Global corporations want refugee workers, then cut the BS about humanitarianism

Let’s have the debate, but cut the crap about the US Refugee Admissions Program being about saving the poor and destitute of the world, and stop denigrating any of us who don’t agree with the premise that refugee workers are vital to giant corporations.

Miliband in Manhattan

Charity my foot! Moneybags Miliband pulls down a salary of over $600,000 annually so if the IRC wanted to keep its office open in Tyson Foods-run Garden City, Kansas they could! Another boo-hoo story on a Trump-shuttered resettlement office.

If you have followed RRW for the last ten years you know that basic principles have emerged about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program:

~A driving force behind more refugees coming to your towns and cities is the desire by BIG MEAT, the hospitality industry, and other manufacturing companies to hire trapped refugee laborers (trapped because they have no where else to go!).

~It is maddening that the UN and the US State Department are busy (on our dime!) to supply those laborers to big business.

~You have learned that the so-called Voluntary Agencies (VOLAGs), some calling themselves “religious” charities,*** are paid by the US taxpayer to take care of the incoming work force for a few months.

~The refugee labor force (salaries are low!) is eligible for a cornucopia of public services (aka welfare) to supplement the meager wages for families that sometimes include six children.  What a business model: cheap wages & welfare supplementation!

~You have surely seen the refugee industry (corporations and federal contractors) attempt to paint their mission as one of love for humanity and anyone who questions that love is mean-spirited.

~You have also learned that if you show concern for the cultural disruption of your town or city, or want to know what it all is costing you, you are a bigot. Just two days ago I posted about how Tyson Foods is transforming Garden City, Kansas.

~And, not to be forgotten, in addition to global corporations pushing for more refugee laborers, are the Dems looking for reliable voters who want the welfare gravy train to continue (Cloward & Piven).

~Finally, you have seen that Congress is not doing a thing to reform the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, why?

Republicans: Money! Money! Money! Dems: Voters! Voters! Voters!

Why am I summarizing this today?


Because I am seeing a spate of stories about how, as the Trump admission numbers decline, big business is now out of the closet promoting the desirability of a refugee labor workforce for themselves, and I repeat:

If we want to have that discussion then let’s have it, but cut the crap about humanitarianism and more importantly stop the usual Leftist tactic of attacking those of us who do not share the globalists’ world view.

First up today is this news from Neil Munro at Breitbart about how Jeff Bezos (Amazon and the Washington Post) (hat tip: Richard). The story is from March, but I am just seeing it now:

Jeff Bezos’ WashPost Endorses Meatpackers’ Cheap-Labor Immigration Strategy

That story discusses JBS Swifts desire for cheap refugee labor. Longtime readers may remember that JBS (a Brazilian owned company) contracted with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to help them acquire and retain refugee workers.

Then I see that Forbes is pushing this news:

Study: Refugees Stay In Manufacturing Jobs Longer Than Other Employees


Ulukaya and Soros

Ulukaya (Mr. Chobani Yogurt) with George Soros: It is a twofer—cheap labor for them while they work to create a borderless world!


That story features our ol’ pal Hamdi Ulukaya (Mr. Chobani Yogurt) who has been busy transforming Twin Falls, Idaho and promoting his Tent Foundation—a cabal of well known global businesses promoting the movement of cheap labor around the world.

Indeed we learned that Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service was contracted to write their refugee hiring guide!

See the Tent Foundation’s partners that include both facebook and twitter.

Expect to see more stories going forward as giant global corporations wail for more refugee laborers.


*** These are the nine federal contractors that have monopolized refugee resettlement in the US, some for decades!  They are the handmaidens of global corporations like Chobani Yogurt, JBS Swift, Tyson Foods, Marriot Hotels, etc….

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

If you are wondering, I post this list every chance I get because we have new readers daily and because I want all of you to know that for reform to be possible these nine fake non-profits have to go.

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White South African farmers apply for refugee protection in Australia; no special treatment for them

First I saw this news from RT at Drudge:

White South African farmers claiming persecution at home seek refuge in Australia

So I checked it out and see that the government of Australia has said they will get no special treatment, and indeed the Australian Leftists say that the government must first take care of the mostly Muslim migrants being held in detention on Nauru and Manus islands.

As you know the US is taking some of those detainees in the “dumb” Australia Deal.

Story here:

White South African farmers won’t get special treatment, despite Peter Dutton’s earlier claims

Screenshot (273)

It is pretty undeniable!

But, because I have been predicting for years that once the United Nations is forced to admit that blacks can be racists and that whites are applying for refugee status because they are being persecuted by people of color they will fight to the death to deny it!

I once asked readers to imagine the day when the UN High Commissioner for Refugees must process white Swedes (or South Africans) in to the US. That alone might kill the entire refugee industry, I surmised. 

Heck, Trump could run a test! 

He could put white South Africans at the head of the line.

He could, you know!

In September his administration will send its “determination” to Congress which not only sets the numbers for resettlement for FY19, but sets priorities for which nationalities may be brought in.

In fact, he could classify white South Africans in the P-2 category which would allow anyone in that group to be eligible and each individual would not have to prove that he/she is personally being persecuted.  That would make the heathen rage (a phrase borrowed from a good friend)!


Back to Australia….

So here is the story from last month that confirms that the UNHCR will fight to never have to admit that blacks persecute whites as they push for Australia to take in the illegal aliens (mostly Muslims) who tried to get to Australia by boat.

The white South Africans (trying to get in legally) are of less humanitarian value to the UN than those illegal aliens from Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

Refugees on Nauru and Manus need help before South African white farmers, UNHCR says

The United Nations has urged Australia to resettle the refugees who have been languishing on Manus Island and Nauru for the past five years, rather than focusing on the plight of persecuted white South African farmers. [They are NOT refugees, they are illegal aliens and rejected asylum seekers!—ed]

As pressure mounts within the Coalition to help resettle the farmers, the UNHCR has cast doubt on whether South African farmers can be classified as refugees and granted protection under Australia’s humanitarian program.

Go here to see all the excuses.

It continually amazes me how the UN and its groupies try to invoke the resettlement rules when it comes to a group they do not wish to resettle because that group does not fit the meme they have been promoting for over 50 years and that is that whites persecute blacks and it is never the other way around!

For more on South Africa see my archive on the Rainbow Nation (Ha! Ha!).

Want to have some fun! Contact the White House and tell the Prez to make a special case for white South Africans when he sends his fiscal year 2019 refugee admissions determination to The Hill.

White House contact link is in the upper right hand corner of RRW.

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

State Department considering not renewing contracts with all nine resettlement agencies

That headline is the important takeaway from this story at

Although largely built around the demise of a recently established resettlement site—Newark! Newark! Yes, Catholic Charities was gearing up to place impoverished third worlders in Newark—the long article is pretty informative.

Newark catholic charities

My first thought: So they have run out of poor Americans in Newark.

It begins with a whinefest about all the used clothes and furnishings the new office had collected for the needy people they planned to welcome to the city.

I’m sure you will have the same reaction as I did—what! No poor people in Newark who could use these items!

Why are foreign poor people so much more deserving (and attractive) than our own poor and homeless?


Here are a few snips from the story:

Pillows and bedding were stacked against a wall, while pots, pans, dishware and cleaning supplies spilled from boxes in rows of overloaded bookcases. In two other rooms, piles of folded clothing, shoes and toys shared space with hand-me-down sofas and dressers.

Sandra Fils glanced around the basement of the office building in Cranford and wondered if the donated items would ever find a home. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark had collected them as it prepared to welcome dozens of refugees — a wave that has failed to materialize.

“Right now, we don’t have refugees,” said Fils, division director of workforce Development at Catholic Charities. “We are basically not doing the work that we are dedicated and committed to do.”


So far this year, fewer than 7,000 refugees have been let into the United States, of whom just 48 settled in New Jersey, according to the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. With less funding and fewer clients, refugee agencies are now scaling back their operations and relying more heavily on community support to keep their offices afloat. Some are shutting down local offices.

This month, less than two years after the Newark Catholic Charities office started its refugee resettlement effort, employees learned that the program would be shutting down.

What a difference a couple of years (and an election) make!

Back in the closing years of the Obama Administration, the US State Department was creating new resettlement sites at a rapid pace—over 40 were in various stages of the planning process—and we were scrambling to try to figure out where they were because secrecy has always been the watchword of the program.

The article goes on to report the dramatic drop in numbers of refugees arriving, then this….

The big news!

Leaders of the refugee agencies worry about even more severe cuts in the fall, when the new fiscal year begins. The State Department has said that it will not renew contracts with some of the nine agencies*** that resettle refugees in the United States, a blow for faith and charity-based groups that have been serving refugees for decades. Officials have not indicated which agencies will lose contracts.

In this next paragraph we see that reporter Hannan Adely has done her homework.

Rarely do you see information on taxpayer-provided payments to the mostly ‘religious’ charities that contract with the government. In fact, seeing this information provided to the public is one of the big changes I’ve noticed since I began writing RRW in 2007.

Resettlement agencies receive $2,125 for initial costs like rent, security deposits and furnishings for each person they assist. Other support programs are funded with state and private grants and donations.  [Private grants are very small compared to federal grants.—ed]

As the resettlement contractor placing the largest share of refugees in to your towns and cities, the Catholic Bishops/Catholic Charities are surely now taking the greatest hit to their budget.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ migration and refugee services department resettles around 30 percent of all refugees who arrive in the country each year. It has already closed nine resettlement sites and 11 more are at risk in the coming year, said a spokesman, Mike Priceman.

There is much more here.


*** These are the nine federal contractors that have monopolized refugee resettlement in the US, some for decades!  Which one (or more than one?) will get the ax?

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

If you are wondering, I post this list every chance I get because we have new readers daily and because I want all of you to know that for reform to be possible these nine fake non-profits have to go.

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Tyson Foods bringing “ethnic empowerment network” to a town near you

This story from Garden City, Kansas makes me wonder—-who is deciding the future for your meatpacking town, the citizens, or Tyson Foods?


Tyson Foods in Garden City, Kansas

I have a pretty large archive on Garden City which is one more heartland city that has been changed by the arrival of US State Department-planted third world refugee workers over the last decade or so.

The story leads me to believe that everything is not peace and love when diversity comes to town….

….and that Tyson Foods has a huge stake in keeping the immigrant worker supply train on the tracks!

From the Garden City Telegram:

Representatives from 10 of Garden City’s immigrant communities and six of its organizations and public entities met at St. Catherine Hospital Saturday for the first meeting of the Southwest Kansas Ethnic Empowerment Network.

The network is a reinvigoration of Tyson Fresh Foods Chaplain Jonathon Galia’s Coalition of Ethnic Minority Leaders of Southwest Kansas, which intended to bring together the leaders of Garden City’s immigrant and minority groups and connect them to resources that would help them succeed in the region. [Connect them to resources is code for getting them signed up for their welfare and other social service goodies.—ed]

Screenshot (465)

Galia said the name of the original group, which he founded almost 10 years ago, unintentionally left out city and organization representatives. He said he hopes the new network brings together people from all areas of Garden City in a way that introduces, connects and aids minority groups in adapting to the community.

“There is a constant need for all of us as we continue to aspire for a homogenous community where we constantly experience a blend of culture, a blend of languages.

We see a need for an improved communication among the different peoples,” Galia said.

On Saturday, more than 20 people from a dozen different backgrounds sat in a square in one of St. Catherine’s classrooms, with laminated placards announcing the communities they represented. There were leaders of immigrants from Myanmar, El Salvador, the Ethiopian ethnic group Oromo, the Philippines, Somalia, Kenya, Vietnam, Sudan, Haiti and Eritrea. [By the way, Oromos and Somalis don’t always get along—ed]


Among them sat the network’s 2018 advisory board: Galia, Garden City Police Chief Michael Utz, City of Garden City Human Resources Director Allie Medina, St. Catherine Hospital Vice President Kayte Fulton, Catholic Agency for Migration and Refugee Services Director LeVita Rohlman, Tyson Human Resources Manager Barb Larsen and LiveWell Finney County Health Coalition Special Projects Consultant Troy Unruh, who came on behalf of Callie Dyer, the coalition’s executive director.


Minority group representatives introduced themselves and spoke briefly about the size and experience of their respective communities.

More here.

Do you have a meatpacking plant near you? If so, it is, and will be, the key factor in determining the future of your town.

See my Tyson Foods archive here.

Someone should write a book about how BIG MEAT is changing America by changing the people.

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Greensboro, NC fire that killed 5 children exposes more concerns with US refugee program

There is a “breakdown at many levels” said Church World Service employee Adamou Mohamed.

Did you hear the news about the five children from the DR Congo who died in an apartment fire in Greensboro, North Carolina just over a week ago?

Probably not because stories showing the unhappy side of refugee resettlement are rarely seen outside the immediate locale.


Greensboro apartment fire



In a tense community meeting last week, the blame for the children’s deaths was placed on the city and on the landlord, all assuming the fire was from landlord and city inspector neglect.

Here are a few snips from the story on that meeting from the local News & Record:

At tense meeting about deadly Greensboro apartment fire, city says it will inspect complex

GREENSBORO — As Greensboro officials, refugee advocates and immigrants gathered days after the deaths of five children in an apartment fire, many people voiced concerns that the city’s deadliest fire in nearly two decades could have been prevented.

“We shouldn’t have had to come to this point,” said community activist Sandra Isley, as others wiped away tears and some trembled in anger during a meeting of the Greensboro International Advisory Committee, which works with the city’s Human Relations Department.

City officials did announce during the meeting that housing inspectors would go door-to-door early next week at the 3100 Summit Ave. complex to conduct inspections on every unit. Beth Benton, the city’s Code Compliance manager, said that action was possible after five residents — the minimum necessary to take action — had signed a petition.

Fire investigators have yet to determine a cause of the Saturday morning fire, but say it started in the kitchen and they are analyzing the unit’s stove. The apartment had no working smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

The city’s action comes amid claims that the children’s father reported several small fires near the apartment’s stove to management in the days before the tragedy. It is unclear who the father might have notified about the problems with the stove, but the building’s owners said they had no repair request on file.

“There’s a breakdown at many levels for this to happen,” said Adamou Mohamed***, a grassroots organizer for Church World Service, an immigration and refugee program.

Others around him questioned why it has taken so long for the city to get involved.

Resettlement agencies place refugees in cheap apartments and help to build ethnic enclaves….

The North Carolina African Services Coalition placed the family there 18 months ago, when they arrived from the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a resettlement program. But the agency has since stopped setting up homes there because of complaints about living conditions. Officials with the resettlement agencies say the complex remained attractive to refugees because of the low rent and because it allowed them to live with others who speak their language or understand their customs. Several units there are rented by members of this same family.

Officials have yet to identify the family other than to say the children who died were three boys and two girls between the ages of 18 months and 9 years old. The husband, who works at a local factory, was home with the children but could not get them out.

And here we have the final informative bit of news—Mom was working the night shift for BIG CHICKEN!

If you are new to RRW, you may not know that refugee contractors, including Church World Service, act as headhunters for the meat industry in places like North Carolina.

The wife was working the overnight shift at a chicken plant several counties away. She commutes there with a group of others who share the cost of the drive.

You can read more here.


No stove malfunction. Parents admitted food was left cooking on the stove, story here:

Unattended cooking led to fire that killed 5 children in Greensboro, fire department says

Read it all.


***You really need to see the bio for Church World Service’s community organizer who was clearly leading the charge and attempting to stoke anger with claims of government neglect before all the facts were in.

Why does a taxpayer-funded resettlement agency need a political community organizer (aka community trouble-maker) in the first place?

Adamou Mohamed’s bio at Welcoming America is informative….


Greensboro community organizer

Mohamed was addressing a session entitled, Anti-Muslim Backlash, which seems to be no longer available at Welcoming America’s website.




Click here to read the full article on its original website.

St. Cloud, Minnesota citizens are entitled to an open discussion about their changing city

Ten years ago this month, RRW published its first of what would be many posts on St. Cloud, Minnesota, a small city targeted by Lutheran Social Services of MN and the US State Department for the resettlement of mostly Somali refugees.

Jeff Johnson surrounded

Council member Jeff Johnson surrounded in October 2017

When blog partner Judy wrote this post about the mistreatment of a service dog by Somali students it was the first time I had ever heard of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

In those ten years we have published dozens of posts on the demographic change there and the controversy it has created.

Our experience has been that the St. Cloud Times has been biased against anyone who wants to have a discussion about the change, but this story by reporter Jenny Berg is surprisingly balanced!  What happened?

Not just the ‘insensitive’ numbers guy: Jeff Johnson keeps refugee conversation going


It is a long story, but really worth reading. I was particularly interested in one theme expressed throughout:

Concerned citizens have a right to expect transparency from government officials at all levels.

In fact, it is that very lack of transparency that gave rise to this blog!

There would be no Refugee Resettlement Watch beginning in July 2007 if there had been an open and honest discussion in Hagerstown, Maryland that year and if the Hagerstown Herald Mail had investigated and explained the details of how the small city in a red county had been chosen for resettlement and how the process would work going forward.

See what I wanted to know in 2007! I’m still working on getting those answers for every American town and city! You have a right to the answers (without having your character slimmed!).

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Far Left Dems trying to rescue Larry Bartlett from purgatory at State Department

This post might be going into the deep state weeds for many readers, but since beltway news hounds read RRW too, this is worth posting.

Larry Bartlett, prior to being assigned to the Freedom of Information Office at the State Department, was the main career guru (under the Asst. Sec. of State level) responsible for refugee admissions during the Obama years and, as we witnessed in his performance in Idaho, here, a few years back, is a true believer in the program.

At that event he was completely dismissive of local citizens’ concerns about their safety, about the cost of the program, and about the lack of transparency citizens’ see in the resettlement process.


Bartlett proudly displaying map showing where he was sending refugees in the US

You can see my Lawrence Bartlett archive by clicking here.

Complaining that the State Department under Trump is partisan, two Dems in Congress show their colors by campaigning to get Bartlett back to work advocating for more refugees within the deep state.

From Talking Points Memo:

The State Department Inspector General is looking into why senior career officials who worked on Obama administration priorities like refugee resettlement and closing the Guantanamo Bay prison were temporarily reassigned to menial work processing Freedom of Information Act requests, the IG’s office confirmed to TPM on Thursday — reviewing whether the reassignments were politically motivated.  [The State Department is notorious for not answering FOIA requests, so I don’t see this job as a “menial work.”—ed]

Engel and Cummings

Reps Engel and Cummings believe that career bureaucrats are being side-lined due to their political beliefs.  I’ll bet a buck these two were silent when the Obama Admin was pushing conservatives out of government!

In January, Reps. Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD) called for an investigation after whistleblowers at the State Department shared what the lawmakers called “credible allegations that the State Department has required high-level career civil servants, with distinguished records serving administrations of both parties, to move to performing tasks outside of their area of substantive expertise.”

Cummings and Engel, who serve as the top Democrats on the House Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees respectively, told the IG that they feared the moves “may constitute impermissible abuse and retaliation” against federal workers.


On Thursday, communications director Sarah Breen at the State’s Inspector General’s office told TPM: “The review requested by Congressmen Engel and Cummings is ongoing.”

Engel told TPM that the confirmation of the probe is “a good start but doesn’t come close to resolving the problem.”

“I continue to have concerns that this Administration is targeting career employees for their perceived political beliefs,” Engel said, “and I still expect the Department to fully respond to the requests from myself and Ranking Member Cummings.”


Among those roped in was Lawrence Bartlett, the former head of State’s Population, Refugees and Migration bureau, who worked on policies around refugee resettlement under the Obama administration. Bartlett is part of the Senior Executive Service — an elite class of highly experienced non-partisan federal workers.

Non-partisan federal worker my foot!

More here.

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

US birthrates drop in to danger zone! Have more babies or else!

There is no sense dancing around the subject…..

The “or else” is frankly that the immigrant/Muslim population will boom as we go bust (and they are counting on it).

Remember we are old they say!




Leo Hohmann has a good analysis yesterday entitled:

Birth dearth: Millennials’ rejection of parenthood could be lethal blow to Western civilization

Here are just a few snips to whet your appetite, but please read it all and then send it to everyone you know!

America has entered a demographic winter that should make every patriotic citizen shiver with concerns for their children’s future.

That is, if they have any children.

It’s a problem you won’t hear much about in the media but it’s been brewing for years. For many feminists, to even talk about it is tantamount to the unforgivable sin.

But all denials aside, this problem is as plain as the nose on little Johnnie’s face: The birth rate in these United States of America is imploding.

We are now in the same range as the European death spiral.


The President sets an example, here with two of his many grandchildren!

The fertility rate now stands at 1.7 births per woman. For a generation of Americans to replace itself, it takes a fertility rate of at least 2.1 children per woman.

The U.S. was, until a few years ago, among a handful of developed countries that could muster the pivotal 2.1 threshold.


A 39-year-old Christian woman who has worked in Germany’s migrant camps for years told The Express that Christians in those camps are harassed and intimidated. They thought she was a Muslim, so they confided in her.

“Some women told me, ‘We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here.’”

U.S. Muslims have repeatedly boasted of the same strategy.

Read it all and send it out far and wide (especially to your young friends)!

Wouldn’t you love to see a campaign from the White House to encourage Americans to have babies!

It is funny, of all the things I have said here in nearly 11 years, when I urge young patriots to have more babies it sets the Libs hair on fire!

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

UN closes refugee resettlement program in Sudan while corruption investigation proceeds

Two days ago I told you that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in Sudan is being investigated (by the UN) for possible fraud in the selection process for refugees heading to mostly the US. 

There are allegations that bribes are being paid to influence the selection of certain refugees over others.

unhcr sudan

Now comes news that the program is being shuttered at least temporarily.

And, in case you are wondering, after lobbying from the UAE, Trump did drop Sudan from the travel restriction list, see here.

Where is Homeland Security, is it time to have a look at the 652 Sudanese who got in to the US in calendar year 2017 (Wrapsnet)?

Before I get to the latest news story, you need to know that in this fiscal year (’18) we have admitted 53 refugees of Sudanese ethnicity, but when looking at processing country data, I see we processed 154 ‘refugees’ in from that Khartoum, Sudan office.

If 53 are Sudanese (according to a different data base at Wrapsnet) then the other 101 are which nationalities? Who else are we bringing in through Sudan?


Screenshot (459)_LI

See that we processed in 154 from this Sudan office since October 1, 2017. While you are looking at this data, see that we also resettled 108 from South Africa and I can assure you that zero are white persecuted farmers!


From The Citizen:

UN halts Sudan refugee resettlement after alleged fraud

The UN refugee agency said Thursday it is temporarily suspending its programme for the resettlement of refugees from Sudan after allegations of fraud emerged in the scheme.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR, said it had launched two investigations in February and March as the allegations of fraud surfaced.

“At present we are still dealing with allegations, based on reports that have come from refugees,” the head of the UNHCR in Sudan, Noriko Yoshida said in a statement.

“Should wrongdoing be confirmed, those responsible can expect the consequences to be severe.”

Ha! Yes, they might catch those benefiting by taking bribes, but that does nothing to punish those who paid the bribes and are now living in your town on US welfare!

The UNHCR has appealed for more than $250 million in global aid to fund its overall 2018 operations in Sudan, which hosts about 1.2 million refugees, most from South Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

“UNHCR in Sudan resettled 600 refugees*** as part of the programme in 2017,” a spokesman for the UN agency in Geneva, Babar Baloch, told AFP.

***As we learned at Wrapsnet, the US resettled 652 Sudanese in calendar year 2017 which means that the US must take most of the Sudanese the UN is resettling from this office.  Who are they and where are they?

And, by the way, commonsense tells us that this kind of fraud, bribery and corruption is likely going on throughout Africa!

As I have said repeatedly, there is no reason that we (the US) can’t choose and process the refugees we want.

We do not need the UN to do the first cut!

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

What is wrong with Minnesota? A Scandal Trifecta….

“How dumb are we? Honestly, I think it is impossible to plumb the depths of our stupidity.”

(John Hinderaker at Powerline blog)


“A Scandal Trifecta” is what John Hinderaker at Powerline blog is calling the latest news from the state where ‘Minnesota nice’ takes on new meaning almost daily.

Sorry, I know a lot of good smart Minnesotans, but just now when I wrote about Sweden likely being the first European nation to fall to the Islamists, it struck me as interesting that Swedes in past centuries populated Minnesota…hmmm…is there some defect in the genes?  A gene that is driving people to succumb to invasion? A suicide gene?

One of my top posts in recent days is this one—You are old and white and we are taking over Minnesota!

suitcase with cash

Everyone has been sending me this latest news about millions in cash leaving Minnesota for Africa, much of it alleged to have been generated by welfare fraud perpetrated by a certain group of Africans the Minnesota nice people (the infidels) continue to welcome to the state.


I wrote about the daycare fraud mentioned in the latest news here and here in 2014 and 2015.

Here is Hinderaker at Powerline quoting from a local Fox 9 investigation:



In the Twin Cities, a local television station uncovers a far-reaching scandal: last year, more than $100 million in cash left the Twin Cities airport in carry-on luggage, bound for the Middle East and Africa:

This story begins at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, where mysterious suitcases filled with cash have become a common carry-on.

On the morning of March 15, Fox 9 chased a tip about a man who was leaving the country. Sources said he took a carry-on bag through security that was packed with $1 million in cash. Travelers can do that, as long as they fill out the proper government forms.

Fox 9 learned that these cloak-and-dagger scenarios now happen almost weekly at MSP. The money is usually headed to the Middle East, Dubai and points beyond. Sources said last year alone, more than $100 million in cash left MSP in carry-on luggage.


Great. But the real scandal is where the money came from in the first place–welfare fraud:


2014: Yasmin Abdulle Ali (33) charged with 52 felony counts in day care fraud investigation. 

Five years ago the Fox 9 Investigators were first to report that daycare fraud was on the rise in Minnesota, exposing how some businesses were gaming the system to steal millions in government subsidies meant to help low-income families with their childcare expenses.

“It’s a great way to make some money,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

In order for the scheme to work, the daycare centers need to sign up low income families that qualify for child care assistance funding.

Surveillance videos from a case prosecuted by Hennepin County show parents checking their kids into a center, only to leave with them a few minutes later. Sometimes, no children would show up.

Either way, the center would bill the state for a full day of childcare.

Video from that same case shows a man handing out envelopes of what are believed to be kickback payments to parents who are in on the fraud.

Evidently welfare fraud in various forms is widespread in Minnesota’s Somali immigrant community. This is, I think, generally known, but the scale of fraud disclosed here is astonishing….

Continue reading here.

Hinderaker concludes with this:

How dumb are we? Honestly, I think it is impossible to plumb the depths of our stupidity.

I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on Minnesota nice people because at least this fraud is being investigated in your state.

I’ll bet that in other states—heavily populated with Somalis, California, Ohio, Maine, Washington and others—the investigations have not even begun!  

When you look back at my posts in 2014 and 2015 (linked above) note that I reported on the special federal grant programs (Office of Refugee Resettlement) for special people to set up “culturally appropriate” day care facilities for the refugee ‘community.’

If you have a lot of time, see my Minnesota archive here.  Someone needs to pull it all together in a book—Minnesota as the canary in a coal mine, just as Sweden is for Europe.

What can you do? 

Contact the White House and tell the President that there must be a nationwide Department of Justice investigation in to the suitcases full of cash leaving America for Africa and tell them to find out where the boodle is coming from.  Is it from state and federal taxpayer generosity?

The White House contact link is in upper right hand column here at RRW.

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Sweden in free fall….

“It increasingly appears, therefore, that it will be Sweden that integrates into Islamic culture.”

(Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute)

For years I’ve been saying that Sweden would be the first European nation to fall to Islamic supremacism and it seems to be happening faster and faster these days.  The Netherlands, Germany, France are not far behind.  But, LOL! since I am “old” I might see the end of Sweden as a Western Judeo-Christian democracy in my lifetime.

It is all about numbers, and in Sweden the numbers are already too great….


wake up Europe

Wake up Minnesota and the rest of America too!


From Arutz Sheva:

A Gatestone Institute policy paper by Judith Bergman shows that while it may be considered “objectionable” in the West to discuss factual consequences of migration, in Sweden it is now viewed as a crime, as Muslim Autonomous Regions (MARs) continue to metastasize and redefine the country itself.

A 2017 Swedish police report showed there to be 61 MAR no-go zones in Sweden. They encompass 200 criminal networks, consisting of an estimated 5,000 criminals. Twenty-three of those areas were especially critical: children as young as 10 had been involved in serious crimes there, including ones involving weapons and drugs. Most of the inhabitants were non-Western, mainly Muslim, immigrants.

A new report by the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Brottsförebyggande Rådet – BRÅ), shows more than half the inhabitants of these areas – around 500,000 people – believe that criminals operate in MARs by scaring people from appearing as witnesses, from calling the police, from moving freely, and from intervening when witnessing vandalism. Residents fear repercussions from the local criminals, not only against themselves but also against family members.

Parallel legal systems=Sharia Law:

Bergman quotes the report: “‘Silence has become an established norm in certain groups of inhabitants’ in these areas. The new report also notes the existence of parallel legal systems. 12% of the people living in these areas said that there is pressure from relatives and religious communities not to contact authorities, but to use instead local alternative systems, such as the mosque.

There is much more here.

See my complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive, and my numerous posts going back ten years on Sweden, here.

Interesting don’t you think that Swedes moved to Minnesota and that it is the first US state (with Michigan a close second) to give in to invasion….is there some defect of the mind?


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Corruption and bribery alleged in UN refugee office in Sudan

And, the allegations are coming from a humanitarian publication under the UN umbrella.

Why do you care?

Because the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is the first stop for most refugees coming to your towns. (We took 53 from Sudan in the last 7 months). 

This is just more evidence that the US State Department should be cutting the umbilical cord to the United Nations Refugee Program. If we are going to be taking refugees from third world hell holes we should be doing the choosing and the processing without UN ‘help.’

(Don’t miss the chart below showing the UN as the first step in the screening of refugees to be your new neighbors!)

You know this is going on everywhere!


From IRIN:

EXCLUSIVE: Refugees in Sudan allege chronic corruption in UN resettlement process


Refugees in Khartoum, interviewed by IRIN over a 10 month period, say that individuals working with the Sudanese branch of the UN agency responsible for resettlement engage in corrupt practices, and that life-changing decisions are often made based on bribes rather than eligibility.

That agency, UNHCR, says it has now mounted an investigation.

More than a dozen people told IRIN of experiences in which individuals claiming to be affiliated with UNHCR solicited money in exchange for advancing refugees a few rungs up the long ladder to resettlement, in a kind of “pay-to-play” scheme.

Screenshot (456)

A recent staff list obtained by IRIN indicates that several individuals named in interviews with refugees as engaging in corrupt practices were still employed there as of February 2018.

“We call it the mafia – they’re supposed to be caring for refugees, but here, they think of themselves,” said one Ethiopian man in Khartoum, sitting on a bed donated by another refugee he said had paid to be resettled in Australia. The man asked not to be named because he fears arbitrary arrest and deportation by Sudanese security agents, a common concern among Khartoum’s refugees.

UNHCR spokesperson Babar Baloch confirmed that the agency’s independent, Geneva-based Inspector General’s Office (IGO), which is mandated to look into allegations of misconduct, is carrying out the investigation.


These complaints were echoed by a UNHCR staff member formerly posted to the Sudanese capital, who asked to remain anonymous because of fears of professional retribution.

“The magnitude of corruption in the office… is (on) an unprecedented scale… This operation is the worst in terms of corruption [and] mismanagement,” the staff member said.

The UNHCR employee said the alleged corruption had been going on for a long time, but had become significantly worse over the past four years, with no apparent action being taken to address it.

“If they [staff] talk they will lose their job. They will be attacked and harassed. I believe lots of people in UNHCR know about this but no one wants to talk about it. That’s a problem,” the staff member said. “They know talking about it will not do anything… Even IGO. The IGO takes a long time and nothing happens… Everybody prefers to be quiet.”

Continue here, it is a very detailed story.

Below is a flow chart showing that the first step to get to America goes through the UNHCR:


flow chart UNHCR first step


What can you do?

Contact the White House and tell the President to make sure his Homeland Security Department is looking in to these allegations, but more importantly tell him to stop using the UN as the first “screen” for refugees we ‘welcome’ to America.

White House contact link is in upper right hand column here at RRW.

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New Hampshire: More on that interstate Somali refugee gang violence

Just as I hit publish on my previous post about the Somali gang members who traveled hundreds of miles to shoot up a Concord, NH wedding on April 22nd, I saw that the Union Leader had an update two weeks later.


Somalis arrested in NH

From left, SALIM HUSSEIN, ABDI MOHAMED, ALI HUSSEIN and JAFAR ISSAK (Salim Hussein and Jafar Issak are still in custody). Good luck getting the other two back for trial after they posted ridiculously low bail.


(Apologies to any readers who might have alerted me to this story and I missed your e-mail!)

Here is more of the stunning story from the Union Leader (the title I think downplays the seriousness of the event):

NH wedding parking-lot brawl traces back to Ohio street gang grudges



CONCORD — The parking-lot melee at the end of a Concord wedding — a chaotic event that included gunshots, fist fights and terrified guests fleeing into the woods — involved grudges and a street gang in the Columbus, Ohio, area, according to police investigating the April 22 event.

But two weeks after the Somalian wedding at the Bektash Temple in Concord, police said they don’t have an exact explanation for what happened. They are working with their counterparts in Columbus, home to one of the largest pockets of resettled Somalians in the country, to try to unravel what happened.

Meanwhile, two of four people arrested in light of the shooting have raised bail and left the Merrimack County jail. The other two, arrested on a more serious charge of reckless conduct with a firearm, remain behind bars. And Concord police said cooperation “has not been the best” among many of the guests.

“All we can say right now there was a grudge between factions in this group,” said Concord police Lt. Sean Ford.

“These guys are definitely part of street gangs (in Columbus),” he said.

But the reason for the grudge isn’t clear.

Police in Columbus said several factors have come into play in the rise of Somalian-dominated street gangs:

Somalians don’t forget tribal animosities just because they move to the United States, and at one point Columbus tracked 10 to 15 clans with histories of grudges and shifting alliances, said Khaled Bahgat, the new American diversity/inclusion officer for Columbus police. He added that those animosities seemed to have calmed in recent years. [Maybe not!—ed]


Egyptian Muslim Khaled Bahgat, the new American diversity/inclusion officer for Columbus police tries to explain Somali culture.

Refugee families settle in inner-city communities, where youths find role models among street criminals. Recently, some Somalians have been robbing Columbus pharmacies and engaging in drug trafficking, Bahgat said. “Some, unfortunately, follow the path of whatever environment they’re in. Once they take that road, they become very bold. They feel like nobody can touch them,” he said.

• When younger family members succumb to the lure of street crime, their strict, fundamentalist parents and older relatives shun them, which pushes them further toward delinquency, Bahgat said.


“When I say it was chaos, it was chaos,” Ford said. Arriving officers were unable to control the crowd. Some were fighting, some were running, and others were insisting that someone had been shot and ran into the woods, he said.

Ford said that police believe that the four people arrested were part of a larger group who arrived to cause trouble. The rest were able to get away.

The Shriners are left holding the bag…..

Screenshot (454)

There is a lesson here for anyone considering renting to certain wedding parties. Imagine what the neighbors were experiencing that night!

The Bektash Temple had rented its function space for the wedding, said Guiod “Bushie” Hill, the recorder for the Temple.


He said the rental included use of the kitchen, stage and portable dance floor. Hill said the wedding couple may have been from New Hampshire — records were not available at the time of the interview — but the people who leased the hall were from out of state.

Most of the cars parked in the lot were from out of state, too, he said.

The party said alcohol would not be served, but many empty containers were found in the woods, Hill said.

The Somali wedding party never cleaned up.

Why am I surprised? Remember these are the people boasting that they will run America some day (LOL! like they governed Somalia!).

“There’s no excuse for what happened,” said Hill, who expressed apologies to neighbors. Hill said people were still coming out of the nearby woods the following morning. He said the agreement called for them to clean up, but that never happened.

“They just got in their cars and left as quickly as they could,” he said. They won’t, he said, get back their $350 deposit.

More here at the Union Leader.

I have many posts about changing New Hampshire one refugee group at a time.

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Are armed Somali gangs now roaming America instigating violent confrontations?

Sure looks like it!  This story from New Hampshire is jaw-dropping.  And, maybe just a bit more astounding is that it happened in late April and we are just hearing about it.

Why on earth does no national news ever tell the wider public about shocking events like this one!


Somalis arrested in NH



Leo Hohmann has the news (the small amount that is available!) on the confrontation when Somalis from Nashville, TN, Columbus, OH and Erie, PA descended on a wedding party of 300 causing a riot as shots were fired.  And, they think they are going to run America someday…what a joke!

Diversity is beautiful alert!

Here is a bit of the story at

Imagine you’ve met Mr. or Mrs. Right and you go to the altar, say your vows, and just as you start to celebrate your big day, several members of a gang show up to your wedding party uninvited and start shooting.

That’s what police say happened recently in Concord, New Hampshire.

Four men, at least three of them with Somali names, crashed a wedding party on April 22 at the Bektash Temple, where they wore red bandanas associated with a criminal street gang known as the Bloods, “yelled profanities and fired gunshots during a melee in the parking lot,” police told the Concord Monitor.

There were a number of “rivaling” groups, likely gangs, who somehow ended up at the wedding party uninvited, police said. This created a toxic atmosphere where violence was a fate accompli, according to court documents. Police said at least two of the men came armed with handguns and “looking for a fight.”

The remainder of the story is here!

If you are looking to thank those responsible, look no further than Catholic Charities, Evangelicals at World Relief, Church World Service, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and others of the big nine resettlement contractors all of which have promoted the resettlement of over 100,000 Somalis to America in the last 3 decades.

The nine contractors….

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

If you are wondering, I post this list every chance I get because we have new readers daily and because I want all of you to know that for reform to be possible these nine fake non-profits have to go. Tell that to the President!



Click here to read the full article on its original website.

US refugee contractor David Miliband wading ever deeper into British Brexit politics, so….

….where is his resignation announcement from the International Rescue Committee (one of nine federal refugee resettlement contractors***) where, from his perch in Manhattan, he sucks down a salary of nearly $700,000 a year partially funded by US taxpayers?


Miliband in Manhattan

Make up your mind Miliband!

Why should American taxpayers support your dalliances in British politics?

From Sky News today:

David Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nicky Morgan warn against ‘hard Brexit’

Former foreign secretary David Miliband has urged all parties to come together to prevent a “hard Brexit”.

Saying “Europe is Britain’s anchor”, Mr Miliband made an impassioned speech saying he is “alarmed” at the state of negotiations on Britain’s exit from the EU.

Mr Miliband, an ex-Labour cabinet minister, shared a platform with Liberal Democrat former deputy minister Sir Nick Clegg and the Conservative chairwoman of the commons treasury committee, Nicky Morgan.

Miliband and soros 3

Miliband and George Soros

Speaking at a Tilda Rice Mill in Rainham, Essex, the trio repeated their statement from a joint article for the Mail on Sunday that Britain was being “held to ransom” by hardline Brexiteers.

They say a hard Brexit threatens jobs and living standards in the UK.

Mr Miliband, who now heads the New York-based International Rescue Committee aid agency, denied he was seeking to launch a new, centrist political movement when asked by the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

More here.

Just a reminder to readers, this is a page from a recent Form 990 for the International Rescue Committee.



*** Nine federal contractors:

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

If you are wondering, I post this list every chance I get because we have new readers daily and because I want all of you to know that for reform to be possible these nine fake non-profits have to go.


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“We had no bedbugs in Syria” (what not to say if you’ve been ‘welcomed’ to the West)

“….their quality of life was significantly compromised by the presence of pests in their units.”

(Ali Naraghi, their Legal Clinic lawyer)

Two cases don’t make a trend (yet)!  However this is the second case in just the last few weeks or so where ‘grateful’ Syrian refugees are suing their landlords over their accommodations in the West.

Earlier this month it was New Jersey and this story today comes from Toronto, Canada.

Trudeau diversity is strength

The then newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened the floodgates in 2015 to tens of thousands of Syrians….

From The Standard:

They fled war-torn Syria only to be caught up in a new battle with a tiny but vicious foe.

Soon after Khaldoun Anijleh and his family moved into their first home in Canada, they started to get itchy red bumps and painful blisters on their bodies. Anijleh’s two kids, Samer, 8, and Joudi, 11, would be up all night crying and scratching.

Then one day they discovered the culprits — small, flat oval-shaped bugs on the baseboards and under the mattresses.

“We had no idea what a bedbug was because we had no bedbugs in Syria,” said the 32-year-old butcher, who settled in Hamilton’s east end in January 2016 after spending a few weeks in temporary housing at a Toronto hotel.

The Anijlehs were among 40,000 Syrian refugees who came to Canada between the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2017 as part of Ottawa’s historic resettlement program. The family had previously spent four years as refugees in Jordan after fleeing the civil war in their homeland.


With help from caseworkers from Wesley Urban Ministries, the community group assigned by the government to help with their settlement, Anijleh and 11 other newly arrived Syrian refugee families said they repeatedly asked the landlord at 221 Melvin Ave. to deal with the pests — bedbugs and in some cases, cockroaches.

After several failed attempts by a pest control company hired by the landlord to clean up their unit, the Anijleh family moved out of the highrise on Sept. 30, 2016, and went to another part of Hamilton. The other Syrian families also left before their 12-month leases expired.

Now the families are embroiled in two separate battles stemming from their time at the Hamilton highrise.

Ali Naraghi

Attorney Ali Naraghi

They’ve taken the landlord and management company — Diamond International Management and Melvin Apartments Inc. — to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board for allegedly failing to provide them with a “safe and habitable living environment” due to the bedbug infestation.

The 12 families are claiming a total of $63,666 in compensation for “pain and suffering,” for the loss of government-supplied mattresses, sheets, clothing and furniture that they had to throw out, and for a partial refund of rent paid during the infestation. The tribunal hearing, which began last fall before adjourning, is scheduled to resume this month.

In the meantime, Melvin Apartments Inc. is suing the 12 tenant families in small claims court for rental arrears for the months remaining on their leases and for repairs related to alleged damage to their rental units. The company claims the families broke their leases and moved out without proper notice. Hearings are to be scheduled in Hamilton later this year.

“These were very vulnerable tenants who arrived from war-torn Syria. They were one of the first groups brought in by the Canadian government. They came with traumatized experience,” said lawyer Ali Naraghi of the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic, which represents the 12 families, totalling almost 60 people, many of them young children. As government-sponsored refugees, they received support from Ottawa during their first year in the country.

“At the end of the day, whether they are immigrants or not, their quality of life was significantly compromised by the presence of pests in their units,” Naraghi said.

More here.

I have a friend who was a landlord for a small apartment building and she said the problem with the bedbugs is that VERY often the tenant would refuse to do what was necessary in order for the pest control people to get a handle on the problem. I’m guessing those who moved took the bedbugs to their new place.

I can just imagine that many of you taxpayers, here and in Canada, have some choice words you would like to express to the ‘grateful’ refugees and their lawyer.

But, please stay calm, cool and collected in your comments to RRW so I won’t have to screen them out (like I had to do with this post yesterday).

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Trump is killing temporary refugee program, or is he?

“I think we should fold all of the TPS people that have been here for a considerable period of time and find a way for them to be [on] a path to citizenship.”

(White House Chief of Staff John Kelly)

From time to time over the years, I’ve reported on the ridiculously named “Temporary Protected Status” immigration program that has allowed many migrants (who were likely already in the country illegally from TPS-designated countries) to stay in the US and work, get drivers licenses and probably thus vote!  (Designated usually in the wake of a now long forgotten natural disaster.)

trump wall thumbs up

How much is Trump going to give away to get the wall?

As The Hill reports, the Trump Administration is ordering that most (some of whom have been here for nearly 2 decades) begin to pack their bags.

But here we learn it is all apparently part of the ‘art of the deal,’ and that perhaps the administration will find them and the ‘Dreamers’ a path to citizenship if they get a few things, including the wall, but only if Congress actually passes a law—a comprehensive bill (ugh! it’s back!).

Can’t we for once address each immigration program on its merits or demerits! And are we really going to give legal status to hundreds of thousands who are here illegally?


From The Hill:

Trump close to wiping out TPS program for immigrants

With the end of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 56,000 Hondurans earlier this month, the nearly 30-year-old immigration program is essentially dead.

TPS had survived under several Republican and Democratic administrations, which mainly used the program as a pressure valve to allow Central American and Caribbean immigrants to live and work in the United States, often sending remittances home.

These remittances are huge and I remember when I first heard GW Bush extend TPS for El Salvadorans, the remark was made that we were propping up El Salvador because we permitted all those TPS workers here to send money ‘home.’  Of course that is money lost to the US economy!

But the Trump administration says the program has been abused, allowing people to stay in the United States long after crisis conditions have ended in their home countries. [Every 18 months TPS has been extended for many countries.—ed]

The Trump administration has ordered the end of TPS for more than 300,000 immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has so far ordered the end of TPS benefits to all but about 7,000 people from four countries, nearly booting the entire TPS population.

Under the program, immigrants from countries that have suffered a natural or man-made disaster are allowed to live and work in the United States while their home country recovers.


Previous administrations interpreted TPS rules to allow beneficiaries to stay in the United States as long as their return would impose a significant burden on their home countries. But the Trump administration has used a stricter interpretation, ending TPS based on countries’ recovery from the original disaster that triggered their designation.

The move has left hundreds of thousands of Caribbean and Central American TPS recipients in limbo, with many searching for a way to stay in the United States with their families.

Don’t get too excited that the program will end….The Hill story continues:

john kelly

Why is Kelly out floating the “four pillars” this week?

White House chief of staff John Kelly introduced the Trump administration’s stricter interpretation of the TPS statute when he became DHS secretary in 2017. He put the onus on Congress to help the TPS recipients, telling lawmakers they should change the laws they don’t like.

In an NPR interview Thursday, Kelly explicitly said for the first time that longtime TPS holders should be given a path to citizenship.

“I think we should fold all of the TPS people that have been here for a considerable period of time and find a way for them to be [on] a path to citizenship,” he said.


In his NPR interview, Kelly promoted the “four pillars” approach suggested by the White House in immigration negotiations earlier this year.

Under that approach, recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — and potentially TPS holders — would receive a path to citizenship in exchange for border wall funding, a change from family-based to merit-based migration and cancellation of the diversity visa lottery.

“Right now, I would like to see legislatively the four pillars enacted,” Kelly said.

There is much more here at The Hill.

See all of my previous posts on TPS by clicking here.

Let the President know what you think! Link to the White House comment page is in the upper right hand side bar here at RRW.

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Minnesota Somalis: You’re old and we are taking over

This week Judy sent me an interesting facebook post. I’ve decided not to name the author in order to spare her further aggravation.

Normally I wouldn’t post on a social media conversation except this one rings a bell.  I’ve heard it before.

In fact in earlier years in the life of this blog, I heard it from time to time.  Somali commenters told me that this country had a lot of wide open spaces and they planned to fill it.

In fact in 2010, a Somali woman communicated with me to warn that Somalis are creating what she called Tuulas (villages) throughout some states—she mentioned Minnesota and Kansas and Maine. She said:

I have read about what is going on in Kansas and in other small towns like Maine. Somalis will turn these small towns into a largely populated Somali town, because if Minnesota is the U.S capital of Somali people then a small town or city cannot stand a chance.

And, more recently a reader (a Somali?) has told me I am old so I am to be dismissed, implying that I can’t stop the inevitable wave anyway.

So this facebook post sounds perfectly in line with what other Somalis have said to me, and are saying:

From anonymous:

Yesterday, I had long social media conversations with two Somali Muslim gentlemen from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I asked them about their goals for improving Minnesota and how they feel about being an American. I also asked them about the million dollar upgrade at Cedar Riverside public housing that Mayor Jacob Frey promised its majority Somali residents this week. After I was called a racist, a fascist, a bigot, stupid and old, here’s what else they shared with me. Nearly verbatim. Thoughts?


Mayor cedar riverside

Don’t miss Leo Hohmann’s report on the Minneapolis mayor making special promises to special people.


“Get with the program, miss. We are here to stay. We never left our Somali heritage or culture. That’s what America is missing. Please stop forcing us to your ways. You’re old and have very old ideas. Get with the program. I’m trying to have my son to be the first Muslim black governor of the state of Minnesota in next 20 years. He’s gonna run as a Democrat. Oh, and on those upgrades at Cedar Riverside. They better give us those upgrades and changes if the Mayor wants to earn our votes. Or else we can always get another Mayor next time around. You see how being an American works? I told you lady please get with the program because Somalis are the latest addition to black folks.

Why should we assimilate? Do you know how stupid you sound? Guess what? We’re here to stay and will transform America for the better. Get that through your thick, ignorant skull. You need to see a doctor. It’s inevitable that Somalis will be taking over and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Again, what’s wrong with Somalis taking over? It is inevitable! This land doesn’t belong to either of us. It is our time to populate it and rule it. Go back to Europe or wherever you’re from if you don’t like it.”

When populations rise, they get cocky (and careless).

And, they are amazingly confident even in light of the fact that Somalia is a failed state because they couldn’t manage to govern it without creating a hellhole.

I suggest that their Leftist trainers (who must be talking to them about ‘old white people’) teach them to not spill the beans prematurely…but then again, let ’em talk!

See my huge archive on Minnesota Somalis by clicking here.

Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Tennessee appeals earlier dismissal of States’ Rights Refugee case

The only state in the nation to attempt to get some control back for the state when the federal government sends them refugees is appealing an earlier decision by a judge to dismiss the case.

This is the latest from the Tennessean:

Tennessee is appealing a federal judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit against the federal government over refugee resettlement.

logo thomas more

The Thomas More Law Center, which is representing the state in the case, filed a notice of appeal with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee on Thursday.  

The case comes after state lawmakers approved a resolution in 2016 ordering the lawsuit.


Stephanie Teatro, co-executive director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, said the state’s appeal will “continue dragging our state’s reputation through the mud.”

In the case, Tennessee alleged the federal government violated the 10th Amendment, which says the federal government only possesses the powers delegated to it by the U.S. Constitution and that all other powers are reserved for the states.

When the lawsuit was filed in March 2017, Tennessee became the first state in the nation to sue the federal government on the matter using such grounds.

Tennessee argued that the federal government was not complying with the Refugee Act of 1980, which was designed to create a permanent procedure for the admission of refugees into the United States.

Lawmakers have previously said the lawsuit is necessary to halt all refugee resettlement to the state until all associated costs are paid by the federal government.

Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee and the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition have frequently slammed the lawsuit, saying it will negatively affect the state’s refugee community and perpetuate a culture of fear.

More here.

See the statement from the Thomas More Law Center by clicking here.

See all of my posts on Tennessee/Tenth Amendment.

And, learn more about the problems with refugees in Tennessee at my huge Tennessee archive here.  You will find a lot of meatpacker stories among those posts.


Click here to read the full article on its original website.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation wants international pressure on Burma over Rohingya Muslims

My first thought when I saw this news, that the OIC was again ginning up a PR campaign to paint the Burma (Myanmar) Buddhist government as a bunch of Islamophobes and human right abusers, was this:

So why aren’t any of you big mouth countries displaying Muslim charity and inviting Rohingya to live in your countries?

Where are you Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE?



No fear! Burmese monks marched against the OIC in 2012:,11144,0,0,1,0#.WvQvj4gvw2w


Readers DO NOT FORGET!  The US has invited 14,882 Rohingya in the last ten years to live in your towns.  And, they are still arriving now even under the Trump Administration.

But, they are not being “welcomed” in to rich Muslim countries!


Here is the news from AFP:

Islamic nations seek global pressure on Myanmar over refugee crisis

Islamic foreign ministers on Sunday launched a campaign to mobilise international support for action against Myanmar over the Rohingya refugee crisis, officials said.

Foreign ministers and diplomats of the 53-member Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) set up a campaign committee during two days of talks in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka.

OIC chief

Al-Othaimeen said Muslim nations had to “pressure the international community” to come down hard on Burma’s Buddhists! 

OIC secretary general Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen called the move a key step toward ending a crisis caused by the exodus of about 700,000 Muslim Rohingya from Buddhist-majority Myanmar into camps in Bangladesh.

He said the new committee would “mobilise and coordinate international political support for accountability for human rights violations against the Rohingya community.”

“This is very important. This is one of the concrete steps that has been taken to alleviate the problem for our (Rohingya) brothers and sisters,” he said.

Hey! One concrete step would be for you, member states of the OIC, to resettle the Rohingya community in your countries!

AFP continues……

Al-Othaimeen said Muslim nations had to “pressure the international community”.


The Rohingya have been persecuted for decades in Myanmar, where they are regarded as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and denied citizenship.

More here.

I have been following the Rohingya controversy for over ten years (223 previous posts!) and can assure you that on many many occasions the Rohingya were not the victims, but the perpetrators of violence.

The OIC is smarting because Burma (Myanmar) refused them entry to the country a few years ago.

If there is to be a media pressure campaign, it should be a campaign against the members of the OIC for not taking in their Muslim “brothers and sisters.”

Cut the BS! We all know this is about the hijra and turning one nation after another in to an Islamic country!


Click here to read the full article on its original website.