North Korea-related sanctions anger China, Russia but is real problem overlooked?

Washington’s decision earlier this week to sanction more than a dozen firms and individuals for facilitating North Korea’s illicit nuclear program ruffled more than a few feathers in Russia and China. But, warns one expert, there’s a much bigger problem lurking.

{FD} North Korea’s Kim Jong Un uses terrifyingly creative methods to kill enemies

From siccing wild dogs to gunning down his enemies with artillery meant for taking out planes, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has built a reputation for dispatching with extreme prejudice all those who cross him.

{FD} Kim Jong Un lives in fear of assassination by western ‘decapitation’ team, says report

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly so terrified of being targeted for assassination that he travels incognito inside the Hermit Kingdom, and there’s growing evidence his paranoia may be well-founded.

{FD} Putin’s potential successor was just arrested. Here are a few things to know

Alexei Navalny, the man who is planning to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin in the 2018 Russian presidential election, was just arrested.

{FD} Priest kidnapped by ISIS in Philippines, issues video pleading for his life and hundreds of others

While ISIS continues to flex its muscles worldwide, new attention is being focused on ongoing battles between government forces and ISIS-linked militants in the Philippines.

{FD} Iran missile program growing, not slowing, according to senior commander

As President Trump wrapped up his first foreign trip on Friday, Iranian leaders made another defiant declaration in the war of words unfolding between Tehran and Washington.

{FD} Manchester terror attack ignites security fears ahead of summer event season

Law enforcement officials are rethinking security measures at venues across the world, especially as the summer season, typically filled with concerts and other large-scale events, approaches.

{FD} North Korea’s soldiers: A closer look the military’s ‘fake’ capabilities

North Korea is flexing its military muscles again this week.

{FD} International marijuana holiday off to a smoking start

Beginning April 20, and continuing throughout the weekend (or until the snacks run out), swarms of so-called “stoners” will be gathering on grassy knolls, city streets and even the U.S. Capitol steps to celebrate the international marijuana holiday known as “4/20.” And while the yearly, pungent “protests” are often treated as sideshows, the issue of legalized cannabis – and the benefits it is providing to a variety of Americans – is growing too big to ignore.

{FD} US missile system en route to Korean peninsula

As the White House works to “maximize pressure” on North Korea, one of the ways it is hoping to turn up the heat is by deploying a high-powered anti-missile defense system to the region.

{FD} North Korea, Syria and decades of chemical weapons

North Korea and Syria have a long history when it comes to the issue of chemical weapons.

{FD} Intel, not just heart-wrenching pictures, convinced US to act on Syria

As the debate grows over President Trump’s decision to launch dozens of Tomahawk missiles into Syria, some critics are beginning to wonder what kind of evidence the U.S. had that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack.

{FD} Syria and Russia: A history of Moscow’s role

As Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests the U.S. airstrikes in Syria would do “significant damage to US-Russian ties,” there’s a growing focus on how Russia’s role in Syria has evolved over time.

{FD} First Amendment could protect Assange, despite Pence’s vow, says legal expert

Vice President Mike Pence vow to go after WikiLeaks for “one of the most significant compromises of national security in recent memory” could run smack into a First Amendment wall, according to one legal expert.

{FD} Assange: Not clear if CIA hacked domestic targets

It’s not clear if the CIA turned its extensive bag of cyber-spying tricks on Americans, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said, days after his organization leaked what he described as the agency’s “entire hacking capacity.”

{FD} FBI’s specialized mole-hunting team deployed to catch CIA leaker

Less than 24 hours after WikiLeaks published what it described as the “entire hacking capacity of the CIA,” a federal criminal probe by a specialized FBI unit has begun, Fox News confirmed.