{FD} Attacks on Israeli soldier turned whistleblower get personal

A former Israeli combat officer turned whistleblower has found himself in the fight of his lifetime, leading a campaign against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and drawing relentless criticism from the country’s leaders who have labeled him a traitor.

{FD} 102-year-old survivor reunites with newly discovered nephew

Eliahu Pietruszka shuffled his 102-year-old body through the lobby of his retirement home toward a stranger he had never met and collapsed into him in a teary embrace.

{FD} New-look Labor leader vows to unseat Netanyahu in Israel

After falling out with Benjamin Netanyahu as a junior member of the Cabinet last year, Avi Gabbay is now a leading candidate to replace the scandal-plagued prime minister.

{FD} Jerusalem protests look to preserve ultra-Orthodox lifestyle

A string of protests by ultra-Orthodox Jewish activists against Israel’s compulsory military service has paralyzed Jerusalem in recent weeks in what their leaders had hoped would be a show of strength by the traditionally insular society.

{FD} After Obama, Israel’s Netanyahu relishing in Trump love fest

Widely unpopular around the world, President Donald Trump can take solace in the adulation of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who showers him with praise and even holds his tongue over issues Israel might normally complain about.

Weekly anti-Netanyahu rallies grow larger in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is engulfed in a string of scandals and faces a growing grassroots protest movement demanding his indictment and removal from office.

{FD} Israel’s ‘crown prince’ Netanyahu under fire for crude post

Since becoming an adult, the eldest son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly drawn media criticism for what has been portrayed as a life of privilege at taxpayers’ expense.

{FD} Israel’s Labor Party looks to rebrand with leadership vote

As Israel’s Labor Party prepares to choose its new leader, it already has taken a big step toward shedding its image as a bastion of liberal, upper-class Israelis of European descent.

{FD} Israel’s Labor aims for relevance with leadership election

Israel’s venerable Labor Party, which led the country to independence and steered it for decades through wars, crises and the pursuit of peace is now fighting to merely stay relevant.

{FD} Israel’s ex-PM Ehud Olmert granted early release from prison

The parole board of Israel’s Prison Service on Thursday granted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert early release from his 27-month corruption sentence, in perhaps the final chapter of a stunning fall from grace that forced him from office amid the last serious round of peace talks with the Palestinians.

{FD} Trump’s Yad Vashem visit highlights mixed Holocaust record

President Donald Trump’s brief visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial may prove to be the most explosive stop during a hypersensitive trip to Israel.