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About Muslims, if there were ten good Nazis out of a million Nazis, you would still call the Nazis evil.

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  1. {FD} US says alleged Bali bombing figure to stay at Guantanamo
  2. Black Lives Matter Kills More Blacks Than Police
  3. {FD} Company asks pipeline protesters to leave North Dakota land
  4. {FD} Teen shot outside Utah middle school by classmate
  5. {FD} Ex-Oppenheimer & Co. worker pleads guilty to insider trading
  6. {FD} UN chief says including women in peace negotiations pays off
  7. {FD} British Airways flight makes emergency landing in Vancouver after crew members fall ill
  8. {FD} Standoff jurors indicate difficulty reaching consensus
  9. {FD} Report: Most guns used in NY crimes bought in other states
  10. {FD} Mormons preach love for LGBT members, but no doctrinal shift
  11. {FD} High court steps into fight on Vanderbilts’ Breakers mansion
  12. {FD} Names of 13 people killed in bus crash released
  13. {FD} The Latest: Woman in husband’s high-rise death dies in cell
  14. {FD} Jury selection in officer’s murder trial begins amid prayers
  15. {FD} US official: Russia might shoot down US aircraft in Syria
  16. {FD} US intel chief: Getting NKorea to give up nukes ‘lost cause’
  17. {FD} ‘Prayerfest’: Thousands of Christians join NJ megachurch in day of fasting
  18. {FD} The Latest: Club denies racism claim by Muslim businessman
  19. Trump’s Showmanship Seen as Instability by Stupid Democrats
  20. {FD} Atheist billboard in Nebraska removed amid boycott threats
  21. {FD} Couple plead guilty to assault in toddler’s cigarette burns
  22. {FD} Thousands of Christians from around the world gather in NYC for Movement Day
  23. {FD} 2 killed in police confrontation outside Maryland motel room
  24. {FD} Military charity cuts benefits amid flood of applicants
  25. {FD} Officer fatally shoots carjacking suspect in St. Louis area
  26. {FD} Turkey: pro-Kurdish mayor detained in ‘terror’ probe
  27. {FD} 2 dead, including gunman, in Virginia workplace shooting, police say
  28. {FD} Workplace shooting at Virginia rail car plant leaves 2 dead, including gunman
  29. {FD} Cardiologist pleads guilty in hit plot on another doctor
  30. {FD} Venezuela’s congress opens political trial against Maduro
  31. {FD} Massachusetts school bus slams into home; 5 children, 2 adults hurt
  32. {FD} BIAS ALERT: NY Times reports on 7-year-old’s scary dream about Trump
  33. {FD} The Latest: Fact-checker testifies that she trusted ‘Jackie’
  34. {FD} Zoo: Gorilla’s death drew attention, didn’t hurt attendance
  35. {FD} Mosul Today: Iraq battles IS far from Mosul front lines
  36. {FD} 8 charged in theft of 23,000 Apple iPhones at Miami airport
  37. {FD} Hispanic woman claims co-workers used Trump images to harass
  38. {FD} ACLU: Man’s KKK fliers are protected under First Amendment
  39. {FD} The Latest: Shelter in place lifted after Md. motel gunfire
  40. {FD} College threatens police response for students wearing ‘offensive’ costumes
  41. {FD} Family denies prison death of Okla. woman convicted of killing husband was suicide
  42. {FD} Mexican police find border tunnel with light, ventilation
  43. {FD} Teachers use election to discuss weighty issues, worries
  44. {FD} Leader of firm that cheated people out of $1.8B admits guilt
  45. {FD} Syria refugees in Lebanon now get aid with debit card
  46. {FD} Drone pilot? Air Force offering up to $175G retention bonus
  47. {FD} Muslim businessman accuses yacht club of discrimination
  48. {FD} German court: Doctor who killed husband can still practice
  49. {FD} Police: 2 dead, including gunman, in workplace shooting
  50. {FD} Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege, professor claims
  51. {FD} Students at prestigious Boston school claim dress code perpetuates rape culture
  52. {FD} Body pulled from Massachusetts river positively identified as missing teen
  53. {FD} Muslim woman sues security company, alleging discrimination
  54. {FD} Indicted Arkansas ex-judge released to family before trial
  55. {FD} Montenegro PM hints Russian connection in coup attempt
  56. {FD} Horror as random teen ‘flash mobs’ assault students at Philly university
  57. {FD} Belgium saying Wallonia talks on EU-Canada deal progressing
  58. {FD} Florida inks deal with fertilizer maker on sinkhole cleanup
  59. {FD} Common-law wife of Mexico narco “El Chapo” files complaint
  60. {FD} AP EXPLAINS: Why Pakistan still sees huge militant attacks
  61. {FD} US says coalition laying groundwork to retake Raqqa from IS
  62. {FD} Draghi: low rates result of savings glut, low productivity
  63. {FD} Carter promises to resolve conflict over Guard bonuses
  64. {FD} Potential jurors report in Cincinnati officer’s murder trial
  65. {FD} 2 Ugandans arrested demonstrating for Trump at US embassy
  66. {FD} The Latest: Authorities say man on the run likely wounded
  67. {FD} Bosnia’s administrator condemns honoring of war criminals
  68. {FD} Arafat museum recovers Nobel prize from Hamas
  69. {FD} 2 women convicted of raising money online for Al-Shabab
  70. {FD} Dreams, smugglers feed migrant myth of El Dorado in Britain
  71. {FD} Christian shrine vandalized, robbed in northern Israel
  72. {FD} Dakota Access pipeline protesters set up camp in project’s path for first time
  73. {FD} It’s my tree, let me be: Woman tries to save leafy abode
  74. {FD} NY top court: Youth hockey league not responsible for brawl
  75. {FD} German city tells residents: stay indoors after ammonia leak
  76. {FD} Colorado man recovering from minor injuries after bear attack
  77. {FD} Ontario nurse charged in deaths of 8 nursing home residents
  78. {FD} Moldova: 28 police officers detained on bribe suspicions
  79. {FD} NJ state police: Man dies in intentional leap; sons injured
  80. {FD} UN Envoy to Yemen hands peace plan outline to rival parties
  81. {FD} Maduro’s opponents flame Venezuela birther debate
  82. {FD} The Latest: 3 hospitalized after fatal workplace shooting
  83. {FD} Hungary summons Russian envoy over 1956 uprising criticism
  84. {FD} Oklahoma murder suspect on the run apparently tried to behead 2 relatives
  85. {FD} Motel owner pays overdue school lunch fees for nearly 100 children
  86. {FD} Bailout: Greece grappling with ‘extreme neoliberal’ IMF
  87. {FD} In fight vs. ISIS, will Mosul civilians be friends or foes?
  88. {FD} Albania’s constitutional court suspends law key to EU hopes
  89. {FD} Crews start dismantling French camp while migrants remain
  90. {FD} Somali extremists kill 12 Christians in northern Kenya
  91. {FD} Russia: West hypocritical on Aleppo, doing similar in Mosul
  92. {FD} Israeli army: Man wounded by gunfire from Egypt
  93. {FD} Shark attack puts surfer’s honeymoon on hold
  94. {FD} Brazil probe past gang rape attack of same woman
  95. {FD} AP EXPLAINS: How tiny Wallonia can hijack the EU-Canada deal
  96. {FD} Small radioactive leak at Norwegian nuclear reactor
  97. {FD} ‘Sniper of Mosul’ strikes fear in hearts of ISIS fighters
  98. {FD} An upside to Hurricane Matthew: Bigger shrimp being caught
  99. {FD} Adriatic town blocks arrival of 12 female migrants
  100. {FD} German police raid homes in antiterror operation
About Muslims, if there were ten good Nazis out of a million Nazis, you would still call the Nazis evil.

We don’t hate Muslims; we hate their deranged (crazy) belief system. People who follow a deranged belief system long enough are likely to become deranged. One example of deranged belief is the belief that a mass murderer, Muhammad, was a prophet of God.

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Our Overriding Position On Islam:
Seventh Update

The Only Things You Need To Know About Muslims

All Muslims fall into one of four categories: (1) Terrorists [100,000]; (2) Sleepers (Muslims who are planning to kill you after becoming your friend) [400,000,000]; (3) Zombies (Muslims who don’t care if the terrorists and sleepers succeed or not) [1,200,000,000]; (4) Dreamers (Muslims who believe Islam is a religion of peace) [2].

Some Earlier Conclusions

Islam (Muslim belief) is a confused mishmash of ideas. No wonder almost all Muslims are nuts.

Muslims are Christianophobes.

Islam is not a religion. It is a political system. Therefore, it is not protected by the First Amendment. It is time to throw Islam out of America!

99% of Muslims are God-hating monsters. The proof is that they stand on the sidelines while they watch masses of men, women, and children being enslaved, tortured, raped, and beheaded. Their false god, Allah, and their false prophet, Muhammad, will burn in hell forever.

Muslims Are Atheists

You will be surprised to know that Muslims are atheists. Atheists do not believe in God. Muslims do not believe in God. Therefore, Muslims are atheists. Now, you will ask, “But isn’t Allah supposed to be God?” That is what Muslim propagandists want you to believe.

God does not hate. Allah hates. Therefore, Allah is not God. God does not torture. Allah tortures. Therefore, Allah is not God. God does not murder. Allah murders. Therefore, Allah is not God.

Finally, don’t fall for the lie promoted by Muslims when they say, “But the Koran teaches that Allah is God.” The main reason this is a lie is that the teachings of a religion are the lives of its followers, not the words of its book. Also, we provide a deep, technical analysis of the schizophrenic and evil teachings of the Koran elsewhere on our website.

Why There Are No Good Muslims

There are no good Muslims because all Muslims are either evil or unwilling to separate from evil Muslims and call themselves something other than “Muslim” and their religion something other than “Islam.”  This unwillingness to separate from mass torturer, mass murderer, evil Muslims (in the country of Turkey, Muslims mass tortured and mass murdered 1.5 million Armenian Christians)…this unwillingness to separate from mass torturer, mass murderer, evil Muslims makes the unwilling Muslims evil Muslims too.

Major Point

After years of research and analysis, we have further refined our “Overriding Position On Islam.” The current revision will enable freedom fighters to more quickly defeat our enemies. Here, more precisely, is a description of our enemies:

1. Terrorists

2. Sleepers (Loonatics and/or Terrorists)

A sleeper is an enemy secretly planted in the general population to live like the average person for years and years then suddenly attack.

We have coined the word “loonatics” to refer to a special class of lunatics (crazy people). Loonatics are Muslims who want the entire world to be under Sharia Law (Muslim Law) with its amputations of hands and feet and beheadings. Instead of violence, loonatics use lawsuits, politics (including getting elected to office), propaganda, and lying.

To be safe, treat all Muslims as a threat.

Below is an update of a previous “Overriding Position On Islam.”
Secondary (Less Important) Point


Our research teams have interviewed over 3,000 people from around the world, examined over 100,000 media sources from around the world, including over 10,000 websites, over 2,000 radio broadcasts, over 5,000 television broadcasts, thousands of sound files, thousands of video files, thousands of books, booklets, and pamphlets, hundreds of documentaries, and a multitude of other types of sources. The evidence is overwhelming that the threat from Islam is far greater than we ever imagined. So much so that we have been forced to change our overriding position on Islam. Our new position applies globally, which means the danger in America is as real as anywhere else. The lesser point of our overriding position on Islam is:

Secondary (Less Important) Point

The true definition of any religion is not the teachings of that religion but the lives and works of the majority of those who profess to be practitioners of its teachings. The majority of Muslims do not believe in opposing terrorist Muslims and are ready to allow terrorist Muslims to do as they please. Therefore, the majority of Muslims are a threat.

Original article: Our Overriding Position On Islam: Third Update

©2014 The L. F. Nexus Historical Research Center: 11g. All Rights Reserved.

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Muslim Atrocities


“Susie,” the woman in the photo below, is one of over ten million women, of all races and nationalities, burned with acid by “nonviolent,” “nonextremist,” “nonradical” Muslims in the last five years everywhere in the world in every country on earth. So, you will understand why we “feel a little uncomfortable” around Muslims and oppose their religion, Islam, which permits this.

“Susie,” 18, was burned on her face (her left eye dissolved) when a man whom she rejected for marriage poured acid on her. She has undergone plastic surgery 50 times.

This is one of the “mildest” photographs in our
Muslim Atrocities Photo Archives.


Photo courtesy of private contributor.

“The Muslim Issue” Website


If you have courage and a strong stomach, visit the anti Islamic website The Muslim Issue to have your eyes opened to the horrendous things Muslims are doing in the United States and around the world.

Note that we have not reviewed the entire website; so, technically, we cannot guarantee perfect agreement with all of its content.

{FD} Company asks pipeline protesters to leave North Dakota land

The developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline said Tuesday that the dozens of protesters who have camped on company-owned land since the weekend are trespassing and that "lawless behavior will not be tolerated." Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners said in a statement that it wants all protesters to vacate its land in North Dakota immediately.

{FD} ‘Prayerfest’: Thousands of Christians join NJ megachurch in day of fasting

Thousands of Christians gathered across two campuses of the 8,000-member Christ Church as well as online Friday for a full day of prayer and fasting for personal renewal and their community.

{FD} Thousands of Christians from around the world gather in NYC for Movement Day

Thousands of Christians from cities representing more than 90 countries around the world gathered in New York City Tuesday for the opening of the Movement Day Global Cities conference where they tackled issues under the banner of disrupting cities with the Gospel globally.

{FD} Mosul Today: Iraq battles IS far from Mosul front lines

Iraqi forces battled Islamic State militants for a third day on Tuesday in a remote western town far from the Mosul offensive, but the U.S.-led coalition said the militants have not succeeded in diverting resources from the fight to retake Iraq's second largest city.

{FD} Family denies prison death of Okla. woman convicted of killing husband was suicide

An Oklahoma woman convicted of pushing her husband out of a window at their Tulsa high-rise apartment in 2011, killing him, was found dead in her prison cell Monday, but a relative on Tuesday rejected claims that she killed herself.

{FD} AP EXPLAINS: Why Pakistan still sees huge militant attacks

Pakistan is reeling from yet another deadly assault, after militants wearing suicide vests rampaged through a police academy in the southwestern city of Quetta, battling for four hours before blowing themselves up and leaving more than 60 dead.

{FD} Carter promises to resolve conflict over Guard bonuses

Defense Secretary Ash Carter is promising to resolve a festering conflict over demands that thousands of National Guard soldiers repay enlistment bonuses they were given a decade ago after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

{FD} UN Envoy to Yemen hands peace plan outline to rival parties

The United Nations envoy to Yemen has handed an outline for a peace plan to Houthi rebels in control of the capital which includes depriving their rival, President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi, of his authorities and the withdrawal of militias from major cities, a Houthi-affiliated politician says.

{FD} Oklahoma murder suspect on the run apparently tried to behead 2 relatives

Authorities have been hunting for more than 24 hours for an Oklahoma man they say posted live videos to social media while running from police during a violent rampage that included shooting two police officers, armed car thefts and killing his aunt and uncle, apparently attempting to cut off their heads.

{FD} Aid group urges EU to reconsider Libya training after attack

A German aid group urged the European Union on Tuesday to reconsider its plans to train Libyan forces to conduct sea rescue operations after a vessel labeled as belonging to the country's coast guard attacked a dinghy full of migrants last week.