees who work for a United Nations agency in Gaza are under investigation for aiding the terrorist group Hamas — and at least one person has been arrested, Fox News has learned.