{FD} Greece turns corner following debt crisis

“2017 was the year that left the crisis behind,” said Athens tour operator Dikeos Kalavrydinos. “This year, things around Athens and Greece generally are getting better day by day.”

{FD} Vietnamese love Trump despite region’s complicated history with US

President Trump is more popular in Vietnam than in most other countries in the world, with an approval rating close to 60 percent, according to a Pew poll.

{FD} Pope Francis makes emotional anti-war plea: ‘No more of these useless massacres’

In an emotional appeal on Thursday, a teary-eyed Pope Francis pleaded for world peace.

{FD} Italy clashes with Libya, NGOs over what to do with migrants overwhelming country

Italy can’t build a wall, nor does it want to, but the debate over how to slow the flows of refugees and migrants here is reaching a fever pitch.

{FD} Vatican treasurer vows to fight sex abuse charges in Australia

He claims he is the victim of character assassination.

{FD} Did Putin show Oliver Stone a fake video? Director may have been fooled by Russian president

It may be a tempest in a teacup, or, perhaps, a storm in a samovar.

{FD} Syria after the war: What an effective, inclusive government would look like

The former Syrian ambassador to the United Kingdom said he has a proposal for how the country could form a stable government after the war ends.

{FD} Brexit: Europe fears protecting itself from terrorism without UK’s expertise

A day after the Brexit divorce proceedings officially began European security experts said they worried about the prospect of protecting the continent without the UK’s policing expertise.

{FD} Russia’s next stop: Europe

Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, last week accused Russia not only of meddling in the U.S. elections, but also having a hand in Europe’s political contests.

{FD} US intelligence committee is ‘confused,’ Russia spokesman says

Russia has been uncharacteristically mum on the Monday’s House Intelligence Committee about Russian meddling in the U.S. Presidential election.

{FD} Iran nuclear deal could unravel with Europe’s help, analyst says

As a new U.S. administration highly critical of the nuclear deal it calls “the worst ever negotiated” settles into Washington, a top expert says the agreement between Iran and several other world powers could fall apart — although the Islamic Republic would not pull the plug.

{FD} Anti-American sentiment in Russia drops as Trump opens door to reconciliation

It wasn’t so long ago that anti-American sentiment in Russia was at a whopping 80 percent. But that number is dropping – recent polls show it now hovers at 56 percent.

{FD} Reporter’s Notebook: Russians fear for privacy as hacking accusations swirl

The hacking scandal, widely believed to have been orchestrated by Russia, that led to the leak of a vast amount of material from the Democratic Party, is hardly the item of interest in Russia that it is in America — but the Russians have their own fears, security and communications expert Andrei Soldatov said.

{FD} The state of investing in Russia

Russia is the world’s eighth largest economy, and while it claims it is not isolated, and has made great inroads doing business with countries in Asia in the Middle East while the West has given it the cold shoulder, it is eager to engage with the world’s most famous dealmaker of the moment, President Donald Trump.

{FD} Reporter’s Notebook: Russia’s true feelings on Trump a mystery

There is a lot of speculation about Russia’s true feelings after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

{FD} Cyber security and Trump are topics on final day at Davos

The World Economic Forum wrapped up today. The looming Inauguration of now President Donald Trump dominated dialogue. The big story of Brexit almost felt like distant history.

{FD} Absent Trump is main talking point at World Economic Forum

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is the elephant in the Congress Center here at Davos.

{FD} China’s president makes case for globalization in Davos speech

Xi Jinping staunchly defended globalization on Tuesday – a stark contrast to Trump’s protectionist instincts.

{FD} Russian elections strengthen Putin’s hand despite nation’s economic woes

It was no surprise that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party took the lion’s share of votes in Sunday’s parliament elections, but the real suspense was in whether any genuine opposition would make it into the mix and if a repeat of the 2011 protests over voter fraud would resurface.